Poems about today


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We may not have much

But in those few stolen moments

I am happiest

I am better than I've ever been and more alive than I'd ever feel

He completes me

And our downs will never be too down to affect our ups

I love him

More than we can understand.


Author: Liz G
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209281

You smell lovely today.

Your skin, your skin, your skin it haunts me
Your skin, your skin, your skin it terrifies me

Every night I lay awake inside my bed
Wondering where i went wrong

Your skin, your skin, your skin it haunts me
Your skin, your skin, your skin it terrifies me

lovely,  smell,  today.

Author: keagan mcchesney
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208969

My favorite spatula broke today.

Do you ever think that life could be more?
That we are sitting,
Doing nothing,
That life is passing us by?

I feel remorse
For having had children so young,
For not having adventured


I want some adventure!
But all I see ahead of me is


I wish I had had a chance to go out into the


And just lived,
Moment by moment.

I'm afraid I will die,
Regretting that I never once lived.

(If I were a wealthy man, this might be the beginning of my mid life crisis. )

What is it called when a woman feels the panic of settledness coming upon her?

There is no name.

There is only the feeling of the sameness of days going by,
The aloneness of standing here,
Surrounded by routine,
By repetition.

While the desire to jump,
To plunge, into the unknown,
Beats steady on in my chest,

And the knowing that

That moment,

That chance,

Has passed me by.

broke,  favorite,  today.

Author: Bruised Orange
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208245

Today's Society

Today's society disgusts me
With the skimpy clothes
And must have Jordan's

I'm sick of seeing
How the women dress
And how the girls dance

I'm sick of how
Females are told to be skinny
I'm sick of how
Woman are told to wear makeup
In order to be pretty

I'm sick of how men have to be muscular
To get the girl
I'm sick of how
Men have to like cars and dinos

I'm sick of how
To some people, women aren't equal
I'm sick of how
It is strange to some, for guys to be in drama

I'm so sick of our society
And how there are so many standards

I see what is on TV
And magazines
And books

I feel the pressure
To be pretty
And skinny
And fit

I'm sick of our society
And how it makes me self conscious
I hate how society
Makes me worry about my weight

I'm sick of our society
And how we're all controlled
By a green piece of paper
And skimpy clothes
And fancy shoes

I'm sick off all of this
And all the pressure
That comes with

society,  today.

Author: Monica
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208145

Naught Today

It finally happened, not due to the clouds
All the words I could never say aloud
Between my thoughts
Between my teardrops
All of the digits divided by naught.
I threw my resolve to the wind
I thought I would watch it ripped apart;
Left in tatters,
But forgot that it wasn't made of matter.
We said that it happened, but what really happened
Was that nothing happened
For the first time.
I thought; my mistake
I brought something into this world that didn't exist
We kissed in an age that couldn't persist
I know because science tells me this.
We woke that day, but day had changed its name; it finally happened
All at once
No deliberation
Buried in a universe of zeros, I'm searching for a 1
How I love the stars, but I miss the Sun.

naught,  today.

Author: mc6lm
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207962


Oh, where did all the thoughts go?
Seems like wind blew them away
Oh, where are all the people?
I had such faith in our race

But when we're slowly killing ourselves
We aren't really thinking so much, are we.

Some think...
The government is taking us down
Some say...
We've got our head in the clouds

Haha, oh well

I won't live in a world
Where my thoughts will not be heard
And you know what?
Right now?
I don't care.


Author: Jordan Jones
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207450

Right now, today

With chipped nail paint
A new but old hat
And some berry lipstick,
I will cry and


Author: Olivia A Keaton
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207176

Is Today The Day

Is today the day
Or some other?
A long corridor
Of mornings arise
To meet you, some grey,
Some dark, some hollow,
Some full of emptiness
Or feelings tearing you
Apart like a shark.

Is that you in the mirror
Or another? They look familiar,
But seem aged or strained,
And if not you then who?

Tomorrow never comes
They say, it is always now,
Always today, and yesterday
What of that?

You look back, that long
Corridor of all that is past,
Memories over flowing
The sides, rushing up
Some distant shore
Like long ago tides.

day,  today.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 04/04/2020