Poems about volleyball

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My Volleyball Team

What did I do to get those stares?

Why do you guys look at like I'm a freak.

They whisper and stare at me when I Board the bus.

I'm just like you guys.

I came back for the Love of the Sport.

Not to be a Nuisance.

I came because I love the sport. I don't care if I don't play.

So Please don't give me the look why am I here?

And Ignore me like I'm not there.

I know I got cut from the team. I know I don't have my Serve.

I know I seem weak.

Like I can't do my Job.

But I'm trying my Hardest.

I want to please you guys.

I want you to see that I'm here to help.

The stares and whispers are breaking me.

I'm going to have a breakdown.

Because I know you guys don't want me there.

I know why Stick around somewhere where you aren't wanted?

I want to show them I care enough. That I am strong enough.

I Just wish that's how they saw me.

team,  volleyball.

Author: Arabella B
Date: 03/12/2019

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Faded clothes,
Burnt face,
Sticky hair,
Filthy palms,
Bloodshot eyes,
Sweaty arms.

Dried throat,
Painful thighs,
Sore feet,
Divided crowd,
Pitiful players,
Swollen knuckles.

Torn hope,
Crumpled chance,
Sunned court,
Tumbling scores,
Coughing points,
Silver lining.


Author: Pedro Simon
Date: 07/06/2019

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Dear Volleyball Team

Dear Volleyball team,
I may seem snooty,
I may seem stuck up,
But in reality I am anxious,
And here's the reason why.
For my whole life I have been like this
Afraid to speak my mind
Your stares don't help
The walls between us makes my anxiety grow more
I know I'm quiet
I know I'm shy
I can't help it
It's just how I was born
How my mind was made up

dear,  team,  volleyball.

Author: Arabella B
Date: 06/05/2019

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The Nets Hold Our Dreams Like Tangled Bugs,
And The Courts Gleam With Our Ambition,
Beads Of Sweat Form Perfectly On Our Raised Brows,
As We Play With The Attitude A Champion Needs,
We Are Dressed In Black And Blue,
Floor Burn Covering Our No Longer Smooth Skin,
Our Lips Bleeding From The Battle For The Ball,
The Sound Of Screaming Becomes White Noise,
As We Burrow Into The Gym Floor,
Just For One More Medal,
And As We Walk Away From The Courts,
With Our Arms Bruised And Torn,
Red And Raw,
We Smile At Our Dreams Still Lying,
In The Twisted Nets


Author: Sydney Victoria
Date: 22/02/2019

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Jer­ seys.


On the court,



Author: Izabella Valero
Date: 08/02/2019

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Volleyball and me

I serve
To my team

I catch
With my face

I pass
To the floor

I score
Into the net

And yet
I frown
By smiling

And win
By losing

A defeat
Can be a good victory
Its all about sportsmanship


Author: PieLovinUnicorn
Date: 21/08/2018

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Volleyball Lessons

I feel bad for her because I know she's hurting.
But does she know how much pain she puts on me.
Making me think he doesn't love me.
Maybe I believe it.
That's the pathetic part.
Her pain causing the problems of my future life with Him.
This is not the love of a mother.
Who doesn't approve of her daughter.
Who she is now.
The person that she loves to be.
This is emotional abuse.


God get us out of this labyrinth.
Set the generations of past free for the future.

For only the hole in my chest is never going to fully recover with this madness.
This is not good madness.
The repetition of the flash on the screen makes my heart panic.
Alas it should be comfort that the soul encounters.

lessons,  volleyball.

Author: lionheartlion
Date: 10/05/2018

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MU Games: Volleyball

The screaming cheers
Travel a distance far
In the divided hall
The yellows and blues
Await the serving ball

An overhand strike
The ball speeds
Across the mid-line

The yellows
Dig, set & attack
The blues
Fling & smack
Fearless & skilled
The crowd hails

Winning or defeat
Is a victory for all
For the love
Of volleyball

games,  mu,  volleyball.

Author: eng jin
Date: 05/03/2018