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Rainbow village episode 11

It was the day before Australia day eve, and Dean, Lyle. Yvonne. Simon and Georgina were sitting at Simon's and Yvonne's villa watching the womens singles on the television, and when the Auatralians won, it got Georgina talking about a special crush she had on Pat Cash, and how she tried to make that happen, the others weren't really interested in her story, but knowing Georgina, she told it anyway, well it started at her work at Fantasy Lane in Fyshwick in Canberra, and who would walk through the door, but Pat Cash, and Georgina, was trying not to think it, she tried to figure out why a hunk like Pat Cash would come into a sex boutique, and then it her Georgina square in the head, yes Pat Cash wanted sex, and even if Georgina's job was just answer phones and make bookings, this time, she wanted a hunk like Pat Cash all to herself, and told Pat Cash that the prostitutes that come here are a little ugly, and you need a real babe, so meet me after my shift and I guarantee I will show you a good time for free, Pat Cash said that he will prefer to pay for one of the ladies, but Georgina told him, a hunk like you shouldn't be paying for sex, you want the real thing, Patrick and as planned Georgina showed Pat Cash how to have a good time, there was dinner, dancing, and even a late night coffee at a all night coffee shop and then after that Pat Cash asked me back to his house, and, man I was honoured, not just to go to his house, but also have sex in a famous Aussie tennis players bed, this is the most exciting night in my life.
Lyle stopped the story and told Dean that who does be think will win the men's singles final and Dean said, who cares for now, I like Georgina's story, let's think about tennis later, and Georgina said, yes it was fun having intercourse with someone famous, and I tell you that if I do anything g as exciting like this again, wake me up, but I will also tell you Patrick was a great man to sex it up with, and we really rocked the bed, up and down, round and round, all over the place, and then Pat Cash suddenly got up and told me that I better leave now, mainly because his family will be home soon and they won't understand I am filling in a fantasy of yours, and as much as that hurt me, I still left, because I had bloody good sex anyway, and I went home to my family, with a big smile on my face, my family were unaware of why I was so happy, but they didn't suspect anything, so my saucy relationship with Pat Cash was safely under wraps for a while, and yes every night sleeping in the bed with my husband was disturbing because a man like Pat Cash broke the rules for me. The next time I went to Fantasy Lane, the girls had told my secret to the boss and I was sacked on the spot, and I robbed Mary, of everything she owned, and I nearly went to gaol, but I didn't, and despite of losing my job at Fantasy Lane, it didn't worry me, cause I had sex with Pat Cash, but there was one problem, and that was that was the last time I saw him socially, but I always watched him play tournaments, and I blew kisses to him, his wife wasn't happy, but who cares because, I love Pat Cash and yes, dudes, I hope that Australia wins the doubles final, because my son will be there and he is a bit horny over Casey, and yes, he night take a leaf from my book, cool go for it, son
The end

australia,  day,  eve,  rainbow,  village.

Author: johnny georgy brown
Date: 02/04/2020


A Night in the Village

Night dawns quick on the village
Stars are drunk with the smell of earth
Behind cloud the moon is a wispy haze
Crickets cut the dark with cacophonous mirth.

Here I was born here l left my thread
The damp earth knows trail of my feet
Uprooted time made me a city bred
In the wind here lingers long lost heartbeat.

Upon the soil here echoes the unheard dewdrop
Shadows huddle in the breath of starlight
Worried heads dream of golden crop
Chisel a world at end of long night.

What if these moments plant me a seed
That sprout to a wish long craving to be born
I stay back here and wide eyed read
How dark sky fades into a blood sun morn.

night,  village.

Author: PoetryJournal
Date: 20/03/2020


My Village

Familiar with the way to my village

I start my bike from my home

Sometime beg to go there

And many time escape without asking mum

Every turn, temple and tree

Make me fly fear free.

Every plant, poster and pole

Touches my senses, sprite, my soul.

As I approach my village

I feel pure, please and privilege.

But, the blur scenario of people's situation

Is because of superstition and lack of education.

Every action of the people

Denotes "what they think "

Every eye of the man

Speaks they are addicted to drink.

Three things bring the battle

Our history has the sign.

Same flows the blood here

Wealth, Women and Wine

These dirty, unhygienic atmosphere

Never suits to my prime.

Dad never lets me commit mistakes

As a mistake is a mistake once, next time its crime

I sense the air of my place

I sense the people of my kind.

Kids playing on roads, ladies cooking on the courtyard,

I sense the mud, I am bind.

I love visiting my village

To feel me, my origin, my exist.

Something connects me to there

Maybe the blood in me, that persist.


Author: Vikas Bhaneriya
Date: 19/03/2020


Global Village Idiot

This way
To the end
Of days




Hopes of
A lifetime
Down the drain

With the

For an

Every bit
Of us


Be careful

What you

For there
Comes for
What you do

Not to be
Your pants down

An idiot

For a fool.

global,  idiot,  village.

Author: Kenneth Irving MacPherson
Date: 11/03/2020


Letter from the village

When the mountain falls to the sea< br>
Dont forget who helped you believe < br>
When time starred at you < br>
Through the hour glass< br>
Waiting for the moment< br>
Which will never pass< br>
Dont forget who prayed with you < br>
When you get to the other side < br>
Where its cold < br>
Dont forget the sun, that made you black< br>
Is still at my back

letter,  village.

Author: murphis bleek
Date: 29/02/2020


Fêtes de village en plein air

Le bal champêtre est sous la tente.
On prend en vain des airs moqueurs;
Toute une musique flottante
Passe des oreilles aux coeurs.

On entre, on fait cette dobauche
De voir danser en plein midi
Près d'une Madelon point gauche
Un Gros-Pierre point engourdi.

On regarde les marrons frire;
La bière mousse, et les plateaux
Offrent aux dents pleines de rire
Des mosaïques de gâteaux.

Le soir on va dîner sur l'herbe;
On est gai, content, berger, roi,
Et, sans savoir comment, superbe,
Et tendre, sans savoir pourquoi.

Feuilles vertes et nappes blanches;
Le couchant met le bois en feu;
La joie ouvre ses ailes franches:
Comme le ciel immense est bleu!

air,  de,  en,  plein,  village.

Author: Victor Hugo
Date: 28/02/2020



I miss the smell of fresh air.
I miss to hear grandma and grandpa laugh together with us.
I miss the cold water in the bathroom where i will skipped take a bath at 6 a. m.
I miss running to paddy fields with cousins and fell in mud.
I miss jump into the river, cleaning ourselves.
I miss my kampung.


Author: Rassy
Date: 27/02/2020


My village

A new beautiful woman
In our village
I admire her
Standing opposite to her house
Under the lamp post
My friends asked, "Why I chose
Lamppost?! "
I replied
This one place
You are guaranteed
There will be no light!!!


Author: JP
Date: 20/02/2020