Poems about unity


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Together in relative harmony we stand, unarmed and more powerful than any weapon.
Here we are grounded, dismissing the cries of discrimination.
Torn apart, yet we're still standing as one, even though this barrage of open hatred scars our hearts.
Shining through the darkest days, and finding solace in the fires of inhumanity.
Huddled as though to escape cold souls, whose poison is potent enough to blister not only our ears, but our spirits as well.
It is in this closeness that we find refuge from the beckoning reality.
Desperate minds, lost in the confusion of our segregation.
With the words of the evil resounding in our heads, and the hands of the hungry around us, we will rely on our fortitude and move on toward a brighter horizon.
With our eyes set upon a future of unity, and our hands raised in a salute to peace, we will unveil solidarity and the strength of our voices will ring from every mountainside.


Author: Unknown
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1185265


Who can graph the economy of pain?
We sell it hot to those we hate;
They do the same.
Both sides don't try to hide;
They think the other is different in some way.
And they share the pain;
Not realizing that pain,
It's felt the same


Author: Alice Sun
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1161834

Unity Bridge

A Pall of Civic Sorrow shrouded Charleston like a mist;
Nine bronze coffins in the church nave waiting to be blessed.
Anger would be natural, doesn't violence beget more?
Is forgiveness even possible? Many were unsure.
The congregation gathered to pray and understand
In the place the murders happened; a church built by freedmen's hands.

As they prayed about forgiveness, one shrill voice disagreed.
It cursed the “white man's Jesus” and all those who bend the knee.
Stop praying to your “Massa's god” and burn the city down;
All those fine homes of brick and wood that stand in Charleston town.

With Faith comes understanding, wisdom denied to the proud.
There will be no wave of violence here, the congregation vowed.
Lord Jesus was not Black or White; his was a brown tanned hide.
He was in chains and felt the lash on the very day he died.

Love is neither slave nor free, as it appears to me.
It is with Love we live and breathe and have true dignity.
So let the White and Black join hands across the Charleston span;
Then we will not be White or Black but each Americans.

bridge,  unity.

Author: John F McCullagh
Date: 23/02/2020

№ 1149707

525. Unity in diversity

Millions, trillions
And more and more
None of our finger prints are same
None of our retinas are same
Why do we limited to a group
All of our bloods are Red
And every heart has four chambers (arteries and ventricles)
Common oxygen to breathe
Why we are bounded to one group
Everyone has birth from womb of a mother
Every heart pumps the blood
Why we are confined to one group

We are humans
This was the only group
We had with us

Unity in diversity is what we want

It should not be limited only for sayings
We should follow this

diversity,  unity.

Author: Babu kandula
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1149565


My bare feet are worn from walking
Following the broken path
You stopped me and placed the flower you picked in my hair
Give me your breath, rejuvenating
I love the way, we make we


Author: Bailey C Walter
Date: 12/02/2020

№ 1146960


True empathy
Is the brief union
Of two souls
In which both
Understand the other
For both have endured each others pain
For just a moment.


Author: Th-e-ink Well
Date: 09/02/2020

№ 1129338


Ride alone into the distant
Resistances leads to loneliness
Not hurting anyone
Not trying to get hurt
Get to know a person learn to trust
One light stand is lust
Open up but blocked out
Shut them out anxious to get in
Share yourself become true
Unite as one don't rush
It's over once you start lying
Make it work keep trying
Broken trust communication is the key
Aim for the best not a protest


Author: Infamous one
Date: 24/01/2020

№ 1120494

Fearful Unity

When you speak, I hear only silence.
Every word formed on your lips, I devour
Every reason for your trust, a defiance.
Every second of your anger, feels like hours.

Sunlight comes swiftly flooding in,
Behind the morning curtains of memories.
A lonely mirror reflects my past sin,
A monochrome world hidden deep within.

Scars reminds me of broken promises,
Of aged smiles and earlier losses.
A cruel chasm between us,
Made of assumption and mistrust.

Bleeding out of sheer circumstance,
Stabbing pain, cant afford any feeling,
These old wounds, never healing.
Dream and fears, darkness concealing.

Mirror of self-loathing,
Nihilistic temptation,
So enticing.

Save your heart,
Until you can become one...
In the meantime... run.

fearful,  unity.

Author: Derekis
Date: 16/01/2020