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Tiny thought

And it seems as though all i ever do is listen to clair de lune and cry by myself; wishing i could go back a few months, when i was happy. depression lifts and leaves for a while. but its a cloud that's turning into a low fog; completely consuming me. i notice when i start digging my own grave and decide to lay in it. i just don't know how to stop myself. my brain goes through a vicious cycle. loving hating mad sad happy elated sad depressed gone.

thought,  tiny.

Author: hello
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207371

Tiny Giant

I push the pedal to the floor
And drive on concrete fields
My nature
Corrupted by influence
Happy to listen to silence
But always speaking back

Say what you needs to say
And it won't matter
Nothing matters anyways
Sing if you want to sing

I press these petals into books
And preserve them
Just nature
Corrupted by my hand
Happy to walk through fields
With dreams of boulevards

And I'm just a tiny giant
Head in the clouds
Feet on the ground
And hopes of making earthly heaven

giant,  tiny.

Author: Torin Galleshaw
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203830

Tiny Pieces of Soul

What if every teardrop,
Was a tiny piece of soul?
Each teardrop makes us weaker
'Til soon it takes its toll

We shed our tears in sorrow
And time just slips away
Each and everytime we cry
We lose another day

How many tears were wasted,
On people who didn't care?
The tears we should have guarded
Are simply no longer there

The tears we cried for broken hearts
Were tears we cried in vain
Soon we'll cry our souls away
And nothing will remain

What if every teardrop,
Was a tiny piece of soul?
Would we guard the tears that we have left?
Or simply let them flow

pieces,  soul,  tiny.

Author: Larry B
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201025

Tiny Bits of Turbulence

This sacred blood is on fire
To the point of boiling over
A divine pact between
Celestial realms
Has been reached
In this ruined temple
A glow exists
Just inside the doorway
If you delicately step
Over that tender threshold
You will see it for the burning
Yes, there is a heat rising.
Steamed in sacrifice
I pull back the hood of my anger
And pour it into the vessel
It is time for release
Of the pent-up embers
And jagged ribbons held in stubborn fists
I give it over
Like gifts to a demon,
Letting it drip from my fingers.
It is time to open up that pit of flames
Cool it with turquoise and violet
I look up
Through the strands of time
To witness the pulses of magic
That inner life force
Has been re-kindled, gently
Not in the clenched jaws of anger
But in the wispy trance of joy
As the stars commune above me,
I am on another sort of constellation
Tripping over planets undiscovered
Watching them burst from the stars
There is no known language for this
Only soft-tipped nuance
Words as yet undefined
Trip over my tongue
In tiny bits of turbulence
As I am swept up
In the current
No stopping me now.
I dive into a long-awaited ocean
Where I am lit up from within,
Flowing over in gratitude
Deep inside
An incandescent glow
In what was once
A void

bits,  tiny,  turbulence.

Author: Lora Lee
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200436


Let us ignore
The wall
Built in his honor

A looming crow's nest
Black mangled stone
And onyx

Can we not forget
The bodies
The people lost after

The ground sank


Author: Christopher Hendrix
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198604

Tiny Smiles

Tiny smiles and loud laughs
Summer heat and cool breeze
Excited words and calm thoughts
Deep conversation about meaningless things.

Soft songs and slow guitar
Young souls with long lives
Polaroid photos and alleyways
Sunroofs and blue skies.

Dollar stores and Chinese food
Gazebos and high heels
Doughnuts and Bonnaroo
Tiny smiles and lunch meals.

smiles,  tiny.

Author: Q
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196854

Tiny room, whiny gloom

Searching through the pages,
Reaching for the faded, hate it,
When the words speak back to me,

A room full of empty spaces,
There's this gloom inside of me,
And i hate it, wait for it, don't say it,
There's a world where it will forever be

Every thought you whisper,
There's a place and time
To rot and wither,
Don't mind the intrusion,
There's no illusion, only
Confusion and this winter,

No delusion for the sinner,

If there's a she,
Fill her

If there's a he,
Kill her

Don't do the math,
You'll go mad, don't look at
The man in the mirror,
There's nothing to understand,

What's gold will glitter
What's good will trigger
What's god fill figure out,
How to deal with dealers,

How to steal from stealers
There's no way to know about,
If we'll ever manage to heal her,
Now that there's no dealer,

And we can't deal her,
What if he needs her?

The man's age is not
What kills the breeder,
The face can fade, can fake,
But not fool the reader,

There's so much to forsake,
You're so mistaken, if you think
You've taken more than you can
Make, there's no heaven,

They don't tell,
But there's no hell

Nobody left here to sell
No god nor satan,

So be lost or search for
A safe haven, there's this
Urge inside of me to purge,
To lust and love, to murder the
Order and trust my imagination,

I want to feel the rush,
There's nothing as such, as much,
As a touch of annihilation,

There's more to the equation,
My mind is done with invasions

I need something more to grow
In this winter, something sinister,
To sow them seeds and linger,

To know when to bleed and
Trick her, she already knows
Too much so, breaker-
Break her, he wasn't made for her,
So, take her, taker, give her back,
No giver, grieve for her,
Don't leave her,

Paint her, oh, painter-
Paint her black,
If you breathe her,
She'll just make you sad,
Don't treat her bad,
She's a reaper, she'll reap you
In pieces,

So let go and don't feed it,
Don't feel it, you'll get used to it,
Get confused by it, you'll know
When to get abused by it,
You'll know when to let yourself
Be fooled by it, in a heart-beat,
Only to repeat it,

The pain don't keep it,
The name, burn it,
If you see something strange
Learn it, you won't earn shit,
But at least the leash won't be
On it, on here, on my neck,

On air, speaking torment,
Screaming scared-
Sacred fears and lies, with
Fractured lips and eyes,

Say hate and die
So, wait and pry-

Don't burn the pages
Don't turn the spaces
There's nothing in-between,

This world, it's faded-
My eyes red, and so sedated,
My head filled with smoke,
Oh, how much i hate it-
When i start to lose control,
To find, nothing had ever been,

And it was all a dream,

There's always something
To scream,
There's always a place for me
To linger,
These words, they ink on me,
And i wither,

Of all that they say to me, they
Don't mean, what they seem-
As they whisper,

Spring and winter,
They just don't talk

With all that love untold,
Kept in a box of a paradox,




gloom,  room,  tiny,  whiny.

Author: aviisevil
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194317

Tiny candles

Every year another person fades in and out of my life
And I can't help but think of them as tiny candles on a birthday cake
Adding up over the years
Lights of hope blown out
And wishes that never came true

candles,  tiny.

Author: Flaws
Date: 23/03/2020