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Tibi ladylove ( for thee ladylove) latin tongue


Mine Filipino rose
I canst not thanketh thee enough;
For giving me a home.


Mine Filipino rose
Thou always asketh if I knoweth how much thou doth for me;
Yes, I do knoweth, as tis I'm so blessed, and thankful mine queen.


Mine Filipino rose
I've seen the street's of gold, the pearly gates, the mansion of god;
Because of thee, I've seen heaven's scene's, as thou art a cherub.


Mine Filipino rose
As I always sayeth, tomorrow may never cometh;
Where the fountain's of life floweth, there I'll stayeth.


Mine Filipino rose
Mine existence, mine life, mine earl Jane, mine wife;
Mine law of good and right, if I dont awaketh, I'll be in the light.


Mine Filipino rose
I canst not taketh thing's for granted, night might be the last kiss;
For I shalt forever giveth to thee me mine dove, mine wish is this.


Mine Filipino rose
Mine wish is for if I'm to dieth tonight, never forget me lass;
Look beyond thy window glass, picture mine wing's in flight.


Mine Filipino rose
Mine heart, mind, spirit, leg's, arm's, eye's, hair, body, soul;
Mine everything of this being, I thanketh thee for all thou hath done... , ,. ,


For god hast sent me an angel
The chosen one...


Mine Filipino
I loveth thee more...

Brandon Nagley
Earl Jane nagley dedication \filipino rose dedication
Lonesome poet's poetry

latin,  thee,  tongue.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 05/04/2020


Tired tongue, young gun.

Miss me
Missed me
Now you've got to kiss me.
If you kiss me mister,
I might tell my sister.

If I tell her,
She might tell my mother
And my mother,
She might tell my father

And my father,
He won't be too happy,
He'll have to come up from the city,
And then we both can't be happy,
So I wouldn't miss me,
If you get me, mister see?

Missed me,
Miss me now,
If you kiss me,
You must think I'm pretty.

If you think so,
You must want to fuck me.
If you fuck me,
It must mean you love me.
If you love me,
You would never leave me

It's as simple as can be!
So Mister, now you've got to kiss me.
If you miss me, mister,
Why do you keep leaving me?

If you trick me,
I will make you suffer,
And they'll get you,

Put you in the slammer
And forget you,
Then you'll miss me won't you,
Miss me?

Missed me, missed me,
Now you've got no chance to kiss me.
If you kissed me,
Mister, take responsibility.

I'm fragile,
Mister, just like any girl would be
So misunderstood
So treat me good,
So treat me delicately.

Now you've gone and done it,
Hope you're happy in the county penitentiary
It serves you right for kissing little girls,

But I will visit,
If you miss me.
Say you miss me!

How's the food?
They "feed" you?

Do you miss me?
Will you kiss me,
Through the window?

Will they ever let you go?
I miss you mister,

gun,  tired,  tongue,  young.

Author: Cat Fiske
Date: 03/04/2020


En morceaux la nuit ( Asunder the night) french tongue


I push her against the door
Passionate shove;
I'm wearing a whitened dress shirt
A striped black vest, primeval musk.


I grabbeth her by her waist
Fashioned spectacles upon her countenance;
She pulleth hard mine blonde lock's of hair
A woman now, releasing her innocence.


Her balmy breathe, variegated with mine
I trickle around her neck, kissing around her spine;
Mine alleviating rim's, wetten's down to her toes
Starting at her top, I kiss front, back, her dialect purely moaned.


The ambience was intensified
Tis we went astray, into eachother's eye's;
Whilst the firmament went asunder
Planet earth shook, the sheet's pulled us under.


We struggle just for air
As ourn bodie's sucketh the sweat;
Mine nail's grippeth her frame
A night we shan't forget.

