Poems about vitamins

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Vitamins and calories

When did I start looking at life, as vitamins and calories
I remember back before it was just, hours and salaries
Now I Zombie about, burned up, and burned out
Stress makes me itchy, bitchy, I wanna shout
It's all chores and bills, obligations, feed the cat
Run down, Run over, clean this, do that
Time warps, bends, now its tomorrow
Better sleep soon, or work will be sorrow
Melatonin and liquor
Make it happen quicker
Toke down, pass out, cycle through
Not sure anymore, what else to do

calories,  vitamins.

Author: sycokitten
Date: 18/03/2020

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To love you
Is to rid my body of all calcium

And fall limp under the
Crescent of your
Chin. I see how long your eyelashes
Are when I look upwards

And they are so
Pretty, you could not possibly
Hurt me.

I hang my
Bones on them, for you to water.


Author: Sarina
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1040198

Vitamins Lost

H. Williams

Vitamins lost
In the hours of being still awake,
In the hours of feeling left behind.
These seconds are all memorized,
Since I'd forgotten –purposely—how this feels.
But here I am, and there you are,
And what we don't know
Is in the space between
When there is space between.

lost,  vitamins.

Author: hwilliams
Date: 05/11/2019

№ 853477

High on Vitamins

If you take a lotta this,
You'll get a little that
Well anything to feel the love
And get him on his back

high,  vitamins.

Author: Calli Kirra
Date: 19/05/2019

№ 651901

What's a youngin' doin' with prenatal vitamins and breathin' that lamaze

Peach cobbler, that's what you remind of
The sweet, southern staple that everyone loves

But when the pom-poms fell from your hands
You told the girls in the van on the way to fun mountain
"I can't do those stunts anymore. "

I still laugh at myself for my inappropriate and abrupt,
"WHAT?! ?! "
But your collected calmness collected me
Until i saw in the back of your eyes the collected fear
And realized the daunting fact,
That even though you were nearly 9 months my younger
In 9 months
You were going to have to be years older than me

We were raised to plan
But planning doesn't determine how life occurs
Cause you never really plan to fall down
I know there were those who showed you love
But i'm sure being named "pastor's daughter" and labeled "cliche"
Didn't do you any favors in the judgement days
And i'm sorry i only made you a dress to hide the bump
When you deserved a cape
To soar over that injustice
That no one has the right to serve

What its like to inhabit a body that is growing beauty
I don't know, but watching you
I have seen it can be... a change
Which, i'm sure, that doesn't even remotely explain... does it?
No it's... a Life Alteration of Volcanic Proportions
Cause I'm sure, at times, you feel as if standing in the wake of an explosion
And sometimes the earth spews fiery filth at you

But i believe mothers are fire proof
Cause they know they have beauty that grew inside
And when you look at that doe eyed, preschooler son
Remember that love strengthens you
Heaven is powerful
And you are both beautiful

breathin,  doin,  vitamins.

Author: Amy Irby
Date: 17/11/2018

№ 364297

Sorry mum, i don't think vitamins cure heartache or hurt

10 words

cure,  don,  heartache,  hurt,  mum,  t.

Author: maybella snow
Date: 02/03/2018

№ 333390

Vitamins and Vicodin

The triazolam is draining out.
Seeping down a peptic route.
Antacids disintegrate the lining.
Pain leaves me pinning.
Drowning on pink.
Spat up in the sink.
This sickness is wearing me thin.
Unsafe in my own skin.

Prescribed relief in the form of cold sweats.
Unapproved medicine tested on pets.
The rainbow pillbox comes in a set.
Getting wealthy off of the net.

Anemic royalty.
Sipping on Pennyroyal Tea.
Taking a drive to San Andres.
Dinning on mixed sangrias.
Bummed for a hit.
Complexion grows yellow.
The cost of my mellow.

Prescribed relief in a hospital bed.
Deaf to kind words said.
Can't escape the notion in my head.
Telling me I'm already dead.

Loss of focus.
These drugs are bogus.
Light gradually fades away.
Soiled underwear, the thing to stay.
Soul ripped and torn apart.
Taken away on a crash cart.
Transfusion first, dialysis later.
Lack of a pulse, huge deflator.

Prescribed relief in the form of cremation.
Ceremony held, not a single relation.
No will left as a last proclamation.
Assets absorbed by a forfeiture corporation.

vicodin,  vitamins.

Author: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Date: 02/02/2018

№ 162650


I said I was going home
But unpredictable got in my way.
I wandered into the park, curious,
For I saw an assorted crowd milling
About, curiousity demanded something
Of me so I dropped in to sort something
Out and by pure chance, randomness hit me,
I was presented with a bounty of yokes, all
In the likeness of little blue ghosts.
Such is the way of Millennium on a Friday.
I don't complain, it brightens up my day.

I found my mates and upon showing them
My treasure trove,

Lets go get dosed!

They taste bitter
So all is fine. Relief,
The pills were indeed genuine.

Lets get rolling 'cause
It's proving sigma time.
Suspense coming up
Then forty-five minutes in
Excitement hits
As my brain leaks serotonin.
On the love buzz again, oh you, you young demon.

Some gang tried to mug mine,
I laughed in their face
And we walked right by.

Howdy-ho mo-fo?

Nobody could touch us,
I was on fire.
Then drum 'n bass brought everyone higher.


Author: Mydriasis Aletheia
Date: 31/08/2017