Poems about wanting


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Wanting to Belong

Outside looking in on the world, I feel as I am odd. A piece of a puzzle that doesn't quite fit, not sure where I should try to make an entry or what I should mesh into? I feel as if there are aged layers upon me as if I were an ancient thing waiting to be unearthed. So much of myself is a mystery and so much of the other world I see is unknown to me. I feel as if my skin is alien sometimes, when I try to open up a heavy weight comes crashing down on my efforts. Oh how I want to be accepted, oh how I just want to find a place that I can belong.

belong,  wanting.

Author: James M Vines
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1205170

Waiting, wanting, wishing

I'll wait,
Sitting in the dark,
Hoping for your light to shine
In the deepest corners of me.
I'll want,
Yearning for the touches of your hands,
Your lips, your body against my own.
I'll wish,
Dreaming you'll encompass the empty space
Of my mind and soul.
Waiting, wanting, wishing,
For you and only you.
So make
My anticipations, my wants, my wishes
Come true.

waiting,  wanting,  wishing.

Author: alexis
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1193628

Wanting peace

Standing in the crowd

Yet I feel all alone

Questioning the motives

Of everyone that comes

No real since of family because

They were not there

Me is all I got

The family is dysfunctional

And that's saying a lot

Growing up,

I was the only one to govern

What was right and what was

I never thought twice about

Killing someone

Not physically of course but was

My words unbound

I never wished to be this person

I have got to calm down

peace,  wanting.

Author: Tiffany Ann Martin
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1192495

Winter Midnight-Wanting

Hush, lover,
The moon is a still and silent icicle,
Blurred by clouds that glow and gasp,
The wind; it wants them gone.

Lover, hush,
Midnight will always, ever be blue
And you, dream lover, sweet and sure,
Will always chase the dawn.

Love, hush, hush,
The moon is a still and silent icicle
But we are not cold
Wrapped as we are, in each other, in our love.

Hush, love, hush,
I want you not as I want the coming summer,
With a longing for heat,
'Tis Winter Midnight-Wanting warms our blood.

midnight,  wanting,  winter.

Author: Amanda In Scarlet
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1190183

WAnting to die more than ever

You think the words
I scramble together
When I want to kill myself
Are beautiful
But they fucking aren't
Stop glorifying
The fact that people
Want to die.

die,  wanting.

Author: Heidi Mason
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1185700


I need,
And so am found to be wanting,
For the fact of simply not having
My love, my dear, my sweet,
My friend, my heart, and ever lovely
Darling and only. My No. 1 queen.
I am ever alone
Who have I to defy this aching
In my soul

Besides you?
It's you who moves me to create
To dance, to pluck strings, to paint,
To act upon my inner desires
And pull out your love-song and satiate
Without pause. To inquire
Your body, heart and mind
And care for them for as long as I

But without you near I
Have been found wanting
And incomplete.
Impatient to meet
And quench my being
On all that you offer to me
And present you my overflowing
Love that longs only
For thee.


Author: NLP
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1171038

Driveways, familiarity, wanting, wanting

I want to hold your
A g
U h
My stomach so that the
Would stop me
From clenching my jaw
Because i know that if
~ light
~were a person,
I'd have already met him.

You smile like you've
Swallowed the sun.

driveways,  familiarity,  wanting.

Author: circus clown
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1166569

Wanting More (Ten Words)

Hating yourself
Was familiar to us,
But I wanted

ten,  wanting.

Author: Charlie Chirico
Date: 27/02/2020