Poems about waves


№ 1208653


Sweeping me up
Carting me far away
Lost in the Flow
The ebbing grows

I'm lost
In comfort I float
Smashing down
Trusting in
Take me
Make me
The thrust is so strong
I'm opening wider
Crash into me


Author: Janis Bennett
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206835

Let the Wind Control the Waves

The music in my mind, is not the song they like.
They want to change the tune, just for their delight.

Crazy is what they'd call me, but I would not deny,
I love the way I am, no that is not a lie.

The ones dressed in white, and the others dressed in blue,
They tell you that they'll help, but what can they do?

Slip a pill down your throat, put a smile on your face,
Make sure to always accept a warm, loving embrace.

They can't make the shadows go away, because you need the sun in your life,
Just like how you can't rid of kitchen appliances; a steak needs a sharp knife.

So instead they'll numb your senses, so you'll never feel the pain,
I've never heard of something quite this inhumane.

Keep me away from there, they'll never let me out.
I will fight against my will, don't even try to doubt.

Just let me be, I'll find a way, to live another day,
Because I will refuse to eat hospital food on a little dusty tray.

Let me sing my song, you can listen if you please,
But do not stop the track, unless I start to sound like Lise.

control,  waves,  wind.

Author: night child
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204387


All my life
Is waves, expressed as rays,
Phases, and cancellations...

... Waving by
And paving over
What I made in other ages

Undulating sway,
Disrupting Self,
The Phrase, the Word, the Way --

Nameless, without
Shape - within all shape -
All touch, all taste;

One expressed as Two:
Compress, expand, repeat.
In balance, truth.

Lilting swells
That break in mind and water,
Endless scintillation;

Every word as complex
As its counterpart,
Unpatterned ocean;

All motion
The illusion of Desire,
The fire that burns to Rest...

... But only ever
Simulates, for trough
But stimulates the crest;

When all my waves
Have ceased and found their peace,
I will be blessed.


Author: Mucro Pondera Divinus
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1200186

The gentle waves ... ... soft footsteps


Along the shore




The babe - soul

Sings to me

Of herself

( of love! )




One laugh

One smile

Somewhere a child

Finds the strength

To go on




Past the illusion of suffering

Past the false religious piety proclaiming

Just how

Sensitive we are


How deep below the surface of things

Our poetry is penetrating!

( sometimes something IS real )


We ARE actually quite kind

We ARE actually real Human beings

We walk along the gentle beach

We walk

Until we meet and the tale is done

And all that remains

Remains in the silence of our feelings

And our feelings

May rest in the love

footsteps,  gentle,  soft,  waves.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1199260


People come and go,
Like waves...
Sometimes they stay longer,
Like big waves...
Other times,
They stay for a shorter amount of time...
Like smaller ones
That is why,
You have to keep moving forward
And try not to get too attached to them
You will drown...


Author: Anne-L
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198192


Outa sight outa mind I haven't missed you in a while cause
Damn things have changed
No more hoping or wishing or thinking bout you
You haven't called me in over a year
You been with her for over a year
But then you come back even just for a second and I
Wanna tell you everything you've been missing
How I've seen the world and found my passions
How I've laughed and cried and grown without you
The books I've read
The people I've met
Wanna share them with you
Wanna share you with them
But you'll be gone before I can
Utter the words
Before I can ask how you are
Before you can ask how I am
You dance in and out
Using poetry as your vessel to remind me of what we share
Our mutual existence in this crazy world
Our coexistence
Back for a second you'll be gone for a minute
I miss you already
I've forgotten you again


Author: Leigh Marie
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1195803


The coffee shop on 1st street
You told me my eyes were warm and belonged here
I shrugged and gulped my coffee even though it burned my tongue
The bookstore on 2nd street
You told me my hands were made of love from the pages I've turned
I glanced at you and nervously chewed my fingernails until it hurt
The music store on 3rd street
You told me my heart was an acoustic guitar that'd been misplayed
I tripped over my shoelace and madly tied them up along with my heart
The arcade on 4th street
You told me my smile was worth all the time and effort because I deserved it
I went to the bathroom and before I left I smiled in the mirrors a little too hard
The beach off 5th street
You asked me what I was so afraid of that kept holding me back
I let the sand crumble between my fingers and told you that I was the sand and you were the waves


Author: Mischelle
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1195475

In the waves

She voyaged
To the cusp of my being
As I exhaled into her
Magnolia skin.
Sans chart
Sans compass

She knew me by the moon
And stars only
She knew me by the tide
Of my breathing
By the pull of the winds

And I fold like the waves
To her touch
And I fold like feather-tips
In the catch of her gaze
I sink under in her ocean
As wild men in a diving-bell.

And soon my
Thoughts are
In the depths
Of my wonder for her

And soon my
Thoughts are
In the depths
Of my
Love of her


Author: Adam Cornelius Tuffey
Date: 24/03/2020