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Making Love In The Hot Tub

No moon
Trees hush
Water lapping
Your body floats
On mine
Bellies throb
To chest
Damp hair
Hard breathing
We look up
Not wanting
To part
And see
Of giant
The club
The chair,
The serpent

hot,  love,  making,  tub.

Author: Joe Cottonwood
Date: 05/04/2020

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A Bath Tub Of Contemplation

In a empty bath tub,
I washed you forever away...

The plug hanging silent,
As tears collapsed downward...

A hollow basin awash with regrets,
Cradled within a vacant space.

I dropped my jagged reflection,
Not letting it cut into me...

The only thing scaring this emptiness
Are my tears, as I walk out stronger...

bath,  contemplation,  tub.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 08/02/2020

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Drowing in a bath tub

She said "if only i was half as high, imagine all that i could see! "
I said "you could be anything you want, why are you living on your fucking knees? "
This ship is sinking and the captain is still here
Buoyed not by faith, but paralyzed by fear
Lost the memories that she'd always thought she'd keep
While i'm always missing the forest for the trees
And i never said that it was easy, or that i was proud of what i'd done
I've gargled six days with gasoline and still can taste the blood
I'd rather leave it behind and remember it as lost
I'd rather leave it behind and remember it as love.

bath,  drowing,  tub.

Author: Anthem
Date: 05/02/2020

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3. A Tub of Ice Cream

I woke up in the boarding house
And saw everyone at the living room
Not one of them talked to me

I ran late for first class
And almost got hit by the bus
Turns out english class was cancelled for today

At the canteen, i had no appetite
Especially when everyone in my table
Had something else to do, which is to leave

I waited for my gym classmate for hours
Then she waved me to go ahead
Even when she was already at the gym, i did go ahead

I went home early
Found no one again in the house
Except when the younger housemate came
Whom i was sorry to embarrass last night
Just because i made a wrong joke
She was noisy and i was not in the mood,
I had a long paper to write

I thought i should buy my favorite
Cookies and cream so to lighten me up
My friend went to sleep really early
So i only i had a tub of ice cream

cream,  ice,  tub.

Author: Rachel Chua
Date: 02/02/2020

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Bubble up to

The surface.
Your perforated skin swallows
My wayward tears
I sit in vivacious waters;
Your eyes my captain.

Beauty is kinetic вАУ yet stillness becomes you.
I'll read one more poem before you uncover the core
Of my shriveled

Each time we step in, our waters are forgiving вАУ
Scorching only patches of us while I rub out the redness with ScarGuard
In our waters:

You grow three bubble beards
And I
Submerge myself under running taps
And we coat our lips with soap to press against each other

Your every angle catches light

I'll swaddle you in terrycloth and carry you
To save you from the raging jets вАУ
Our former trysts swirling down the drain
Kiss me so the heated water will go from you to me
I'll disappear beneath the surface to guide you up

Find my tender hands in this hollowed mould


Author: Rebecca Gismondi
Date: 26/01/2020

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The hot water bath tub

She took her clothes off and stepped into the hot bath tub. The water when touched her skin, scrapped off the dust. The naked flesh of the wounds stung but the pain was sweet. For hours she tried to drown herself in the tub of her sins.
The water may have cleaned her but all those fragment oils could not remove his scent from her skin.

bath,  hot,  tub,  water.

Author: Javaria Waseem
Date: 18/01/2020

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Triggered Memories in an Empty Tub

I'm tired of hoping
For better days
And easier nights
Where silence won't crowd the air
And keep my sight in blurry flares
I'm tired of searching
For love in perfect homes
And history in reconstructed streets
Where thoughts are never made free to wander
But have people get lost and ponder
On the things that seem so impossible
Yet somethings are just too harmful
For delicate skins
And corrupted hearts.

empty,  memories,  triggered,  tub.

Author: Vx
Date: 05/01/2020

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Hot Tub Jeff

He got up onstage lookin' like somebody'd torn him out of a National Geographic special on the Amish, plunked вАШim down in Eugene for a decade where he quickly realized he didn't have to change much to get along quite alright here.

This is a song ya know I played it here 23 years ago just right over there on that side of the room and ya know my partner and I played it here and I couldn't write songs then and he could and I was a little bit down in the dumps about myself about it but then I moved on and ya know my partner left here not long after that got caught up in that hitchhiking business and then got tangled up with the mental hospital and now he's forced to take antipsychotic drugs every day for a time he was known as the second most dangerous schizophrenic in the state of Oregon but ya know he was also probably the second most gentle person in the state of Oregon cause ya know opposites sometimes come together in that way and ya know his songs were gentle too like this one for example this one is real gentle

Ya know he was really a gentle player and now he's caught up on those antipsychotics and its all my fault cause I drank a bunch of urine

Hot Tub Jeff looked straight outta National Geographic but when he sat down he pulled out a phone and the screen glowed bright on his face bringing out all the creases that had been hidden in room's putty atmosphere, cause ya know opposites sometimes come together in that way.

hot,  jeff,  tub.

Author: India Chilton
Date: 29/12/2019