Poems about universe


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Thank you Universe!

Right by this moonlight I swear...
Nothing in life ever really failed me.
The stars were always right there...
& in the right directions winds sailed me!

A tempest did devastate the ship once
U couldn't tell the deck from the keel.
Yet something kept me afloat...
& fate saw me through the ordeal

For whatever I lost to the sea that day,
Of 'courage' I became a keeper.
I could swim against the tide if need be,
As my strength had manifested deeper!

I have not one person to thank for
My time that stood it's test.
For it was the universe's interventions
That brought forth in me my best!

If it weren't for these permanent changes
& the impermanence of everything around.
How could I have evolved into this being
Seeking love profound???


Author: Rohini
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209439

From the Universe to the Soul

We grow
We are not made
We can not be assembled
We complex ourselves mentally and physically
From seed to tree
To leaves and apples
Unique with feelings
They can't be put into words
Only expressed
Make the history of mankind a great one
More love less hate
More expression and less depression
I don't know me without you and you can't know you without me
I can't see my own eyes without a mirror
What lies behind my eyes?
I feel myself beat my heart and fall into the feeling of love
But never in my mind do I decide to
There is nothing to say, only to feel
Be love and receive love
Know kindness and receive kindness
Be true to yourself and receive people who will be true to you
For today you possess the people in your life based upon the person you are
The better you holds better rewards
Never stop growing

soul,  universe.

Author: Dylan Burns
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209342

10word universe

On the plus side
We can ride the


Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208706

The Universe as she is

Her freckles are the stars
Fallen as dust
Pressed upon her cheek
Her eyes carry the universe
Which the stars descended from
And somehow they are not so distant

Black holes will engulf my existence
I beg to her,
Make me nothing.
But the eclipse brings me to life
And Osiris is delighted this eve.

We are left astonished


Author: ashley marie
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208433


Feel like my story was written for you to read
I don't want to separate you from the parts of me that make me breathe
And I kept feeling like you were somewhere in the world
I had no idea that the world was actually somewhere inside you


Author: ren
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208187

For the love of Universe

You are beautiful and perfect,
In every sense of this universe which had you in it
And thus, made you be you.

love,  universe.

Author: Jwala Kay
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205832

Alternate Universe

Could it be
That we exist just
E v e r y w h e r e
That the reason why astronauts
Cant go further along the milky way
Is because,
W e
A r e
A l r e a d y
T h e r e?

alternate,  universe.

Author: theblndskr
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203758

Thumbspeak Across the Universe

I always envision you
In the mountains
Across the sea
In a silent retreat

You left a few years ago
Homeward bound
I am in a city
You are spreadeagled on the sand
Under the stars

You think about me
I think about you

One night the world was being ravaged by a storm
You were someplace else
"Do not ride the boat home", I said.
We were up all night
I could see you
In the flame of my matchstick
I could even hear your laughter
My heart was being ravaged by the storm
You were my anchor.

You swam the sparkling seas
Your iridescent skin
And I wish I was there
You said you wish I was there

"I am getting thin, " you said.
I could hear your labored breathing

I could see you climb the mountains
I could see you bathing in the sun
I could hear you preach
I could see you staring at the night sky
Could see your eyelashes across the universe


Then you cut off
Thinking I cut off

Time has passed

August. September. October. November. December. January. February. March. April.

We stare up at the clouds


"I missed you. "

"I missed you. "

"No, you did not"
"I did. "
"Why? "
"You stopped speaking to me"
"No, you stopped speaking to me"
"I missed you. "

I could clearly see you again
In the flame of my matchstick
Against the sun
In the rain
In the dark
In the wind

I was there with you again
Counting the stars
Swimming the seas
And climbing the mountains
And preaching
And soaring in the sky
And tasting the salt of the seawater
And plunging the depths of the sea
Of your soul
Of your heart

I am now anchored.


Author: Sterph's Corner
Date: 01/04/2020