Poems about wall


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The Clock on the Wall

I am feeling very 3 AM.
Restless and lonely,
Craving a love,
Or a friend,
Or someone to fill the emptiness
And silence that consumes me,
As if the clock is stuck at 3 AM.
I'm used to 3 AM.
But one of these days,
I will feel 11 PM.
Invincible and alive,
In love with love,
And filled with joy.
Maybe one of these days,
I can feel 11 PM,
Even when the clock on the wall
Tells me it's time to feel 3 AM.

clock,  wall.

Author: Kimberly Rose
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209895

The Pictures On My Wall Have Twenty Twenty Vision

The air in my room is too still
It gets hard to breath properly
And the princesses on my wall
They seemed like a good idea at the time
But they wont stop twirling now
Mocking me with their grace
And how all their stories end with a smile
And how I end every night
Preaching to a world that doesn't care
Plastering memories on my wall
Seemed like it would make me happier
That it would remind me that
I can be happy
But all it does is remind me that
I am not happy now
And faking a smile can get tiring
But I heard somewhere if you smile enough
You become happy
Maybe I'm just now there yet
Maybe I will be soon
The princesses have it lucky
They were drawn with a smile
They don't know any different
They don't know what they are witnessing
When they watch me sleep

pictures,  twenty,  vision,  wall.

Author: Mia Eugenia
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209145

Wall Street

My socks they have grown their own feet
They had said that the dog would be sweet
But there's been no relief
As she's turned into a thief
And that is why I have named her Wall Street

street,  wall.

Author: brian mclaughlin
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207824

The Wall of the Visitors

Lying on the cool floor
And hoping that the locomotive
Crossed our view,
We realize what the older enjoyed.

Gray stones show us
How much the landscape changed.
And too late the people wake up,
And too early the people discuss.

It was the fear and disdain
Which provoked a bitterness
Able to tear us apart from our friends.
It was the insanity of the visitors
Which limited the peace of those faces.
It was a fool humanity
Which deprived the happiness of those children.

At nine o'clock, the lights are gone out.
I come back home in a fog,
Being followed by screams of loneliness
And, often, screams of panic.

At ten o'clock, I covet the sleep,
The tomorrow, the old age, but not the death!
Because even being sorrounded by madness,
I still hope a solution.

At eleven o'clock, my ravings drive me away.
Now I run the first escape from this prison,
Destroying this forsaken wall.

At twelve o'clock, I delight to a deep pleasure
And I try to remember what I did in that dawn.
However, it seems to be an unreachable memory.

Inside this abyss:
Aversions don't disappear,
Memories don't return
And lovers don't survive.

We're the young who throw
Their sorrows in the ocean.
What might be the world's nudity,
Now is hidden
By the cruelest minds.
Bring to my feet the best of the infinity:
Forgotten promises and inappropriate feelings.

From the window I watched the bricks fall
Like leaves of a pleasant autumn.
It shivered the skin and silenced the screams,
Screams of exaltation now.
And the escape is not needed anymore.

visitors,  wall.

Author: Jonas Gonçalves
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207513

Hit a Wall

Most of what I know is imaginary
I don't listen well when people speak
I've got much too large a head to carry
And my shaky knees are growing weak

I'm so awkward and mean, I'm always alone
I just stop talking to those who truly care
I'm selfish and ornery straight down to the bone
I'll prove it as my thin skin starts to tear

I'm a fucking bitch, asshole, nasty cunt
I don't give a fuck about much here at all
I've tried to find out what in this life that I want
But I've come up empty, and I've hit a wall

hit,  wall.

Author: Arlo Disarray
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206301

Heaven's Wall

They heard all of my confessions
Day in, day out
It took a while for me
To be unterrified to skirt around
This new, enticing realm
You have welcomed me in

I bet you could hear them
Pretty loud
On nights
When the fall sits heavy
And the entire universe just shuts
Sensing only
The old, flimsy-looking tree's
Silent weeps
As they follow the blues of the
Broken city sky
To shreds of fallen love notes


heaven,  wall.

Author: Afiqah
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205683

The wall

There's a wall in between
You and I
A barrier made of unspoken words
And misinterpreted gestures,
Where loves drips through the cracks
Of a broken, yet solid barrier

Where tears prevail and like
Glue they stick the division in the middle of
You and ­ Me
A set line between of the rest of the
World and my untouchable and comfortable Innocence

There's a war in
Two ­ sides
Between no one else than
Myself and ­ Me
An internal fight that never ceases
A quiet war, with no more guns
That explosive words and untraceable wounds

Maybe that already set wall
Is the one that encloses myself
In my own private space

I will remain,
Because no one else, the barriers
Dares to even try to surpass.

There's too many cracks to climb
It's a
­ fall
To an unbearable pain
A slow transition death
That will drive you insane

Do you dare? ­ Do you dare
To try to pass the wall and reach
To my troubled soul?
Get to know my curious mind
Instead of only
My body climb,
Try to reach to my real inside
For more than
Lust and desire
Teach me, teach me
What love really is.

And maybe the war will end
And the walls will be finally destroyed
Just try to get inside.
Meanwhile the door I'll try to find.


Author: Kim
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205304

The Wall

I look up and see the wall
I see no way out
If I climb it, I fall
I can't do it, there's no doubt

I can't move forward
With this obstacle in my way
My chance of escaping this problem
Is so far away

When all hope is lost
I sat and I cried
I didn't know what to do
I couldn't because I didn't try

Little did I know
Waiting at the side was a door
Open and unlocked
I couldn't see it before

I took a step through
I entered and found the light
Who knew there are many ways
To move forward and fight


Author: Jamie Grace Bautista
Date: 02/04/2020