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№ 1210527

To Walk Away

~Sometimes I want to walk away

From all there is and all I am

And not look back to places left

Back in the dust with all the rest

Of dreams that forged my dwindling life,

An empty nest left to suggest I learned to fly

And to other lands I flew away-

We are meant to leave,

To search for more than what we know

And satisfy that ache inside,

The subtle pain of feeling stuck between the skin,

The need to try

Another story somewhere begin

And walk away from all I am-

H. O


Author: Hector
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210518

I walk the night

Im happy in mediocrity
The face that no one sees
The smile that passes by
Forgotten in the blink of an eye

I walk the night, can't stand the light
I walk the night, can't stand the light
When morning comes... you find me gone.

As soon as I've passed their gaze
They don't see me their not phased
I walk between night and day
They just look the other way

I walk the night, can't stand the light
I walk the night, can't stand the light
When morning comes... you find me gone.

When you sleep at night
Turn out the light its me there
The matress dips the shiver hits
You know someones watching you

I walk the night, can't stand the light
I walk the night, can't stand the light
When morning comes... you find me gone.

night,  walk.

Author: Micheal Wolf
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209164

A Walk

Walking along
Having taken the busy alley
Going nowhere


Author: Amitav Radiance
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209017

When We Walk Away From Love

Hide the words
When you close
Your eyes
You close
Your heart
When we
Walk away
From this
Only love

love,  walk.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208172

Walk Away

Empty hearts, cold faces.
Old tapering hands reaching out for ancient traces.
I feel old and delayed.
My face is gaunt in despair.

I have never walked so far away from myself before...


Author: Galman Frederick Ferguson
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208081

Would you like to take a walk?

Would you like to take a walk
Through my gardens now with me?
With the loveliest of flower
And the tiniest of pea?

Well come along my darling
Now come along it's free,
An let's go to the gardens
To see what we can see

I planted here some garlic
From the garlic bulbs I had
An the bok choy
Well it bolted
And I lost it
That's too bad
But still
It had some flowers
So really not so sad,

Smile now,; )

See the tomatoes look so happy
Lots to can, to cook an share
The cucumbers are plenty
See those guys are everywhere,

Those here are purple eggplant
With soft delicate new flowers,
An the weather has been perfect
Just so hot with scattered showers

The chocolate mint like poetry
WiLd and prolific
Dead head all the marigolds
An boy they grow terrific,

In lovely burning oranges
And yellows
You can eat,
Marigolds - nasturtiums
Are really such a treat
And eating from my garden
Well really can't be beat,

The kale is getting big,
And my peppers hot an mild
The pumpkins taking over
Like an ivy envy wild

Cosmos and green beans
Were started from a seed,
Radishes are too,
I snuck 'em in between,

Basil and cilantro
Rosemary and sage,
I could go on and on
And write another page

But really you should visit
And come to see it now
But thanks for reading this
Though vicarious somehow

I'm still happy for to share
My life
And love today
I hope you know I care
An are soon
Here on your way
Even in grey skies
For the growing I will pray,

And I will be here waiting
Tending gardens
Come what may.

Ma Cherie © 2017


Author: Ma Cherie
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207441

Emily's Walk 1844.

She will take the dog
For a run on the Moors.

She hates being cooped up
In this fine weather indoors.

She walks briskly
Past the graveyard
Watching the dog
Run ahead.

Her father is busy
On his Sunday sermon
As she heard his voice
Booming through
His study door.

Her brother lies in bed
Sobering up
After last night's binge.

Her sister is in the kitchen
Helping with dinner
And her other sister
Working in a distant town
As governess
To rich folk's kids.

She walks
Eyeing the dog
Running ahead
But looking back
With his drooping tongue
And keen eyes.

She breathes in the air
Brisk and strong
And brushing her hair.

She imagines
She will meet him here
Up on these moors.

She doesn't want one
Who hates the fresh air
Or stuck in the rut
Of commercial dealings.

She wants one who
Braves the elements
And has those
Romantic feelings.

emily,  walk.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207214

Walk with me?

Walk with me!
Lets walk together side by side
My fingers and your fingers touch
Let's talk and talk
Until we cant talk any more!
Or we can just not talk
And walk & walk
Until we cant walk no more
Lets count the cars passing by
Lets share silly childhood memories
And laugh together just like children
Let's get to know
What we both like to eat
And what we don't like
What we both like to wear
And what we don't like
What we both like to do
And what we don't like to
I'll ask you questions
And you'll ask me too
If you feel comfortable answering
And if I feel comfortable too
Then maybe i'll ask you again
To come walk with me: )


Author: Neda Zeidieh
Date: 04/04/2020