Brandon nagley
Lonesome poet's poetry
Earl Jane nagley dedication

asunder,  en,  french,  la,  night,  nuit.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 02/04/2020


Maison ( home) french tongue

Mi amour'
Spoke to me on the phone
She said babe
( seriously)
Thou better get home
And I said back
I'm already home
Thou art mine only abode
I knoweth no other such a place...

french,  maison,  tongue.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 01/04/2020


La dedicacion a angelica elsa( Dedication to elsa Angelica) spanish tongue

This is a tribute to thee
If it wasn't for thyself helping me
I don't knoweth where I'd be!!!
See everyone,
If it wasn't for elsa angelica sharing all mine works
Since I first came here,
I'd be a nobody poet!!!
But out of her angel unearthly ways
She's madeth me a star for the hopeless!!!
She's given us all a light
As tis lately she's been down and feels no worth,
Everyone should write elsa
And showeth her she's a poetic angel of gods work!!!
She wasn't sculpted here by mere creatures
The stars of ourn creator madeth her to be,
She's not any of us!!!
Canst thou see?
Don't thou seeith?
She's been here for all of us,
Especially me...
She's a king's fantasy
And every real man's dream!!!
She may haveth her haters
Yet don't we all!!!
Yet we need to remind her
She's a seraphim we look to for her love...
Though she's struggling much
Why else art we here?
To help one another
As we shalt help her in these evil year's...
Giveth her notice,
Because angels cometh and goeth
She's a friend here to so many
As her affections to us she showeth...
She's an astronaut cherub from her moon
Yet she shalt return soon.
So whilst she's here HP,
Showeth her love
And let her know she's a true queen!!!
And she doesn't feel so beautiful inside
So I make a command to tell her different,
Because she's fulfilled all of ourn happiness
She's the serpahim of poet's wishes.

( this is a thank you elsa) when I first got here you showed all me work to the world)
If it wasn't for you alot of us would be nothing!!!

angelica,  dedication,  elsa,  la,  spanish,  tongue.

Author: brandon nagley
Date: 01/04/2020


Bite Your Tongue

Just as soon as I beguine to move my lips
I go and get mixed up stuck stuttering with my tongue tied
Tripping all over my tone afraid to loose my speech
Praying to something I don't know to make my reach
I crawl my way across the ground
Oh how I've beaten myself up all over again

Bite your tongue boy is all I was ever told
Never a saying could get more old
Always being told to watch what you say
Being reminded of it every single day
We all have a freedom of speech
But freedom really isn't free

Every action faces consequence
You cant ever pull without a little push on the other side
These words that we speak will determine the rise or the fall
These words that we speak will determine the population of us all
Face your fate to overcome your greatest fear
Never loose yourself through the bitterness within a year

Finally I think I have conjured the strength to stay
I have found the proper way to make it on my own
I have found the way to unleash the power with in these words
I'll broadcast my message to the world
Just to make sure it makes it back to the start

Bite your tongue boy is all I was ever told
Never a saying could get more old
Always being told to watch what you say
Being reminded of it every single day
We all have a freedom of speech
But freedom really isn't free

We are all caught up in the meaning between the lines
We fall victim and start our book that redefines
Forever altering the word of another
Until eventually their voice we smother
Lost somewhere in translation
We all start to insinuate and assume
We pull ourselves into the same doom
Misleading the words of another
How could you do this to your brother
We all deserve our chance at what we must say

bite,  tongue.

Author: Steven Osborne
Date: 01/04/2020


I've got a tongue made of razor-blades.

When I speak
I lacerate my mouth
And it fills up with blood.
Staining my lips
The same shade of red
As my chipped fingernail polish.

I find refuge in words.
They can hide or reveal.
Encourage or suppress.
Begin or end.
But when spoken out loud
Words change from butter knives
To daggers.



*O u c h.

blades,  razor,  tongue.

Author: Circa 1994
Date: 29/03/2020


Cold Tongue.

Solitary meals.

Top dining with you when it's.

Cold tongue for dinner.

cold,  tongue.

Author: Nobody of Consequence
Date: 27/03/2020