Poems about truth


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The Truth We Say

Take the things we all say and hear,
And accept them as the truth...

If A+B=C and C=D makes A+B=D
If history repeats itself
And it's written by the victor,
Then originality isn't winning.

If cowards die many times before their death
And dead men tell no tales,
Then we should trust cowards.

If I practice what I preach,
And tell others to do as I say and not as I do,
Then I'm lying.

If opportunity never knocks twice,
And at first I don't succeed,
Then he should try the doorbell.

But wait,

If revenge is sweet,
And a dish served best cold
Then why are we making guns instead of ice cream?

If it takes one to know one,
And fools rush where angels fear to tread,
Then do angels fear because they were once fools?
Or is it foolish to overcome fear?

If love can conquer all,
And all is fair in love and war,
Then love truly must be blind.
Why else hasn't love found a way to make everything fair?

... If I take the things we all say and hear,
And accept them as the truth,
Then will all the things we say and hear, start becoming true?



I take a closer look,
And see,
That some things are true and others not,
That saying one thing can mean another,
That talk can be cheap but it can't be bought
That we all want to go to heaven, yet still don't want to die
And learn
To think for ourselves
Because even quotes have intentions,
The best of which pave the road to hell,


Love can make life seem surprisingly fair.

The fools of the past can be the angels of the future.

We might spend more money on ice cream than on guns.

Opportunity might knock again, so that I can admit my mistakes and practice what I've learned, so that all the cowards and the lies can be conquered by originality...

... and history can stop repeating itself.

Accept the truth, so that it becomes what we hear and say.


Author: John Hosack
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210181

Ultimate Truth

A host for a single essence
Essence of a free will
A will occupied with light
Light coexisting in darkness
A darkness with tempting appeal
Appeal lost in life's true lesson
A lesson that must be realized
Realized while experiencing the dilemma
A dilemma of contemplating a choice
Choice to become radiance
A radiance fragile with charitable love
Love that can be overshadowed by fear
A fear sparking indifference or hate
Hate that promotes blindness
A blindness to hidden sparks
Sparks inside the mates of souls
A soul with potential energy
Energy to overcome any obstacle
An obstacle restricting self-awareness
Self-awareness of the ultimate truth.

truth,  ultimate.

Author: Leonard Green
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209996

The truth is..

The truth is you're the one who left but can't stand to stay gone.
The truth is I am the one paying pains price for your broken commitments.
The truth is this is what you wanted.
The truth is I always loved you more.
- J. C.


Author: JC
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208188

Figure Skating: The Truth From Inside

What does figure skating feel like?
Many different things.

You could be flying.
Or swimming.
Or nearly dying.

It's scary.

People watch you and gawk.
The pressure is high.
But so is the reward.

It requires tolerance of pain.
Mental strength.
A lack of sanity.
And a bizarre sense of humor.

You've got to be serious.
But know when to laugh.

You've got to be strong.
And powerful.

But light.
And soft.

You've got to jump high.
But spin low

You've got to be fearless.
But know how to be nervous.

And still get up.

Get hurt.
But never cry.

Be nice.
But get dirty.

Smile and laugh.
But be mature.

Be positive.
And accept criticism.

Take abuse.
But never give it.

All these things are true.

But the one thing people tend to forget about skating:

Amongst the physical pain and mental pressure.
Behind the bruises and broken ankles.
Under the glares and competition.

People always forget to have fun. Skating is supposed to be fun. But despite the unbelievably hard work it requires to have success, without fun, nothing matters.

People try every day.

But all of them will fail.

figure,  inside,  skating,  truth.

Author: Olivebird
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208105


If everyone would just
Shut up
We wouldn't have so many problems


Author: BЕ‚eeding DДЇamГёndЕЎ
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206542

Lies, Liar, Lying, Lied, Lie, Truth

I should have known you would destroy my life
But alas, I didn't
I thought you were my best friend
You told people they couldn't trust me
They believed you
You turned my real best friend against me
I found myself unable
To even talk to someone
Without them mentioning your name
I chose to be snippy
And paint you in a bad light
Because I was moving anyway
I got in trouble for being mean
Someone asked how I could be so crude
It's because I didn't know better
But now that I am gone
It turns out all the mean things I said
Were accurate

liar,  lie,  lied,  lies,  lying,  truth.

Author: Emma Chatonoir
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206256

The Trending Truth

Remember that girl whom they would all fawn over,
Mistakes were nothing and prayers she received.
She had their back and knew every little answer to all problems so big.
She would bat her eyes and disallow tears.
She would keep her head up high and her shoulders rested.
They wondered why she walked so fast not a footprint to be left in the seeds and grass.
She had to get away.
Popularity was her biggest confusion.
Away she ran God forbid she would be alone.
She was.
She needed the time.
She was no god, nor did she wish to be idolized.
Everyone matters, she felt it in her heart.
As soon as the bad mood came and took its place, she ran, tripped, and cried on the concrete.
The crowd became paparazzi.
She didn't want to trend anymore.
Time was needed to deal but not heal what she couldn't.
They walked away.
That is all she

trending,  truth.

Author: Luna Casablanca
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206234

The Glass of Truth

I mean, you look at yourself
What do you see?
I'm studying the carcass in front of me
Who had died last year
It's eyes were black sockets where they used to shine bright
For the light had left them long ago

A shrunken, loose leather hung from the bones
The brain bled
The heart ripped
A permanent smile
The fingers curled at the end
That's what stood across in the mirror, the truth

This room filled with the aroma of death
And anger, sadness, and fear
I can't help but wonder if the reflection was what my future was supposed to be
Or that is how I truly looked on the inside

What about you?
What do you see?

glass,  truth.

Author: Parker A Blackwood
Date: 03/04/2020