Poems about watermelon


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Runny summer ooze
Unlock the watermelon
And night hits neatly.


Author: z
Date: 23/03/2020

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Watermelon Morning

Waking up to cool sweet tingly morning
My thoughts knock at the memories gate way
With hearts ping command good times come refreshing
Within the cool pink world feelings sway
Heart reminds me to stay cool this summer day.

Melodious song I long to hear
Hearts desire, in its bloom... must wait and see
Yes, there it arrives from someone dear
Intuitions are right that I should agree.

Digging to know the meaning I replay
Song and tune so soothing that's all I know
Hearing gives me pleasure what more to say
Joy within remains like a flakey snow.

The smile on my face make others happy
Heart spake not- loves intent is promising
Wish each day remains just the same way
Pinkish like a watermelon morning.

morning,  watermelon.

Author: John Thomas Tharayil
Date: 25/11/2019

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Ode To The Watermelon

Watermelon, Oh! Watermelon,
Please come and fall on,
Cucurbitaceae family, you belong,
Nile Valley, you look-on!

So jucy and pulpy you are,
Not easy to get you afar,
Yummy juices you whisper,
Only in summer, we discover!

You change from red to pink,
And white in a blink.
You are our God in summer,
Even precious for a singer!

So many seeds you give,
Though bitter, I forgive
For ample juice you give
For in Summer, you make me live!

ode,  watermelon.

Author: Abirami Arunachalam
Date: 28/10/2019

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Black watermelon seeds

When i was 4,
I ate a black watermelon seed.

I remembered hearing that you were not supposed to do this.

So i told my teacher and she said,
"uh oh dear, dont drink too much water and stay out of the sunlight. "

And for weeks, i drank only milk, and didn't tell a soul.

Because if i opened my mouth,
The seed might become whole.

black,  seeds,  watermelon.

Author: Keloquial
Date: 11/10/2019

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Watermelon Trees

There's cheese and watermelons everywhere... and a picket fence on all the houses down the street.

"Let's come out and play! " he said to her. "Just this once, I promise! "

But she refused, she walked down the street- with her head held high and said to him:

"Can't you see I'm busy? I'm trying to find my thoughts! "

"Just this once! " He repeated, excited. "We never think together anymore... "

(Don't we? )
But she just kept walking, now past the picket fences and the watermelon trees.

She was wandering where they went to. She saw them last week sitting at her left side- but never again since.
He tried to catch up with her and hold her hand. But she roughly removed it and said:

"Let me find my thoughts alone, please. "

And so the street, not so long came to an end and she had not found an idea- not one, not a lonesome thought.

But the watermelon trees were growing, faster and faster every time.

"Hey! Come help me! I need you, where have you gone? "

(I'm here)

But the poor boy left, mistreated and all- she wanted her space, that's all.

"Come on! Help me! I need you now, more than ever! I'm sorry! I don't need to think, there's no need to think. Thinking is fool's game! "

But there was no more boy. He had walked back already. Crossed to the other street and found a person to greet him happily.

A giant watermelon came from the picked, giant tree and took her by the shirt and lifted her up high and held her up and opened up its giant mouth and got a grip of her by the waist with its giant leaves and big black seeds came as it screamed and in she went while she cried and wept.

There now, they have their space. Maybe later their paths will cross again and if they do it will be love and if its love then it is real and if its real- there's no watermelon trees at all.

trees,  watermelon.

Author: Katherine Medina
Date: 19/08/2019

№ 938019


If i were a watermelon
My shell would crack open
So easily under your knife
My juices would spread
On the surface
Of what you laid me on

My pink internal flesh
Made of pure water and sunshine
Would be
And enjoyed by your pink tongue
ВЂ¦it would be
The only flavor you'd ever want
In the summertime


Author: Linda Vigil
Date: 04/08/2019

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Anger spat like watermelon seeds

You hurt me everyday and yet i'm supposed to forgive?

anger,  seeds,  spat,  watermelon.

Author: Charlie
Date: 31/07/2019

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Watermelon friends

I feel mean and nasty.
I cuss out everyone I talk to behind their backs, saying
'That asshole! '
'What a pussy! '

For no reason but that the caffeine wears me thin.

My only child-friend is Bubba the dog, who gives me those eyes,
'I've never tried watermelon before, please Jilly can I try it?! '

And, of course I say yes.

Dogs love you even when their food comes late.

He's a pit bull. I feel someone of importance when I walk down the street with him, you know,
'Move it, coming through with my friend the tan pitbull with the sad eyes! We don't have all day! We have to eat watermelon! '

He lays in the sun and I think of things.

'Why is he afraid of water?

Why does he step so daintily over obstructions in his path?

What does he really think of those
Cats he chases... does he want them to sit down and eat watermelon with us? '

I want someone to eat watermelon with us.

Danny is at work, and the sun is high in the powder blue backdrop it calls home.

We want a watermelon friend.

friends,  watermelon.

Author: Jillian Jesser
Date: 22/07/2019