Poems about wanted


№ 1208407

I Wanted A Feel.

Used to be something intelligible,
Now my voice is a quiet siren.
Trying desperately
To get the point across
With this silent movie,
Bury me with my thoughts.
I said I would not,
You said I had a job.
Now I fret when I'm lost,
I caught myself slipping.
There isn't anything I can do
Except just sit here and witness.

I'm an artist, a starving artist.
The paint doesn't dry
And my songs don't play,
My dreams don't fly
And my words don't make it.
Half my deepest thoughts
Get lost in the deep.
When we fight, we cry
And we sit all alone
Trying to see something
That isn't there.
Was it ever there?

Were you ever here?
Did I ever smile?
Was I in fear?
And every time
We turn a year
I dream of those
Times as a child.
Knowing things
Makes you wish
You didn't know a single thing.
I never wanted to know,
I just wanted a feel.

feel,  wanted.

Author: Wyatt
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208008

If You Wanted to Hurt Me

You could have sliced my skin.
Peeled it back and eaten my heart.
You could have shattered my bones.
Until each one cracked in half.
You could have voiced your distaste.
Called me every name in the book.

But even worse,
You didn't do anything.

hurt,  wanted.

Author: Kaila Wenker
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207841

I've Never Wanted What I Never Wanted

Coming out from the water
And into the light
Breathing heavy
Then smoothly
I come out of the fight

Time sucks in my waterfall
And time tips over the filth (and lies)
And storms come over to break the rules
And expectations and strike its lightning with force
And disgusting tests and trials
Set fire to the trails to send out a message

Perhaps I would
No longer would I love the invisible taste of
Broken walls
And I come up from the water one more time
Breathing heavily,
Then smoothly as I come to shore
(who will rescue me? )
I think I've find the answer but it's still buried deep
In the sand

"don't complain"
I understand, I won't, I won't
I won't I won't I won't


No one's going to respond
I think I can feel the wind pushing me back
To make me spiral back into the void

Fuck the void
Got everything I need right here
Packed bags and held up
Burnt chapters from years ago

How did they detect this?
Got out of here alive
Which might be an understatement
Blasted out

(walking on the sand digging killing
Eating dying trying flying in my mind)
You gotta know
The wind's blowing me back
Into the void
Invincible so I just have
To avoid it
Until I've come full circle
(the whole island's a circle)
But who cares
The birds are coming down
From the town
That isn't there
(grow up)
I already have
Still got a lot to do
Lots of doors to open
But come on
The wind is blowing me back into the void
But it doesn't matter much

Life's an abrupt ending
Starvation on the beach with no way home
The wind can take me back home
Since I just needed to wake up
All I ever needed to do
Wake up
I'll I ever needed to do
Wake up
Hold on
Wake up
Got something stuck right here
It could be gone
I think it's looking up from here
Blazing fires fuel my eyes
I'm just back in the water
Doesn't matter
Never has
I have this
Wake up
Life's abrupt
"grow up"
I already have



Author: Sayer
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207713

If i wanted to jump

Why is it, when I like someone
I'd give them my all

I'd give them my heart
If theirs was missing

I'd give up my lungs
If they stopped breathing

I'll do what you need
Whatever it is

Bit stop!
Would you do the same?

Would you give me your hand
If I wanted to Jump?

Would you step out in the rain
Just to save me?

When I look in your eyes
I think you want to

But when I watch your actions
I know you're scared

Don't be afraid
Of the things inside

Don't doubt my love
There is nothing to

Open your heart
And see what's within

Show me you care
And would die

*For me

jump,  wanted.

Author: Andy KittySmasher
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204685

The One Thing That I've Wanted

The one thing that I've wanted
Eludes me to this day
I drive around just looking
With nothing much to say
The ones that have it, earned it
While the others, we just pray
For the one thing that we wanted
But eludes us to this day

~Aye, the one thing that we wanted, but eludes us to this day!

Well you take the road to riches
And bloody well you may
Find the path that intersects it
When your greed gets in the way
And blindly turn aside
When all the beggars plead, "Oi Vey'!
You've got the one thing that they've wanted
But eludes them to this day

~Aye, the one thing that they've wanted but eludes them to this day!

While I wait around just hoping
That my wages serve me well
And try to keep the heat down
While the gas bill goes to hell
Not the thing I really needed
But the one that keeps me warm
It's my thermal underwear~
And all that's clinging to my form

~Aye, her thermal underwear is all that's clingin' to her form!

I pull myself together
In the early morning light
And layer on and layer up
'cause this has been my plight
The news guy says it's snowing and
Long Island's in a freeze, Geez
The last thing that I needed
And it's right up to my knees

~Aye, the LAST thing that she needed and it's right up to her knees!

So I'll boil a pot of water
And I'll fill me up a tub
And I'll soak my father's daughter
Till there's nothin' left to scrub
And when I'm toasty warm and ready
Then I'll climb back in the bed
Close my eyes and dream of summer
And the one thing in my head

~Close her eyes and dream of summer and the one thing in her head!
It's the one thing that I've wanted, but forever left unsaid.

thing,  wanted.

Author: g clair
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202539

Wanted you to love me too

Maybe it's good that we have never met
So i don't have to face the fact
That you're not mine, you never were
My heart made me feel so absurd
You left me longing for you
As i did so, i fell on the ground
All messed up, in the dirt
All because i
Wanted you
To love me too

love,  wanted.

Author: drunkonthoughts
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1198098

Help wanted

Are they blind?
Are they oblivious to the screams and desires of that girl on Rosendo Lane?
Are they so arrogant & self-absorbed that they can't tend to her bleeding wrists?
Do they not feel her blood drip upon their heads?
Do they not feel the tears that fall from the eyes of that girl on Rosendo Lane?
That girl who's voice is lower than the hum of hummingbird's song
That girl who smiles
But underneath there's a war
A war that's bigger than you and I
And in the midst of that war is a girl picking blood covered daisies with
An unfeigned smile laying upon her bright face
That girl was once the girl that lives on Rosendo Lane
That girl just waits for the war to be over
She dodges knives and guns
While her host cries and doesn't have the willpower to let the knives and guns drop
Within her

help,  wanted.

Author: Raquel Stewart
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197830

Who They Wanted Her To Be.

She took a deep breath,
She counted to three
A picture in her head,
Of who they wanted me to be.

They wanted me to be normal,
Happy and kind.
They never thought,
That this girl would be blind.

Not blind by the meaning,
But blind in the heart.
Blinded by darkness,
Blinded by dark.

She walks around lifeless,
Her heart beating but dead.
A walking corpse
She is lost inside her head.

Things have no meaning,
At least not anymore.
She was not how she was,
How she was once before.

She is one of the living
But one of the dead.
A part of her is missing.
She hangs on by a thread.

She hung her head low
Took one final bow
She stepped off the edge
Saying one final vow.

"I will not change who I am
As hard as any of you try
This is me giving up
This is one last goodbye. "


Author: Holly
Date: 27/03/2020