Poems about watching


№ 1207076

Watching Emma Peel

Like a modern Diana the Huntress
Emma exuded appeal
She wore liquid black leather outfits
Designed to reveal not conceal.
As a member of TV's Avengers
She was her partner, John Steed's, ideal.

Emma Peel in a Mini was fetching
Her clothing set fashion and style.
Leaving little to imagination
It made many a teenager smile.

In time she would leave for theater
And do a film as Mrs James Bond
Linda Thorson paled in comparison
But at least she was not a dumb blond

emma,  peel,  watching.

Author: John F McCullagh
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203965

Watching a play

Big Words,
A Grand Image,
Weird riddles,
And metaphors,
Hidden truths,
Subtle lies,
Great irony,
And tragedy,
High classes,
Arrogant “I”s
Games of chance,
And Royalty,
Shrewd politics,
Murderous kings,
Cowardice generals,
And God's avarice,
Damaged kingdoms,
Injured souls,
Innocent love,
And a downfall,

It's the recipe
For a melodrama

A hint of feeling
To add some spice,
A conflict, a hero
A maid in distress,
Without these all,
It's just a comedy,
And wouldn't look
Like our turbulent lives.

play,  watching.

Author: Nike Kaffezakis
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1200169

Watching you watching me

I see you as you're watching me
Catching every detail as you view so carefully.
Your eyes are glued to my every move as you observe so attentively.
Everything I do and say
You study it throughout the day.
You see Me when I cry
Even when you try not to pry.
When the tears begin fall and You're asking me, "WHY?
And mommy please don't lie.
There's something wrong and this you can't hide. "
So this was my Reply,
"My life feels like a pigsty
No matter how hard I tried.
Times when to you I just try to advise and emphasize
Not taking the time to understand how you feel inside.
That's why we didn't see Eye to eye and I always ended up feeling like the bad guy.
Sweetie pie,
Your behaviors I cannot justify
But there are Rules and regulations that we must abide by.
On me you must rely
No I don't have the answers to everything
But this much I can testify and bring
All I have is my heart and love as an offering.
I pray that You love me just as much as I love you.
There's so many things that I've gotten use to that you have seemed to outgrew.
There's things that I'd wish I could undo.
So many things I want to tell you.
Things we haven't even gotten to do.
Our love has been proven to be tride and true.
OMG, I Need a tissue
I think we just had a breakthrough.
Because the bond between you and I is better than Wi-Fi.
This much I can verify
That Mommy loves her little ones, all you littles wise guys.
I love being being a mother fervently
Because you guys bring out the best in me.
I enjoy watching you watching me so


Author: Tashea Young
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198805

Watching A Selfish Death

Written with unflinching honesty I resume
Although I still see this poignant death as an empty room
Yes, I will resume this empathy
I'll admit it's not well-crafted with superiority
This inevitable event deftly captures us all moving into a vagrancy
Confronting the abyss of what might be

death,  selfish,  watching.

Author: Paige Ashley
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197940

Watching with Lydia 1958

Lydia and Benny watch trains:
Big black trains puffing out white steam
At the train station where they sit.

Look at the steam coming out there
Underneath the train, Benny says,
Taking in the powerfulness
Of the steam and of the loud noise.

She watches the steam rise upwards
Like incense at the church she goes;
She likes the smell go up her nose.

I wonder where this train's going?
He asks, looking at the train
And the carriages white and brown.

Maybe to Scotland, she replies,
Maybe one day we can go there.

Yes, maybe we could, he replies,
Sneak on the train while no one looks.

Passengers climb on board the train;
A guard waves his green flag madly.

The train makes a loud shushing noise
And pulls away from the station.

They both wave at the leaving train
Puffing out steam like a dragon
On out of sight like a dream at night.

lydia,  watching.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1194888


I am Aleksandr Orlov
And I come from
Meerkovo town,
And every time I
Watch the TV football -
I always wear a frown.

I like to relax in my
Mansion - and watch
The England team play,
But when it comes to
Full time - I always feel

Unlike Meerkovo in the
Russia - where Sergei
Plays so well,
England could take more
Notice - and fall under
Sergei's spell!

I would like England to
Do well in Russia - but I
Am so very realistic,
I'm afraid the England
Players are NOT so

But England could hire
Oleg and Sergei to offer
Them much support,
Or failing many
Opportunity's - England
Should escort!

We watch many times
On meerkat TV - the
England team play their
But they always play so
Boringly, and no one
Takes the blames!

So me and Sergei and
Oleg will watch England
From meerkovo -
And as I steal Sergei's
Popcorn - the England
Team feel much sorrow!

But me and Sergei have
Much anticipation - as
Sergei plays with his
Furry pimple.
Will England win in Russia
2018 - and make it all
Look so... SIMPLE!!!


england,  russia,  simple,  watching.

Author: Darryl Ashton
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1184386

It's 11:15 PM and I can't sleep, they're watching me

Their silhouettes,
Dance around my bedroom,
In beats of two-three,
Casting moon shimmering figures,
They trickle across my face,
Kissing my pores,
To soon be consumed by darkness,
And condemned by day,
I think I'm crazy,
But crazy is what it be.

pm,  sleep,  t,  watching.

Author: aphelion
Date: 14/03/2020

№ 1181269

Love Stood There Watching

Love stood there watching.
Wonder who were requesting it?
Aware that it creates conflicts.
And several comments.

Some good.
Some meant.
And a few with no common sense.

Love stood there alone?
Wondering why love was gone?
From him.
From her.
Sometimes the world.
Yes, love stood there watching all of it.

God looked down and wonder.
Why something so easy gets mistreated?

love,  stood,  watching.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 11/03/2020