Poems about walking


№ 1209744

Moon walking in the desert.

I was moon walking in the desert
Chasing the memory of rain
Down some dried washes, choked
Full of sand and silver. I was
Following the way of water
Tracing sideways into dead
End hills of Bentonite, purple
And grey I was moving in
And out of shadow like a
Fish in deeper eddies, laying
Down silently beneath the
Weeds and waves.

desert,  moon,  walking.

Author: Andrew
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208651

My Words Have Gone Walking

My words have gone walking again.
They got up and left,
Slamming the door behind them.
I think it's been a long time coming and a slow spiral downwards;
Lately I've been speaking in euphemisms and grandeur that only
I can make sense of
(maybe my jokes just stopped being funny to everyone around me).

My words have gone walking again.
They slipped out the open window,
Caught a ride west and said,
"She'll be fine on her own. She always is. "

Third times the charm,
My words have gone walking again.
They took off on a horse with no name
And hopped a train to Clarksville.
Alphabet soup has come to life,
But not with my choice in spoonerism.
My head's not quite in my hands,
But my shoulders are keeping it hinged.
Come back soon, my mouth feels empty
And my tongue has no flap nor tap left without you.


Author: Alliesaurus
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208029

Walking In the Clouds

A fairy brushed past me
Her wings like a delicate veil
Leaving a perfume that is everlasting
Leaving happiness but no trail
I had my head in the clouds
In a misty peculiar sort of way.
Thinking and putting thoughts together
To keep me happy for the rest of the day.
My head, full of these thoughts
Fifty thousand miles high I imagine
Aboard my pretend private jet
Of which I am the supreme captain.
I travel in all directions at the drop of a hat
All I have to do is close my eyes
Climb aboard and I am away where ever I like
It is my world, my dream and my surprise.
The experience can last for hours if I so desire
Or just a couple of minutes if I am pushed for time.
They are my clouds I head for, my bit of sky
And it s all over when the kitchen clock begins to chime.
So I walk in the clouds most every day.
Join me if you would like, no air fare, no tax, no ticket
Just takes however long you have got, for days if you wish
Or you can travel to your world in just one minute.

clouds,  walking.

Author: cheryl love
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207818

People walking down the street...

People walking down the street,
Spilling pink makeup in beautiful designs
People walking down the street,
Collecting wind-blown leaves and directions
People walking down the street,
Exchanging sensual greetings
People walking down the street,
And pass by rainbow symbols
People walking down the street,
Contemplating dirt

© Matthew Goff

people,  street,  walking.

Author: Matthew Goff
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206876


A motion
Step by step
Erasing complexities
And fears
Elevating Simplicity
Exposing hidden links
Fractal nature assists...
Returning home
Walk seen whole
Gifted in-Sight...


Author: CharlesC
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206093

Keep Walking...

Have your lost the will to fight?
The trembling in your arms and legs
Itch for a confession
Beg for a change.
The shrieking in your noggin,
Rattles your every thought
Your stomach sinks, knowing
So, you attempt to bury your simple desires.
Hoping for a less convoluted existence.
Is this what makes us alive?

Waiting for an opportunity to start...
Is equal to drowning in a ocean of excuses
Grab the horns of fate!
Throw caution to the wind
Clutch to your feeble life-vest,
And paddle to shore
The sand will crunch under your feet,
But as the hidden shards of glass cut up your soles-
You need to patch yourself up,
And continue walking...

keep,  walking.

Author: Pinkbun17
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1202983

Don't trip walking on your own two feet

Fool, your a fool don't touch me.
And then we have a understanding.
And, then I wont have to lie.
Listen up, I really don't like you.
Your making this hard. I fucken don't understand why!
I'm only hear for my game.
And you are asking me why?
Fuck don't head trip me now.
And then I don't have to tell a lie.
Who told you I really give a shit. Not me, so I call bullshit.
Emotional... Stand on your own two feet.
Ya I'm sweet but I lie.
Lol... you were caught up by you... lol. But you thought it was me.
Hey! I didn't see your pipe dream you played in your head.
Its best for you to consider me half way dead.

don,  feet,  t,  trip,  walking.

Author: Rose Claire
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202346

Walking Away

There's something about walking away... Head held high and you sigh as your tears have been dried and the colourful in your cheeks and lips gets pinker. Nobody could have told you what to do because they aren't you. And what once felt so right and perfect now is clearer and less of a blur. If you had kept going the picture would only have been a smudge on the wall of your room, causing the drywall to crack and then grey. It's the colour of those hours blocked out to exert energy then crash as if you've just had the emotions sucked out of your fingers and toes. Maybe it would have been remedied with some growing or a little water and sun. But boys need more than water and sun to bloom. The soil was just too authoritarian and your wise words were in a language all to unfamiliar and confusing to decode. But for him, nothing could be done if it wasn't for him. So you kiss that hand goodbye and simultaneously let go as it is jerked away. And as you are walking away, you are walking into a cool breeze and a sunny day with a brisk sun and soft grass and happy voices ready to welcome you in the distance. And it is less walking away than walking to something brand new. You're being welcomed.


Author: Madeline Kennell
Date: 31/03/2020