Poems about voice


№ 1209282

The habit of having a voice and continuously being afraid to use it

I am so completely aware of the fact that I have a voice
And so completely afraid to use it because
Of what I might say. Because I have a lot to say.
I might say things like I'm not
Okay. I might say things like I'm lost and I don't know what
I'm doing, I'm scared and I'm sad, and I'm selfish too. I might
Say things like trying to be a better person is hard and
Exhausting and sometimes giving up is as tempting as
Failing a final exam out of sheer indifference because you know
Someone is going to do better than you anyway. I might say things
About being a woman, and how it's so easy to remain silent
In this society, how easy it is to pretend like you don't have an
Opinion, you don't have a voice, how easy it is to believe
That you're just an object for men to look at and call you
Sexy, that you're a threat to other women because they're too insecure
To realize that they are your sisters and that sisters should be sticking
Together, not mocking or criticizing each other
When the other isn't listening.
I might say things about how sometimes I wonder why
I was brought into this world, because it's cold and it's violent
And it's difficult and it revolves around money. And money is scary
And intimidating because it will never bring anyone happiness and yet
It is the one thing that everyone wishes they had more of. The one thing
That nobody has enough of.
I want to feel good enough.
I want to wake up in the morning and feel proud to be a woman,
I want to stop seeing and treating myself as if I am an object,
I want to look into the mirror and have oceans of self respect
Pour out of my eyes and nourish my heart.
I want to be able to walk through a mall or browse social media networks
Without being bombarded by images of the latest female pop star
Who is making the current female generation look like
Self degrading cheap sex objects whose primary purpose
Is to please males acting as a an open welcome sign blank canvas
For humiliating labels and comments and
Spreading shame as if it were a highly contagious disease.
I want to tell you that you hurt me.
I want to tell you that I used you to hurt myself.
I want to look at you and tell you I am sorry.
I want to tell you that I am trying and have you believe me.
I want to walk outside and hug a stranger and have them say
"Thank you, I needed that. "
I want to make a difference, I want to use my voice.
I am so completely aware of these things.
I am so completely afraid. Vulnerability comes
With living a true and fulfilling life. And I am afraid
Of that. I want to be a leader in the sense
That I don't continue to act as a vacuum, always sucking
False words out of people, consuming them as if they were my last
Meal on earth, as an attempt to heal the tiny wounds underneath my skin,
As an attempt to feel whole and wanted and useful and important,
As an attempt to pretend to have never been the people I have in fact been.
I don't want that. I want life. I want to open my mouth and have
Floods rushing into the ears of others screaming
I want to look up at the sky and know
That God himself created this masterpiece for all of us,
Because he loves us. Because God has no grandchildren and
We are all precious and worthy and forgiven.
I want to say I love you and I want you to feel it.
I want to say that to myself and really feel it too.
I want to know myself.
I want to know you.

afraid,  continuously,  habit,  voice.

Author: Lyra Brown
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209212


Slowly, I dripped every want, need and longing into my hand, forming in the spaces where you hands intended to be.
I came storming right into your life, arms out, begging, crying, "Take this, and that, have it. " Take me
At least that's what it felt like, throwing everything I had or wanted to keep at you, begging for you to somehow love the way I hid these things between every argument.
Screaming things that make no sense to how I'm feeling, things to make me cringe and stomp over every nerve ending for you to leave. And inside I'm begging, arms out, crying "Take it, take every bit of it, have it, please. " Take every rotten piece of me
And somehow you've only kept in record of how I say I love you far too little, and kiss any skin available in my reach, and you came gently into my life, never asking a single thing of me.
All the while I'm crying, begging stay long enough to realize I've become addicted to the shivers in my spine, and stars that scream your name.

raised,  voice.

Author: Heaven Dawn
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208343

Voice of Tears

Have you ever heard a teardrop fall
As it scars a innocent face
Heartbreak cries with bloodshot eyes
As pain begins to race

A tear is full of emotion
Not the other way around
Tears are heard without a word
Though it doesn't make a sound

A tear is a broken promise
Or maybe it's a lie
A tear will fall for one and all
When love has said goodbye

A teardrop has a purpose
They call it liquid pain
Cleansing the soul each time they flow
Though it always leaves a stain

So listen to a teardrop
Though silent it may be
The sound you hear from a single tear
Will tell its history

tears,  voice.

