Poems about wake


№ 1207880

Just Wake Up

You always seem
To live.

I see you play
With stones and swings,
Leaping from one tree
To another, then falling.
Scratched by twigs and thorns,
That you once played with.

I see you read
With books and notes,
Skimming headlessly
From one page to another,
Then putting them down.
Burned by the knowledge,
That once enlightened you.

I see you eat
With cakes and cookies,
Tasting one dish then another,
Then you're suddenly fed up
With the food
That once nourished you.

I see you bathe
In streams and rivers,
Splashing countless ripples,
And popping bubbles,
Only to dry yourself
From the water
That once cleansed you.

I see you sleep
With soft pillows and warm blankets
Protecting you from the dark,
The cold night,
Caressing your dreams.
Dreams of folly, of laughter,
Of despair, anger,
Life's fallacies.


Then for sometime,
You live
For what may have killed you.

Stay with me
For I see you.

I just watch you.
With my eyes that never close,
With my tears that always flow,
With my light that never blinds
With my sight always unseen.

Hoping that someday,
At the break of dawn,
When you truly awake,

My eyes
Will be only
And forever

(I love you. )


Author: Axel Deion Ngsy
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207196

Don't wake me when I am dreaming

Please do not wake me,
While I am dreaming,
For it is only in my dreams
That I ever get to hold him.
When I ask for those five extra minutes,
I am asking for five minutes
That I will never know
With my eyes open.
But when I am dreaming,
There he is.
His warmth is there,
I can feel his heartbeat,
His hands feel just as real.
When I am dreaming,
For a moment he is mine.
I acknowledge that everything I am saying
Sounds just like desperation,
But then I must ask you
If you have ever been in love.
And if you have,
Then I urge you to recall
The longing
Of simply wanting to hold
The one you love.
Of simply wanting to be near him.
I can not have him.
He does not belong to me.
But please do not wake me.
Do not steal my dreams.
Please, allow me to hold him,
If only in my sleep.
Allow me that.

don,  dreaming,  t,  wake.

Author: Angela Moreno
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207144

Wake me not

Walk softly into my dreams
And wake me not
Speak gently to my heart
And leave a kiss upon my thoughts
Write words of comfort
Upon the wall of my soul
And leave as you came
And wake me not


Author: denis j ryan harman
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203632

Gone, this wake of buzzards

A roadkill feast, this doe that met truck bumper the black night before

Now in the Texas sun, talons and beaks make easy work of eyeballs and entrails

The asphalt a convenient griddle, slow cooking dead deer, while the ravenous birds dine

Somewhere in the brush, a childless mother, with no incantation to bring her baby back

This creature without words only senses a void--nipples no longer gnawed and sucked

What mourning for this loss, now attended to by buzzards fast filling their guts

Until I come upon them, my own bumper approaching at warp speed

My metal beast to avenge this desecration
With a twist of my wrist, a turn of tires

Fast from the red road a flapping of blue-black wings--all but one escapes my wrath

He took too long to take flight, unaware my grill could kill with such impunity

A simple twist of the wrist, a bump, a thump, and one less vulture feeds on the dead

Above him, his brethren wait, riding cool currents -- my execution but a brief deterrent to their wake

buzzards,  wake.

Author: spysgrandson
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202742

Wake Up Betty Boop

Ticktock ticktock
Says the lazy clock.
Hear the morning sing.
Wake up! Wake up!
No more time for dreaming.
Bees? Snore?
You're still sleeping.
It's your boss calling.
Bang! Hurry! It's 8 a. m.
And the world keeps spinning.
Ting! You're late.
Prepare for screaming.

betty,  wake.

Author: Wolves and Lilies
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202065

Ways to Wake Up

Ways to wake up...
Drink it black, drink it hot, drink it wet
Each pleasure, each vice
This moment could dictate your next 24 hours.
I'm enslaved to it all
Have to have it
... Ah, Fuck The Smokes.
Write ­ it
Read it
Drink it
Screw it

wake,  ways.

Author: Robin LaCasa
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201607

Wake Me Up

Burn me down,
I'm not breathing,
Keep the composure,
I'm not feeling,
Hold on another moment,
I'll forget the second it's over,
Don't let me forget,
This time,
Wake me up


Author: Nicola-Isobel H
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201467


There is no beautiful epiphany
Just an epitaph of a symphony
That's tastefully distracts
From the lack of substance to
Our actions.

Jam packed with opinions
And devoid of meaning
I consider giving in
To believing
High personal treason-

A step towards discrimination
And hatred towards those of
Other affiliation.
Once my mind may have been swayed
But twice brought my second chance

To change and today swings in
And I stand solid in scientific fact,
No room for a trinity
Or Didactic pact
And I consider it the right path

But logic leaves no space for love
And the grey space expands
Above us between
What we think we need to hear
And what will truly awaken us

And I am disgusted
With my lack of purpose.

C. e. M. 12. 18. 15


Author: Cate
Date: 30/03/2020