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My Transformation – A Page from a Vampires Journal

October 10, 1857

The pain was excruciating
It's very difficult to express
In simple human type words

The burning immediate
Bringing out the “primal” beast
During the first few hours
Of transformation to immortality

My singed veins
Filled with his poison
Silently screamed in agony
Twisted muscles and tendons
In constant spasm
A cold wet chill
Set upon my dying skin

My bleeding gums ached
As my new pointed teeth
Made themselves at home
In my already crowded mouth
The blood soothed my thirst
At least for that moment


journal,  transformation,  vampires.

Author: ultimatepanicqueen
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1123017


Certainly when Blade ceased to Steel
And instead became an expendable
That's when vampires began to feel
And Wesley shit non dependable

These days vampires write sad diaries
And help us learn to cope with melancholy
They are some sort of creatures in fairies
Somehow they're an inspiring melody

They no longer dance to Jackie Chan's beats
They give us a plan of how to escape grief
Showing us how to deal with defeats
And to enjoy our life long or brief

Vampires break apart, they fight and die
Because they are us, our own created lie


Author: Ignatius Hosiana
Date: 19/01/2020

№ 1116877

Fucking vampires.

I eat your face
With my tongue
Because it tastes good,
And the rough
Fang-like pores
Take flakes of your
Soft skin into my stomach;
Flakes of you;
I have broken you;
I can break you;
I can take tiny pieces
Of you
And digest them.

I can eat your face,
I can eat your ears,
Your nose,
Your mouth,
The cleft in your chin,
Your nipples
A whole tit,
A cheek of your ass,
A calf muscle,
Your upper quadricep
Your lower intestine
Your right lung,
And finally
Your heart.

I can kill you with my love, because I will become a monster with a belly for you.


Author: Waverly
Date: 13/01/2020

№ 1102781

Vampires and Dinosaurs

A hundred million years ago in years
This planet ran a savage rage of fear
We were torn up by the dinosaur
Leopard lizards and much more
Oh, those times gone by
Still I have to wonder why
Oh, the times gone by
Still I wonder why

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs
Why they ran so well I can't tell for
Vampires and dinosaurs

Found a lucky key chain
Must have been the rain
Where have we been again and again
Still turning around to the place we began

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs
Can knock your face onto the floor
Vampires and dinosaurs

Well. what 'cha watchin' on T. V.
Didn't you know that it was me
Whenever you've got that certain smile
Yes, that's the Hollywood style
Yes, that's a Hollywood smile

With those

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs
Why they ran so far I can't tell for
Vampires and dinosaurs

Vampires and dinosaurs
Vampires and dinosaurs

dinosaurs,  vampires.

Author: David Ehrgott
Date: 31/12/2019

№ 1096723

A Vampires Heart

My Life Is To High, Not To Get A Raise,
Out In The Ocean, Coasting, Paranormal Motion,
Gills For Real Breathing While I'm Holding,
Bills, From Describing Pain While Eyes Swollen,
A Strange Change, Rays Obtain, Golden,
Word Smith, Blizzard Verbs With,
Katos Mic Gift Igniting Exciting, Scenery Lightning,
The Way That He Snaps, Pulls Back Then Attacks Gab,
At Perfect Timing,
Incredible, My Level As Legend Goes,
All Around The Planet,
Like Astrology Teather Poles,
6 Fingers, 11 Toes,
Wings Silver Green, Violet Feathers Glow,
The Weather Has Roses, Rolling On Frozen Open,
Not December, Vampire Times Remember,
Vains Dopeness, No Dope In,
Immortal Presence, Well Spoken,
Suprise, Look Deep In Theese Eyes,
Both Left & Right,
3rd Sight, Not Water Drop Or A Blurred Spot,
Deep & On Top,
Leaning On Perfect Speed,
& I Am In Love With Trees,
This Heart Bleeds Valerie,
I'm Out Of Blood Bags,
Full Moon, Emerged In A Blood Bath,
All Black, Like A Nuns Back,
If You Walked In This Grave Yard,
You Would Say Hard,
Where Is The Sun At,
I'm In A Deep State,
Vampire Heart,
With A Clean Face,
1 Of A Kind,
1 Of My Origin,
Around Me Its Okay To Feel Forighn When,
I Hit The Stage And The Mic Starts Pouring Rain

heart,  vampires.

Author: Vampyre Kato
Date: 26/12/2019

№ 1061640

Dancing with Vampires

Trust no one.
All will deceive you.
Trying to ensnare.
Holding you to their lies.
Cloaks for disguise
Masks for the fools.
A ball for all those.
Who dance with the flys.

True faces are hidden.
When verbiage employed.
Intentions unbalanced.
As they allude to the truth.
Hearts have been missing.
Your misplacement enjoyed.
Lured to intentions.
The light sucked from you.

dancing,  vampires.

Author: DubJDaddy
Date: 24/11/2019

№ 1035767

Bats, Moons, Vampires and all the above

1. Lying on my back on a floor concrete
I stare at little bats as they flit
Across the night sky to where they meet
And talk about what they'll eat

2. Asleep all day awake all night
Love the dark and hate the light
Creatures of darkness or so it seems
Will I see you in my dreams?

3. My gaze shifts to the virgin moon
Half full to lose it soon
Wolves to herald your zenith
Vampires to glory beneath

4. Dark it grows now I need a torch
I write as I stare at the church
A cry of prayer goes up
My well of ink's dried up

bats,  moons,  vampires.

Author: Muyiwa Oyinloye
Date: 01/11/2019

№ 1015312

Vampires Can Read in the Dark.

I wrote you a book,
Did you keep it?
Did you look?
When I stole your glances,
Out your cracked window
Two stories up?
Did you eyes follow me down your steps
When I slammed the gate?
When I spit on your lawn,
With my heart in my hands
That you tried to give back,
But it was already too late?

I wrote you a book,
Four volumes long,
But all with same plot,
And the same stupid songs.

There's a chapter in there,
Somewhere towards the back
It's covered in blood
And it's written in black.

Somewhere on a mountain,
High above the sea
There's a woman in red
And she's smiling at me,
She says
"Stop running in circles,
Because you can't stop looking back,
Chin the fuck up
And plan your attack"

There's a stain in the stairwell
Where blood leaked from your hands,
In December at midnight
Under layers of sand
There's dust that shouldn't
Have choked that young man.

When I checked your watch,
Grabbed your wrist in an alley
And threw out the time,
Into the trash can beside me

And picked up my words,
And left you there in street
With blood on your hands
And no shoes on your feet

I wrote you a book,
I wrote it for years,
I wrote it at night,
So that you wouldn't hear,
When my pen scribbled vomit
And nightmares appeared

There's a cork in the bottle,
I put the glass down,
I emptied the bath tub,
And painted my frown
And looked up at your window
As I slammed your front gate,
No tears in my eyes
But I watched you the same
As a man who could murdered me,
And make me believe I was to blame.

I wrote you a book,
I never wanted to write,
Did you read it all,
Did you tear out pages,
And pin them on wall?
Did you throw it outside,
When rain started to fall?
Or did you skim it over,
For a second or two
Then put it back down
Thinking this can't be for you.

When my memory smokes in your mind,
Like some rekindled flame,
I hope you remember
My face and my name
But not all the sins
My book burned on your brain.

dark,  read,  vampires.

Author: Megan Eileen
Date: 13/10/2019