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Seperate Ways

And if you could've only took to me just right
We could've lived happily,
Melting into One,
For the rest of our whole life.

seperate,  ways.

Author: Nicole M Grubbs
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210382

Woes and Ways of Freedom

Falling through the sky
Dodging the time
A victim of reason
And the lack thereof
Faster now it keeps flowing
Rivers rush and rivers pull
Out to sea and drowning
Submarines may come and go
But there creeps deep red rust
Slower now it all seems to happen
A loss of kindness and a loss for rage
A loss for touch
For feel
For words

A loss of everything
Besides the thunder
A distant rumble
An urge, a spark!
To the blaze to keep on
Swimming now, faster than ever
Impossible to keep up
Outlandish dreams
Lands of incredible beauty
And the will to live
Onward with this forsaken time
Keep it going for I will prosper
An illusion to our minds
It moves nowhere
With nothing to hide
A concept that whispers to move
To go, to go forever
Beyond a wicked cage
For freedom – grasp it now!

freedom,  ways,  woes.

Author: Taylor Ganger
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209245

Parting Ways

With demonic eyes
We look to the skies
And wait for that day to come
We can break free from this curse
And free for once
But please understand coz this hurts

This curse, it breaks us it separates it burns
I don't know how long i can hold on, this may not work
Aa will and my way keep colliding our fate
Our love is now anger and it's turning to hate
Let's end this while we can and reverse this goodbye now, our fate

We've built a wall that i know we can't break
Together it's time to cut these chains we've made our fate
Tonight is the night, let's end this no time now to wait
Together we part hands my leaving you our fate

And if you think that i wanted this to end,
Before i leave i'll write this with tears that i spend
About my feelings for you that you know will never change
My heart is now drowning with anger and rage

So before i go please tell me one thing,
Was our love once true, passionateley i sing
To death with forever let's go now i soar on my wing
Our promises of yesterday make me vomit my ears closing they ring
Tonight is the night to end this bitch,
So fuck you i sing...

We've built a wall that i know we can't break
Together it's time to cut these chains we've made our fate
Tonight is the night lets end this no time to wait
Together we part hands, this ending our fate

Tonight is the night let's end this
Tonight is the night lets stop this our hate
Lets part ways and finish together we wait
Now is the time no stopping no ending is too late

parting,  ways.

Author: Paul Mark T Kirtley
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1202133

Mom says "it's ok to be tender and delicate these are the ways of a woman"

The last blue summer i dripped
Sulfur from a bottom lip
You found an eyelash
In your cheerios
And we danced
All winter
Into the next blue summer
Then it was rhubarb and honey
The First Man came to stab
His tongue in my mouth
The very silk sheet of femininity
Let him puncture inside with the chewed
Embittered nails
This is a girl in holy conversion
She convulses at the right times
For dramatic effect
The blood on the bed is as christ
A symbol of sacrifice
Back when men played gods
And i let them

The Second Men
Are numerous skin lesions
Diseases from stepping in the wrong
They smell always of
Peppercorn or gin& tonic;
Their cocks sense a tenderness inside
Like dogs they sniff it out
To bury it with the one large hand
That wraps around the throat every
That same goddamn line
You like it rough you little slut like it rough
I am on my back on the bed
That rocks from him fucking into
My girlhood
I think of what my mother said when she found
The box of condoms i keep with me
"i would just hope these men care about you. "
She doesn't understand
These delicate men look for women to care
About them
In the lily morning
They want to get breakfast
Text me their problems
I'm the man on the sidewalk
Curling my lips into each other at their texts
"what are you doing tonight? "
"hey haven't heard from you for a while"
"hi: )"

I am on my back in bed
Wondering if I can hail a cab from delancey St
While he licks and sucks at my cunt and I feel nothing
But I play the parts
I know my lines
And the Second Men could have done well in the spotlight
Only they wanted a girl and by then I was decidely
Not human

The Men
Can smell it
When you've been taken before
A goodbye kiss on the cheek i grant
In a moment of kindness
And it becomes his tongue in my mouth
I am paralyzed in honesty
In the remaining threads of the docile sweetness
Mom says it is feminine to be kind
That it is not a weakness
I think of this again when I am on all fours
Hair pulled back by his hands
I think of it when the door closes and the other he
Wouldn't take no for an answer
How many times did I tell myself
I wanted this?
Every time

