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In the truck on my way home

Endorphin showers for hours
Crash my waves of sorrow and bring me muscles to shine on the world viewed as imperfect.
Its the happiness i never want to leave but it drifts,
Its white cloud up and up,
Contact high as it passes my friends i want to share
To care for you all
Vibe in this opposite of ominous
Parade bound for cheer, without beer just extracted hormones.
Ill twirl you like a pencil. dizzy yet gay, for a day, where i can make someone,
Happy: )


Author: Sofia Von
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1194828

The truck man and the shop window

Eyes of a flaming bird, red face and thick gorilla eyebrows,

He got off his truck, closed the door with vigor
I could see his amused yet direct gaze staring at the shop window,
A perfect combination of fine art and unentangled wisdom in relaxation,
Sure, authentic, upbeating.
A transparent window among a crowd of mirrors.

man,  shop,  truck,  window.

Author: David Alexandre Cunha
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1186815

Truck ride down the old dirt road..

Truck ride down the old dirt road...
Leaving dust and catching up to the night...
Cross the river bridge and drive to no where...
Have some beers and party at the blue gate...
Watch the stars fall through the Texas sky...
I can see her looking at me...
Smiling in the dark...
Buzzing hard I walk to her...
I tell her... " There is no poetry I can write that will be more beautiful than your smile in the night. "

dirt,  ride,  road,  truck.

Author: Solaces
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1167721

Heart Raced like a Truck

Just the other day I remembered
When we headed to Hastings on a road tour
I jumped the fence like a tomboy
An older lady wasn't very impressed
Her exclamations spelt "Not a lady enough! "

On thorny paths we looked for love
The moments when my heart raced like a truck
Slowly but surely, plainly but with a drop of passion
Like a saint I was naive and unsaved
In mortality we promised a life of love and death

A suave, you said it felt so right, I in heaven
Bonded in ways above bodily forms, we entwined
In divine spirit and soul, sunk in expressive concoctions
I bought you flowers as a dork, as my masculinity faded
A disbelief that any man will burn my slow coal

Never shall we fit the normality of socialisation
Our way is our wave and precious than gold or silver
The black sheep of the institutional functionalism
Let's leave the dotted circles and wander alone
Deep in the aisles of the forests and jungles we came from

heart,  raced,  truck.

Author: LJ
Date: 28/02/2020

№ 1150980

The Soul of a Truck Driver (country song lyrics)

The mile markers sound like a fan in the wind
Was that last one three eighty-eight or four-hundred and ten?
They go from green to black and back to green again
I'm so tired the colors are starting to blend

Do you know the soul of a truck driver?
He's starin' straight ahead and drivin' forever
Can you feel the heart of a truck driver?
He's got scars but you know he's a survivor

It seems I can't out-drive my problems
It's an undying bush with unwanted blossoms
I never see my kids because this road never ends
So I keep driving and lie about not needing friends

I know I got my issues
But then don't we all?
When I think about the world's
Mine seem kinda' small

I'm gonna' quit complainin'
'Cause I got some work to do
Yeah I got my problems
I'm gonna start solvin' the one with you

I used to throw the ball with my boy after work
But they cut back my hours and my wife thinks I'm a jerk
So I decided to jump back into my old rig
I'm tryin' to get out of the hole I decided to dig

Do you know the soul of a truck driver?
Starin' straight ahead and drivin' forever
Can you feel the heart of a truck driver?
He's got scars but you know he's a survivor

I've never been a dreamer
But this black-top has turned white
Floating above the clouds where I'm free
I wonder if I can trust the light

I realize how angry I am
That's not me but it's who I've been
I know I can be the man my mom raised
It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when

Do you know the soul of a truck driver?
He's starin' straight ahead and drivin' forever
Can you feel the heart of a truck driver?
He's got scars but you know he's a survivor

I don't mind burning my heart on the road
It simmers as I reap what I sowed
I'm trying to save the hearts that I protect
For my children I'll suffer; but never neglect*

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. Mark Lecuona

country,  driver,  lyrics,  song,  soul,  truck.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1132300

Your Old Truck

Hand out the window
Treading air.
No seat belts and country songs
Filtered through the radio.
Cornfields racing by in the peripheral.

I was quite in love,
With your old truck's feel.


Author: Elizabeth Novak
Date: 27/01/2020

№ 1121269

... Riding in your daddy 's Ice cream truck


... the dancing clowns appear

; ; :; ;

We try to hide forever

But the show must go on!


We fuck naked in office building closets

And say we are free

With our dresses and dildos

And our priests and police



Reality is for musicians and poets

And their agents and corporate spinsters

And sponsors

And make up men



( We have our own eyes )


We are seen

As those with our own eyes!


We decide what we should do


cream,  daddy,  ice,  riding,  truck.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 17/01/2020

№ 1105469

Dave brubeck in your truck in the rain, or you paid for dinner

You held my hand and told me that you and your dad built a model train set together and we sat by the river in the rain

I didn't let you know i felt sick the whole time because you were so nice and your haircut is so short.

When you sleep, you're all angles and grace. it's an odd combination of elbows and eyelashes but it's lovely.

You laid down in my bed and asked me where it all came from.

dave,  dinner,  paid,  rain,  truck.

Author: Felicia C
Date: 03/01/2020