Poems about vultures


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Turkey Vultures

In the middle
Of a farmer's field,
Newly plowed
And sprouting yield,
Three turkey vultures
Shared a meal
Of something black
With great appeal.
They cleared away
Winter's offal,
Doing what
For them was natural.
I eyed with awe
How they conspired,
Before feathers splashed
In smoke and fire.

turkey,  vultures.

Author: Francie Lynch
Date: 09/03/2020

№ 1128244

Vultures cannot be trusted with love

My Rapture occurred on a friday night.
That's when I first reaped autumns rewards.
Dying leaves left lovely reminders,
Or lessons;
Vultures cannot be trusted with love.
Forced rhythms are false to the ear and
Dead to sight.
They fly over the carcass, waiting to strike the wicked.
Vultures cannot be trusted with love.

One hand gives you solace.
The other gives you sin.
Ice cold autumn winds wail a song to the blue sky,
Vultures cannot be trusted with love.

love,  trusted,  vultures.

Author: Pleased to Meet You
Date: 23/01/2020

№ 1055917

The Vultures Within

They wait, they hide, they prey.
Eating carrion,
Vanishing in the setting sky.
These devilish carnivorous beasts,
Soaring, circling quietly.
A smell from afar, piercing the senses.
A soulless hide, or partially alive.
Morality does not exist,
They devour all, their defining nature,
Seeking the infirm,
A blackened mind.
Just there to watch you die.


Author: Morrison Leary
Date: 19/11/2019

№ 987228

Dumpster Vultures

They'll have no carcass
Not when our collective trash
Is up for picking

dumpster,  vultures.

Author: Ben
Date: 18/09/2019

№ 983215


No matter how many times
You wash your hands,
They'll always be dirty
With the blood of the innocent.
It's all about power,
You like control.
Vultures like you,
Picking on the weak.
Hit me when I'm already bleeding.
I know you take joy
In watching people break.


Author: Liz And Lilacs
Date: 14/09/2019

№ 967543

The Vultures im told are preying on us.

The vultures im told are preying on us.
Even in your home you cant avoid
The meeting.
The vultures his or her name,
They promise to discover you,
You cant avoid starvation.
I know from experience water
Kills you faster.
My friends dont understand
How complete and thurough
They the vultures work.
Few birds go after what no one else wants
Because there's to much of it to go around.
To many rotten amatureish feelings make tons
Of cash when they have to pay for their own heart.
Dont call it vanity,
All the pros call the vultures vanity a scam.

preying,  told,  vultures.

Author: Rachel
Date: 31/08/2019

№ 965129


Visions of the masses leaving trails-
Circles around me, a vortex-
Leaves swirl and fall-
A chill in the air, cooling your black wings-
Priming your body to pick at me, a prey.
Your beak opens, revealing a relapse hair trigger
Firing bullets of fear-Piercing my soul, I lay down.

I can see the cumulus clouding the skies from here-
And then I see your face looming over mine like a twisted doctor
Laughing as he tells you to count back from ten-
Before he opens me up and picks at my brain.

Changing, manipulating, losing all senses before I get to feel
The relief of the rain that drives the desert heat of you away.


Author: Cory Williams
Date: 28/08/2019

№ 937289


The wind eventually made its way in to pick what it could from the bones of the not-yet-dead; soon they'd become one in the same and it doesn't matter a wink to the bystanders if you're still alive.

We're just a planet covered in scavengers waiting to lick your bones clean, to tear your vital organs to shreds and your flesh from your bones, to swoop down from the sky and steal your still-beating heart from your open chest, to take your valuables, your organs, your wallet.

Time is a carnivorous beast, an oily, black vulture picking brittle bones dry from inside a heart that's lost its mind.


Author: nikki armstrong
Date: 03/08/2019