The Dream Men
Take me in my bed
In the house with grapevines and white shutters
They stuff their hands down my throat
They fuck me from all sides
I spend the dream trying to scream
And when I wake it is always sunny outside so I never feel
Good about crying

Moms at the foot of my sadness
Brush my hair braid it
We are in flower fields with magnets
Painted lilac and baby pink
Im stomping around in the garden they hush me
We are born into these love traps
These delicate sentiments
Tricked to think we are heiress to sloppy emotion
But the women ring the rags
Pluck the tomatos off the plants
The men see ghosts and weep
Into their coffee
Weep on the shoulders of their women
Who lie on their backs in bed
Wait for it to be over

It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts
I don't like it I don't like this
Did you come? Yes I came
Yes it's all taken care of
Is that blood? Are you okay?
Sorry I forgot I'm on the last day
You sure? Yeah It was great
I want to go again
Ok Baby

The Women
Taste different
Feel safer
Their histories and mine are reflective
They know what it means to be taken
But their hands
Do not hurt enough
Don't leave behind blisters
I begin to come into someone else
Never satisfied enough
To settle
To build a home

Men and their history of abusing women
Me and my history of being abused
We'll never understand each other
We'll never love each other either

The Men have taken
Everything from my Women
My Grandmother barren
My Mother so close to death
I was born into the locked
The history of Women who stayed
Tender and delicate

I am tired of being taken

delicate,  mom,  tender,  ways,  woman.

Author: angelwarm
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1202065

Ways to Wake Up

Ways to wake up...
Drink it black, drink it hot, drink it wet
Each pleasure, each vice
This moment could dictate your next 24 hours.
I'm enslaved to it all
Have to have it
... Ah, Fuck The Smokes.
Write ­ it
Read it
Drink it
Screw it

wake,  ways.

Author: Robin LaCasa
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1195667

Sleep disorders with changing way of life!!! trying possible ways for soothing sleep!!!

Thrill lost
Damn sleep
But escaping
Cigarettes n coffee

Just to open eyes
Like a magnet
A soothing music
For deep sleep

Without intervention
Pin drop silence


changing,  disorders,  life,  sleep,  soothing,  ways.

Author: Ravindra Nayak
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1192364

12 ways to commit suicide

When suicide, is glued inside
The will to survive, in you divides
And when it gets too hard to deny
Do or die, becomes do and die...

So I divise a list wit a few or five
Plus 7 for 12 ways to do it by
And if I left a letter for suicide
Itd be this list and "screw it bye":

Knife to my throat is felt
Gun in my mouth, then squeeze
Inject heroin in myself to help
Permanently put me out, and sleep

Infront of a bus, I just leap
Cut my wrists, and slit deep
Find someone to lay wit aids and sleep
If they refuse I'll rape, like a creep

Start my cars engine, take a seat
Parked in my garage that's closed
Attach the exhaust pipe to a hose
Then inhale til pale, all the smoke

Go to a kkk rally, all black clothes
Blasting Rap music, then I'd say
I'm a Jewish Muslim feminist
Against incest & flamboyantly gay

While I burn a confederate flag
And If that don't get me killed
Dad says I dont finish what I start, he'll be proud cuz this time will

So the bathtub with water I'll fill
Then Plug in my radio and shower
For execution by electrocution
Or just Jump off the cn tower

Skip like a school girl in rush hour
Across the highway until Im hit
Climb in a dumpster on garbage day before their pick up and sit

And that's another 12 that's it
I reject what many call a gift
To reimburse this curse, that birth
Gave hurt, but I know this...

That. when suicides glued inside
Will... to survive, in... you divides
It's too hard to. deny so you decide,
That Do or die, is do and die

commit,  suicide,  ways.

Author: Jerry Knowledge Gonzalez
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1192078

Hurt Cuts Both Ways

You think that you got away with no pain. You believe that I am the only one who will cry. Though my heart is broken now, it is you who will some realize that you are wrong. For too long you took me for granite, now I will not be there to hold you up. It was my emotional support that strengthened you. You may think your new freedom is all you will ever need, but when you stumble and fall, I promise you will think of me. So revel in your small victory and the wounds that you inflicted on me. When you realize what you have lost, it will be too late and my hurt will be healing while yours is just getting started. I will then know my emotional freedom, while your world falls apart.

cuts,  hurt,  ways.

Author: James M Vines
Date: 21/03/2020