Poems about turns


№ 1207003

Bitter turns to enlightenment

I grow to despise all
Which bring tears to my eyes

It's happened too many times now

I want nothing but your nonexistence
No happiness or sadness

Just nothingness

I want apathy, I want disinterest
I want permanently handicapped empathy

I'll get there eventually

I'm losing faith that there's such
Thing as hope, or faith for that matter

It's all drab around here, really

I try to pacify my bitterness
But my bitterness pacifies me

I'm taunted by the irony

I've lost count of the times
I've been made to feel so foolish

I'm getting used to being embarrassed

All you well-to-do women
With whatever is in your head

Keep respectable distance

Your energy is better spent
On one who won't slowly with time

Unravel at your feet

I can agree there's a lot to
Hate about those who you pity

The ones who feel as I do

You see them vulnerable and
You feel in control and powerful

It disgusts you that you had no choice

You'll soon loathe as I do
And your niceness will be tarnished

I'll loathe all even more

I feel no sensations other than
Some exhausted discontent

It becomes your true companion

I welcome it all at this point
There's no point to finding a point

Maliciousness just exists, I guess

You or I are no exception
I know I'm feeling quite awful

I want to share my suffering

But it's for me and only me
My one and only property

My holy suffering

I'll carry it with me

I cannot be one with this world
I won't adhere to what it requires
It shall be forced to my own will,
Or I will exile myself willingly

With my suffering,
In pursuit of the only thing
I am truly entitled to

bitter,  enlightenment,  turns.

Author: EJ Aghassi
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206303

As the world turns

No matter what we people do,
The world continues to turn,
That is something that will always be true,
Even after every lesson we learn,
The world continues to turn,
Some things will happen and you'll never know why,
Some will even make you afraid to try,
But whether you put forth the effort or simply resign,
The world continues to turn.
People will come into your life,
Creating great happiness or creating great strife,
But even still,
The world continues to turn.
We get caught up in our lives and barely see,
Our vision clouded with anger or glee,
That even though we may be asleep,
Or wondering about a thought so deep,
The world continues to turn.
Friends and lovers will come and go,
Bringing feelings of love and woe,
But we must always remember,
That no matter the pain or burn,
The world will always continue to turn.


Author: Ryan Lockerbie
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205008


Black in the day
Turn blue
In the night

They become
Darker still


Author: scribler
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1198001


Light, you trickle through
My life; bursts of
Blooms from all angles.
Leaves sit still on
The sky. right pause. waiting
Up for
A bit later, each
Movement. daydreams
Of topologies of sun
Patches on your skin.
Closer, love, i am
Walking, in, through the
Columns of this theater.
No actor in the hallway,
Just your light, around

Just your soft waves,


Author: Tom McCone
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1188270

Love Turns To Hate

I've learn to abhor many things such as
The taste of salty, tart tears on my tongue,
The aroma of the dewy, crisp forest floor,
The vision of blue eyes intertwined with bliss dancing away,
The feel of a burning hot neck being pressed on by a gelid nose
The sound of a drowsy midnight voice whispering "I love you. "
But it seems that what I've come to execrate
Are the same as what I was once learning to grow fond of.

hate,  love,  turns.

Author: Sierra Carleton
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1184789

Who Turns These Seconds To Hours

As this instant
Melts to time
I am wondering where I am
I am taken above the clouds
Then dropped back to the mud
I thought I could hold you forever in this memory
But you are fading with me

hours,  seconds,  turns.

Author: The Jolteon
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1181794

Everything Turns Darker in the Light

Everything turns darker in the light
And even though it's day it feels like night
When you're here I see the truth beneath your eyes
When you're away I'm found believing all those lies.
When I'm asleep I can't hear a thing.
The best escape is the kind dreams bring
Finding flowers in the gutter of your heart,
Now you're both lightyears apart,
But it doesn't make a difference now
It's all the same to you somehow.

darker,  light,  turns.

Author: Jess
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1177920

A Dream Turns Into Desperation

Half acting you take
The broom for the journey
Of doom.

In human odor, you find
A secret sin. In stampede
You may walk on the fallen bodies.

Between me and my, you
Stand squeezing the lines
In holy script. There was no dogma.

Your image overwhelms
The prayers, insulting the
Future of man.

Like amber encased,
Parasitism, comes alive
With mass execution.

desperation,  dream,  turns.

Author: Satsih Verma
Date: 08/03/2020