Poems about tribute


№ 1210029


I noticed the System on how we relate
For every Plus a Minus you return
Yet this Gnawing Event nailed to your Gate
Were your Foe's Doomed Plagues; Yet left me unspurned
Which made me wonder why you chose to mum
Yet for this Announcer a spite you blew
Why? Was it to boost your Public Aplomb
And cheat your way with the people you knew?
Like your First Partner. Whose Rabbit Remark
Asked for Improvements whilst stuck on his phone
Then came Black Letters asking for his bark
When all he did was to leave you alone.
Diver! Enough with your Cosmic Abuse
Don't wait for the Witch to cast her Spell loose.

daley,  fourty,  sonnet,  sundry,  tom,  tribute.

Author: Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208858

A tribute to Tadeusz Kosciuszko (a forgotten hero)

Run little Polish boy
Run in your field
Learn of your great land
And what it may yield
Learn little polish boy
Learn how to fight
Soon you will grow up
And protect what is right
Know little polish man
Know about freedom
Go to the foreign land
And do what must be done
Fight now you polish man
Fight for the cause
Even if you might die
They have freedom in their jaws

You fight for America
Right on freedom's side
You fight for what you believe in
As you risk your hide
You make friend with founding fathers
As you fight for their home
You construct an army fortress
To protect them as you roam
When the war is over
They give you riches when you go
But you spend it on freedom
That you've come to know
You give it to a founding father
To give up all his slaves
Then you get on the boat
And face Atlantic waves

Fight now you polish man
Fight for where you where born
Fight hard polish man
Charge at the bleeding horns
You die now old polish man
You can not fight no more
Dead is the polish man
With freedom in his core

This is a Tribute to Tadeusz Kouzico a polish war hero who fought in the American revolution

forgotten,  hero,  tribute.

Author: Tadeusz Loarca
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208718


Often does your Purpose seek to Belong
Thoughts your Rebellious Clouds can independ
But just recall your Coins; And after long
You'll realise the Worth which you will spend
Maybe you Decided; Or maybe not
Plans which the Architect will rennovate
It's clearly shown by the Jersey you got
How you love to be an Otaku's Date
I'll complain to the Pug; And must he snub
Even if his Language you will confuse
And why he chose to reissue a knob
When all he could do is ask for a fuse.
Still a Nice Wear you so haply display
Hoping such Good Colours will never fade.

daley,  sonnet,  sundry,  ten,  tom,  tribute.

Author: Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207206


A nip on your eye, then two fingers nick
Says a lot on how your Blessings should pass
Your Bang on the Ox; His White Teeth re-miss
Says a lot how your Neighbours listen at last
This such Budding Talent beyond Sweets expect
Must Carry-On still yet keep Handles clean
For if Ages hence would Decay this Respect
Will cast another Corpse to this Somber Mean
Never must such Happen on your Notes occur
Regardless on how Pop-Start Trends relate
Expression be blown; Of Holy Pens stir
Then strike Better Notes for a Better State.
This I Revere; And follow Friend's accept
To Magnify your Heart; Then spice such Precept.

chance,  sonnet,  sundry,  tribute,  wishes.

Author: Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206847


Scandal and Silence the Theme of the Night
When his Dive scorned my Innocence with him
The Endearing One was there - Red in sight,
Marking the Troll for his Disgusting Whim
Which I would agree if Extent permits
The Mirror crying my Conscience to wake
Trust, at my Pocket; Honesty, at brim
And a Cloud condensing to form this Lake
Now fill Evaporation's Time with Blood,
Squeezing the Hour we need to amend:
"Bloody Holy, Smug Lot! Gossip's Cot Krug!
And whatever Rubbish left at Tar's Bend! "
Aye. Folly Love-Haskins takes one a-craze
And left the Diver-Boy swimming at maze.

daley,  sonnet,  sundry,  thirty,  tom,  tribute.

Author: Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205051


It's Funny how such Energy persist
When the Fourth Great Angel told me to Prud,
Staking Green Papers for her to insist
And see whether I behave or becrud
Even when the Situation intensed
By the Fallen One a Coward-for-Words
She took the Shield; And gave a Good Defense,
Plucking Feathers dearly in Screams they heard
You are the Heroine mostly Admire
In Duty latest Feelings compensate
Seven Wings drop by, waiting for Desire,
The Good Kind which all Good Women must take.
Wait for the other Four whilst keeping Knots
As the Boy in Blue Trunks took his Time forgot.

becky,  sonnet,  tribute.

Author: Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204820

Tribute One

Music is all powerful, music is pure expression.
It is more powerful than the seraphic runes which cannot be spoken.
Dare I translate my memories into melodies and those into words?
I go on, for I have lost whatever I had to lose.
Doleful melodies, painful memories.
The slight echo of music, terribly beautiful.
Alone, in the chamber of the illusions my mind carved,
I strum a grand piano.
An orchestra plays to my descent.
Hear the trumpets blow, the cellos play.
A soft tune wafts from the keys, how can it be so full of longing and rage?
These keys feel alien to my fingers, the scene feels on fire.
Smoke fills my lungs as I mourn your loss.
A crescendo.
An echo of paradise lost forever, barred.
This music is painful, yet I dare not stop.
Resonating in the glass corridors of the palace I made as ode to you,
All those moments of joy and tranquility burn as I play.
Each piece of the beautiful memories I forged with you, break away and sink into my psyche.
Yet the music dare not stop.
Each stroke. Each note.
Sings of loss, lament and woe.
But somewhere there is hope.
Violins now. Repeating what my heart feels.
'This palace cannot hold this strain,
The power of this music is great.
It weaves its way into the essence of all I know.
Corrupting all things joyous,
Tainting the pure white snow with bleak sorrow.
Each note I play, hurts my soul.
Each symphony is a painful reminder of my loss.
But it is over now, all is lost.
All songs end, mine is over now.
Farewell to you, may the broken palace of my dreams be a fitting tribute.


Author: Atlas Rover
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204567


If, furnished back to Prime Memories, if
These Facial Fans review your very Young
Then, as Coach or Commenter state, consist
What Fetus or Form your Body has sung
Strike, if so given Bags or Condiments
Ready to face that Sly Monster called Heat
Outsized your Height; Thus with Impediments
Forced Tender Blessings to High Noses repeat
Which, after all, placed your slice of the blame
Though Infection be the source to consume
If Consumption be Truth, then swallow the Name
For yours and their Eyes bid Lust to subsume.
If we view again, let our Conscience bear
What Red Eyes we style; What Cold Lips we wear.

daley,  fifty,  sonnet,  sundry,  tom,  tribute.

Author: Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Date: 02/04/2020