Poems about warriors




Behind every smiling girl,
Are the tears she's been trying to hide
May there be times she wants to hurl
Letting her pride down, she just let them slide.

Sticks and stones, breaking bones
Yet words seem painless, seem light.
Those were the words she believes on;
Battling her great weakness with all her might.

People may laugh, people may mock
Repeatedly she says, “I'm fine, I'll be alright”
As she lays in bed all alone, save for a clock,
She cries and cries as long as the night.

At first glance, she looks so strong
It was only to hide away her true self
She's fragile, won't stay sturdy for long
Her feelings she stack up on her shelf.

So if you see a girl who smiles with glee,
Remember that she's in a battle, fights night and day
For you not to ask in worry:
€hey, are you okay? ”


Author: Reiya
Date: 30/03/2020


Origami Warriors

He told me he stopped smoking.
Threw away the packs of Mayfair
Into the river next to his house.
The river where we once spent the evening
Talking about why stars align the way they do,
As if they know what they are doing.
Neither of us knows what we are doing.

We are tea stained maps,
And fragile lungs,
And he is bruised fingertips from writing ‘I don't love you. I'm sorry. '
I am shallow breaths in early winter.
Waking up at five to five to wait for the sun to rise.

He is made of sugar cubes
And campfires;
Glowing in the dead of the night
As if they have a right
To be the main attraction.
We are 3am scribbles in notebooks

And origami warriors.
You folded me so easily
With your piano playing fingers.
And when I wasn't looking,
You made me into a boat and pushed me onto that same river.
Lit matches for a sail and finally, let me burn.

origami,  warriors.

Author: babydulle
Date: 30/03/2020


Warriors in Blood

I let you flow
Through the veins
To my heart

Unaware of
Your tremendous

To realize

It was
Just another
Shot from the past

blood,  warriors.

Author: Tord
Date: 27/03/2020


Childhood Warriors

We are all tiny flowers,
Growing through the cracks;
Fighting for a childhood,
We so desperately want back.

childhood,  warriors.

Author: Meg Goodfellow
Date: 26/03/2020



True warriors rebel against false lords

True men seek

... women!

Lovers move slow or swift depending

Wars are raging
(haven't you seen? )

Wars are raging WARRIORS!

True warriors see

If the wars are as true as the women they love

True women!!! . .?

What shall you do?

In the kinnygardens

The children cry

True warriors!!!


Men and women

It's up to you


Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 21/03/2020


Warriors cry

Her eyes burn with a fire.
Like a passion you can't resist.
The warrior awakens.
The opponent is found unfit.
She strikes out a laugh.
The kind you don't forget.
Like a cry to the gods,
Letting them know the war is about to begin.
Her beauty strikes you in your spot.
Freezing you lost in thought.
She makes the first move.
Dangerous and cocky.
Wind in her hair,
Breathing down your neck.
The last thing you see before your untimely death.
It doesn't take long for this warrior to win.
Every battle field she crosses she reaches the other end.
Filled with rage and the passion of fire.
Striking down anyone in her way of what she desires.

cry,  warriors.

Author: Crystalmcconnell
Date: 10/03/2020


Warriors at Birth

"It might seem the only answer
Is spilling your heartbeat
Across the floor.

But before you do,
Close your eyes and feel
Every triumphant beat
Your heart makes.

Don't tell me we
Weren't born to
Taste victory. "

birth,  warriors.

Author: Brian Gibson
Date: 08/03/2020


The Sun Warriors

Little bear

My Red Indian girl
Approaches with
Sun waves behind her.
Rays broken on
Wheat sheaf, brown
Pollen flies, dither,
Vulture on cut poppy heads.

Hands gently brush
Bull rush, torches
Of an ancient fire
That burns, that burns
The curling hearts of ferns.

€I want to meet you there
My love,
Who stares
At the sky
Like a
Sun flower. '


Scorched earth

The holy fire
That licks from your
Irish mouth. The
Catholic words,
That spill from your
Holy spirit.
Hang in the air
Like ragged linen
On a dirty child.

€My empty boy,
Let me slip my hands
Under your gas mask
And kiss the chlorine from your mouth, '


We are the Sun Warriors

When we're together.

Strung out,
Drugged up,
Lovers of light,
Lovers of the summer
Drought and bubble mud.

€I want, I want
Our stitched up hearts.
And when we're gone, please let us lie
In a heathen space
And find our heaven in the sky. '


The Sun

That damned spot,
Gods eye though
Screamed at
Gives no reply.

That damned spot
In a empty sky
I opened my heart to god
And heard you reply.

sun,  warriors.

Author: Joe Bradley
Date: 24/02/2020