Poems about Water


№ 1210057

Water is life

Water is life

What's life
With out water?
Too much of it is a problem
Lack of it is also a problem

Water is definitely
A bone of contention

A war in the making!

life,  water.

Author: Raghu Menon
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209417

Water (10w)

Waters embrace,
Sweet kiss,
Gentle caress,
Rain love over me.


Author: Beneath my willow weeping
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208349

High Water

My dreams have become waterlogged: floods
And unstable bridges, broken levies and
Water leaking into our house
From the crack beneath the screen door.
I see you from the streetcar window,

As the flood climbs the sides of our
City's monuments; its storm-darkened cathedral.
At the far side of the bridge, in your rain jacket
And arrows of wet hair, against the swollen sky,
You stand holding a sign to your chest.

Your eyes like lost pebbles in a stream bed.
I walk to you over the rails, the deluge raging
Under my feet, purple storm clouds tinged
With sick yellows raging overhead.
The sign says the end.

And perhaps it is, perhaps it was.

high,  water.

Author: Jane Doe
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207804

Was Water ever Free?

Have you ever paused and stopped to think

What life would be like if we didn't have a drink?

I don't mean wine or beer, whisky or porter,

But the most precious of all, a drink of cold water.

Do we waste water, do we really think it's free,

Perhaps because the real cost, we try not to see

Thousands of dead children, not as a result of ethnic slaughter

These kids died for want of a glass of clean drinking water

Not in long wars glorious, with armies victorious as the media would portray

But in stinking slums broken hearted mums watch their babies die, every single day.

The water crisis affects us all, this we know,

Not just in far off countries where the crops won't grow.

In this matter we each share some blame

Collectively it's a national, crying shame

If we only took on board that without water life would stop.

None of us would dare to waste a single, precious drop

But it's always been the same concerning you and I

We never miss the water, till the well runs dry.

Recently in Ireland there was a cry and a hullabaloo.

There was a water shortage with a difference; this time it affected me and you.

Bad management and leaky pipes meant water was in short supply,

The councils cut everyone off; there was a tremendous outcry,

How dare you cut our water off, I roared and ranted and cried

I was about to boil my spuds, now I'll have to have them fried.

Must I have a shallow bath or even a short shower?

Don't worry mam he said, we'll have it on within the hour.

That was a week a go, I haven't seen hair nor hide,

Our personal hygiene habits are beginning to slide,

For we can't clean our teeth or even flush the loo

I had to ring and ask, what ever will we do?

He said when water returns we will all have to ration,

It's easy to save water if we take individual action.

As for our taps, turn them on just so

There's no gushing water, only the required flow.

When having a shower and under that spray

Remember, that it's not the time of day

To hum and sing, and ponder the meaning of life

For princes or paupers, from all walks of life

Seem to wash and rinse and then wash again

Oblivious to the deluge flowing down the drain.

A rub and a scrub and a few minutes in and out

Will suffice is my advice as there's no time to hang about.

Don't let your ablution mean even further pollution

By using chemicals to scour your baths and showers,

An alternative that is green is the easy solution

There are products that clean, made from plants and flowers

To protect our heritage for all our sons and daughters

Join the revolution against pollution of our streams and waters.

With towns expanding, populations are increasing,

Irelands thirst for water is desperately unceasing

Industry and commerce toil by day and by night

Its demand for more water, is an insatiable appetite

Its not that it's wrong to try to prosper and thrive

It's just if we continue to waste water, we'll never survive.

In this big world we have a shameful distinction,

If everyone polluted like the Irish, we'd face extinction

How we seek success with our industrial drive,

Means we'd need three planets just to stay alive.

When we look at our country with its rivers and lakes,

It's hard to believe, a little thought is all it takes,

To cherish and to relish this God-given creation

For the sake of the future and the next generation.

The moral of this story before I bid adieu

Is that there are a thousand ways to save water –

But they all begin with YOU

free,  water.

Author: Harry Toye
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206552

Oil and Water

Heartbeats turn to thunder
Thoughts rush through like a raging river
Knees shake
Speech is jumbled
All goes black but the vision of an angel
All goes silent but her enchanting voice
Is this a drug or a disease?
Pulled to her like the moon to the sun
But does the sun enjoy the presence of the moon?
Close enough to touch her, yet infinitely far from her heart
Like oil to water: present, but intangible
So too she stands in the valley of hearts
For all eternity, together will they be
But never to mix, never to see
A union of substance, to share in each other
All the world allows is separation from another
Although they share the same identity
Their impossible union is never meant to be

But To give her forth arm
Is all I still seek to do
All that consumes my mind
A beautiful waste of time

oil,  water.

Author: Lucas Kyle
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205152

Klonopin Water

I pour myself
A glass of
Klonopin water
And chase it down
With a handle of
Cheap vodka
And a cigarette.

I move slowly
And stand in front
Of my bathroom mirror
And watch my eyes
Change from

And I ghostwalk
To the bottom
Of my mind,
The venom slowly
Filling my veins
And I dive deeper
Into this hideous


Author: Tyler Nicholas
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1205111

Clear Water

I thought about you today
While sitting on a pier
Staring at the ocean.

I looked at the clear blue,
And wondered about you.
Do you love me?

I threw a rock into a pond
Watched the waves ripple
And thought some more.

I don't care if you love me
Because you made me happy
And you deserve that, too.

clear,  water.

Author: IrishDraughtGirl
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204028

The Water And Its Ripples

The Water
Its just a mass
With it we can see through
And Its Ripples

The water is the human
These ripples are the action in time
When some one is killed or dies
One ripple is made

Taken to the time of us
We caused these ripples
Till the end of

We cry, with this it adds more water
And the more some one dies
The faster the ripples are
And the faster the ripples
The faster the water grows
We die, with this it adds ripples

So we fight to survive
With or with out others
So with this promise we have made
Even our own fate ends with our lives.

ripples,  water.

Author: William L Sanders
Date: 01/04/2020