Author: Whiskurz
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207853

My Voice an Embarrassment

I never mean to embarrass you
In fact, that's what I try not to do
You say I'm being shy
I call it making sure no one knows me
If they did
They would call you a total weirdo
For wanting to hang out with me
Cause I don't shut up
They would have wondered
Why you could be friends with someone
So socially awkward
And obsessed with blood
I chose not to speak
So my words could hurt no one
But it killed them cause they didn't know
Why I was so quiet
The fear to speak
Took over me and I couldn't say a word
I just politely smiled and texted back and forth
I didn't want you to explain why
Whenever everyone went downstairs
With you
I just stayed up there and wished that I could speak
Or eat without being so hard on myself
Some people understood
Why I was so quiet
Most just thought
I was your little mute friend
When I did speak
It shocked quite a few
And you seemed happier
Hearing the sound of my voice
Now that I wasn't so nervous
I could truly enjoy myself
I watched you play games
And I smiled being surrounded by others
I promise next time
I'll talk more
So much
You'll tell me
That I shouldn't speak up
That I should shut up.

embarrassment,  voice.

Author: Emma Chatonoir
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207375

Voice Of A Confused Heart

I'm in a dilemma,
And don't know how to get out?
The friendship we used to have,
Isn't working out!

It builded so strong,
So great & so good.
I really don't know why?
It ended so rude.

I remember the time not so long ago,
When we laughed & played all along.
We were the best of friends,
Or atleast that's what i thought

I thought i was loyal,
And i know i was telling the truth!
But so many things went wrong,
And there's nothing left to do.

There are no words that can help me explain,
That how much i cared whenever you were in pain.
I only wanted the one last look,
At the beautiful puzzle we used to share.

We all go through life,
With love of friends & family.
Even though we know,
They too someday will leave us eventually.

confused,  heart,  voice.

Author: Anubhav
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206909

That Voice

Her voice poors out of her mouth
She is able to stand on that stage and share her talent
She is talented
That voice is thick and strong and loud enough to reach hundreds of ears
That voice is smooth and gentle and soft enough to please hundreds of hearts
What good is a second-rate piano player compared to a voice like that?
Her skirt will always be longer, more flirty
Her teeth with always be straighter, tucked further away with the pensive look she has
It is my love for Victor Hugo against her love for Victor Hugo
My love for Broadway versus her love for Broadway
But all I have is 10 stubby fingers to tickle the worn Baldwin in my living room
She has that voice in a room full of red velvet seats
It is my interest in Kristin Chenoweth against her interest in Kristin Chenoweth
We both like to read
We both like the theatre
We both like you
But what can compare to a voice like that?


Author: girl
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203448


It was high in the hills
It seemed like a movie still
Yet the distinguished voice certainly fit the bill
I will continue on if you will
It was a very sincere voice
It was Heaven being the choice
The voice spoke being plain and simple
The instructions were move and be ample
The voice echoed from far away
It was God's message in being a relay
My chosen one's being the flock, but don't astray
Your troubled heart is only a short moment
It's put your faith too the test
Don't expect anything less
Watch as your testimony confess
Keep praying and God will do the rest
God being on the mount and you as a believer in the count
A whispered voice
Clouds as your path
But our Savior don't make last.

echoed,  voice.

Author: preservationman
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203207

Finding a voice

I've been writing this poem
For three years now.
The buildup to a cataclysmic revelation
The understanding that, yes, we are a perfect race.
The knowledge of a people so wide,
It will be carved into minds and taught to stone
Until the end of time.
But you cannot change
The way people sip their wine.
Cannot comprehend the understanding
Of the earth to the sun as she sets.
Where ballet slippers break the dancers,
Not the other way around. Where the
Deepest oceans are left empty,
Where predator and prey both fail
And love is a prospect of fantasy;
Beautiful, and you wish it to be true
But something only beautiful, real, and forever
In fairy-tale books.
Written by those
Who cannot find their voice.

finding,  voice.

Author: Chloe King
Date: 31/03/2020