Poems about veins


№ 1204768

"Hope In My Veins."

You make me believe,
You are the illusionist,
I am the observer,
No matter what I do,
No matter how much I try to stop,
There is hope in my veins,
A false attitude of all that cannot be,
But still it's as though your sending hope straight to me.

hope,  veins.

Author: Victoria Jennings
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1199336

Classic cigarette and veins poem

I didn't expect this from you
Ironically, it seems I say that a lot about you
I didn't expect for our veins to disconnect
I really didn't want to feel that
I did not foresee the change that would summon
New feelings with other people and diminish mine towards you
I never imagined my arm pulling away when it gently touched yours
I don't have experience in love... except, that word comes with so much and so little meaning im not sure how to define it
What I did have experience in, however, was wishing, every day, every evening
That something would come of it
That I would be okay to really feel what I felt towards you

The little that amounted meant so much and yet so little

And now I feel like that poet who drones on about that unrequited love, and phrases it in ways he or she believes to be original

Pessimistic much?

But before I end this poem I would like to say that I love you and I loved you and a part of me is relieved that I stopped

cigarette,  classic,  poem,  veins.

Author: Olivia Greene
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198657

Slurs and Ties Are in My Veins

I weep melodies
And smile harmonies
Even if they are false
I blush eighth notes
And shake excited triples
I beam whole rests
And glow the quarters
I sob vowels
And bite consonants
Harsh enough to remove a finger
I ripple legatos
And kick-box marcatos
*I breathe music

slurs,  ties,  veins.

Author: Samm Marie Moore
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1188554

The city's veins (experimental form)

The city's veins are neon slivers,
Puncturing converging planes
Where lambent eyes flow past in rivers,
Culture stains
The city's veins,

Indulgence chokes the avaricious,
Mirrors masked by scented smoke
Allure to something cold and vicious,
Vices coax,
Indulgence chokes,

The urban sprawl of fallen virtue,
Lights and sounds invite, enthrall,
Priorities of life desert you,
Under all
The urban sprawl.

city,  experimental,  form,  veins.

Author: James Khan
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1186357


Sockets laying low, like a swing with to much rusted chain.

Corneas harshened with florescent grass viridescent and sky aquamarine.

Snout pointy as the tip of a lustrous knife silver blade, and facing diagonal like a canon before fire.

Two ample, pale, cushions, keeping guard about my mentum.

Little brown chocolate chips, melting upon every inch and centimeter on my countenance.

A mane full of lingering threads colored chestnuts.

Physique of Irish, pure skin filled with angel kisses.

Two stubby branches hanging in action, waiting to be reactivated.

And two vertically challenged limbs, pudgy and not operational.

My presence, positioned vertical, gazing into a transparent sea of glass.


Author: Victoria Ryan
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1183709

Words For Oxygen And Ink For Veins

Rings of sleep met my hands,
And promised to wed my lashes, to close.
The moon's pupils acclimated to dusk's orbit,
Poisonous cycles with durable antidotes.
Starlight circulates death herself,
Inaudible, a sobering shadow.
I've lasted by her words progressing,
As I'm no longer here.
I faked debt with her,
To try and feel my 'normal' a belted, altered maker of happiness.
They aspired plastic sapphires,
Chipping diamonds and bluebells for graves,
They took a dip at my faltered breath-
And wanted more,
A suicide note bolted in as tattoos,
"The poetry is beautiful, "

*"But I just haven't died yet, "

ink,  oxygen,  veins.

Author: Lynnie Defelice
Date: 14/03/2020

№ 1183576

Toxic veins

Dream world in an alternate ground reality
Where the black trees are shadows
Lurking and waiting to consume the firefly
Light illuminating my blood
Like radioactive sludge pulsing
Loving breathing
I want the transcendent mauve sky
To drown me until I am nothing more
Than the ideals of humanity
Murmuring of the metal birds
And mammals
Humming harmoniously with the
Beat of my ears
I am not awake
I have been here before
Somewhere in a past life
I can feel it rattling in my bones
Another radio frequency is found
Tomorrow will not come because
Everything is here and now
This moment expands as far as the eye can see
And then some
Firewood burning inside my eyes
Charring my iris
Until the blue turns to orange
And the icy barren air fills my lungs
I am a wasteland

toxic,  veins.

Author: Annie
Date: 14/03/2020

№ 1183133

Bleed Through My Veins

I'm tired of this heartache
The burdens of the worlds
Bleeds through my veins
Everyday i hope for a change
But everything,
Everything stays the same

There's something i can see
But it's everything i can't seem
To face
From the flames of my hell
From the walls of my cell
To my eternal resting place

There's no joy
In my somber state of mind
I've lost all direction
I've run out of time

I'm falling down
I keep falling down
I search for help
There's no one around

It's come to me
I'll die alone
My life and my spirit
Drained from these bones

bleed,  veins.

Author: richie dagger
Date: 13/03/2020