Poems about warmth


№ 1208652

Warmth against the cold

I'd ask for more if
You'd hear me say
Things of depth and circumstance
In ways i can't convey

Within earshot
I would hear the whispers
From a divine warmth
Underneath sheets
Near-silent songs
Of how you
Think you could love me

Arms length could
Have us close enough
To hear hearts beating
Between the both of us

Rain storms
Bringing closer
Rhythmic patterns
With the drops
Skin serene
& soft

But impartial is the universe
Our minds distractible
Our feet hardly
Ever on the ground

& these words i write
Could never capture
The essence i dream you portray

These miserable hands
That lament loss
Of a thing yet even obtained

They don't know how
To grasp gently enough
The hands of grace
& divine warmth

When i feel lonely
I'll conjure your caress

It was time hardly spent
But well spent nonetheless

cold,  warmth.

Author: EJ Aghassi
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207862


Fire, blankets, your arms
They all bring warmth
To my cold self
Fire too hot to touch
Blankets wrap me up, comfy, cozy
Your arms, home


Author: Michelle M Diaz
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204877


Golden skies
Silver rain
Summer days
A little less pain


Author: Daina
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204113

Ticklish Warmth

Angelic soul but made of thorns
Between a river and a plain she was born
The day all stars have fallen upon-
Some planet merely governed by non

The day her soul grew, magic dwelled on-
A universe been stuck in a single dawn
Upon dark wells emptied of emptiness
Mountains full of secrets nobody could confess

I stress! And I stress! On a seen-
My mouth got stuck trying to express
With pleading ears I sense a hiss
Crawling in me, its source I couldn't guess

Until it tickled my mind with flaccidity
Obsessed! A language mixed with peace and tranquility
Some feeling I once experienced, I eventually guessed
Therefore I stumped, I've fallen into a cosmos of bliss

The sun got perfect, the sky seemed disassembled
The moon got reckless, the oceans trembled
On the same hiss that summoned
My thoughts, my scars, for her to assemble

ticklish,  warmth.

Author: Majid
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1199600

If you want warmth

I always have the choice to pick up that picture frame, but i'm concerned it might shatter in my hands, only because i always seem to have quite a strong grip when ever i'm holding that picture of you. I don't know why, i can think all i like but my heart has a mind of its own, unfortunately one which i cannot control. she's staring at me hiding behind a cup of tea presenting that wholesome smile, holding it close to her chest to compare the warmth we share. I think she knows nothing compares and tries to hide her smile behind the cup, but she can't, you can still see the brightness reflecting from her eyes.

He can see me hiding behind my cup but i can't help myself but stare at him through the steam coming off my tea, he made it for me and as soon as that came to mind, my smile advanced. I can see straight through his little smile, he's trying not to smile, but his mouth isn't agreeing with him. Whenever he makes me a warm drink it makes me sleep vaguely sound. I don't need to dream when i'm sitting with my tea, and trying to connect minds with him.

This house is faded, the paint is stripping off with powdered colours on the chair and parts of the walls. Whenever she steps inside the house loves her, and blossoms with her. I think i might have the same mind as the house, i'm proud of my house even prouder than before. What an admireable house, it must comprehend her presence.

This house must take good care off him, it's beautiful. Itself and everything inside including him is amazing. i just finished my tea, i feel relaxed and comfortable and i put it down on the table gently.

She looks sleepy, i can't wait to hug her i don't need a blanket to be warm, i just need these moments, this house and most importantly her the one i adore. I think i am going to pick her up and carry her to the bed we share our dreams in.

He's picks me up so gently as if that if he would drop me the world would be at it's end, i feel so cared for. As i lay my head against his chest as he starts to walk to the bed. he puts me down with my head fitted precisely right to the pillow, i feel so calm.

I can see the blankets are aside, wow she's amazing, how can one person have this effect. I pull the blankets over her and she grasps my hand and holds it against her chest. i sit on the otherside and wrap my arms around her, i don't need any blanket. i think i'll just rest my head on her shoulder and shut my eyes...


Author: Bridget Cassidy
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198145

No warmth in the diamond

Like a diamond unbreakable
His districtiveness was stronger
Than the fragile fibers
Of his consciousness
That only reminded him
Of his weakness
He liked himself as a snake
Warming against
Someone else's angst
Gradually fueling its heat

diamond,  warmth.

Author: L Seagull
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1192520

You Bring Warmth

Like hot tea on a rainy day,
You warm my heart

You bring a sweet smile to my face
And happiness down to the core of my soul
And deep down inside,
I think I like you.
A lottle.
*(Its like a little but a lot)

bring,  warmth.

Author: Lu Lu
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1189264

Feel the warmth of subtle colors

Somber brushes touch the canvas
Mystic in a timeless flow
Shadows cast of tinted pleasures
Mingled with a crimson glow

Strokes to tempt the lonely hearted
Framed in every passion's plea
Bristles lightly dream emotions
Still an emptiness I see

Slowly found of definition
Sketching scenes in morning song
Palette fueled imagination
Blushing as the day is long

Feel the warmth of subtle colors
Cast your eyes so open wide
Drench yourself in vibrant reaches
Wander as you step inside

This design of love now crafted
Frantic with my own two hands
Desperately in light and texture
Created so you understand

Lines connect in patterns woven
Gathering as pastels show
Seeking but to feel your smile
Painting this so you will know

colors,  feel,  subtle,  warmth.

Author: Stephan
Date: 19/03/2020