Poems about weak


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Weak in Review

Taking steps
Step by step
Taking hours
Minutes by seconds
Taking grief
Piece by piece
Losing sleep
Dream by dream

review,  weak.

Author: The Jolteon
Date: 05/04/2020

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You'll never have to deal with losing you...

It's not fair...
Life is anything but fair

I can't look, with how much I love you and not feel weak.


Author: Josh Overson
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206115


I'm afraid
I have kept it inside
Strangled it
Choked it
So it wouldn't escape
But it fell out through
My words
I'm sorry
I don't want to be a burden
My fears threaten to
Take me over
If i am not careful
So i will tie them down
Bind their mouths
And keep them in the
Darkest parts of me
So they will not color
The space between
You and i


Author: Cassidy Mae
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204583

The Mighty Stand Tall, The Weak Shall Fall ~~~Collaboration with Arcassin Burnham

Can you see me standing here?
High above you all so tall?
Don't you worry, never fear,
I'll never let anyone else feel small.

Tired of the sight of seeing you lonely,
No one in this world is perfect,
Protect you from this cruel world,
Only if you bring me your sympathy,
Showering me in your stories,
And bring me so much joy and laughter,
Perishing all your worries,
Creating a new amiable chapter.

Right here and now,
The time is right.
I've seen your struggle,
I've seen your plight.
I'm here to help,
Lending a strong hand
I'll never let you go,
Please understand.
This is truth,
This is the light.
I won't let you down,
We'll win this fight.

You were the greatest,
You were my strafe,
I vowed the world,
To keep you safe,
There's no denying,
This is your home,
This is your life,
This is your place,
I only want the best for you,
I'd be glad to see your face.

I smile upon you, keeping this sacred vow,
To stand by your side, even if we journey through hell.
There is no use, trying to ask me how,
No, we will not hide, until the evil we cross has fell.

And as it burns,
You finally get what you wished for.
Don't ever lose a turn,
Play your cards right, don't draw blood, draw fours.
The only thing I need from you is love,
You know what they say,
Love is an open door.

We can walk through,
Hand in hand.
Following along,
With the ultimate plan.
It's now or never,
Time to choose.
Either way, together,
We can never lose.

Author: Just Melz
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1195092

I am weak, i am small, i am poor, i am broken

I may not be strong
But every ounce of strength i have
I will use to hold you
As tightly as i can.

I may not be tall,
But i will take you higher than you have ever been
Where there is no color, race, fear, or pain
And all is filled with beauty, love, and hope.

I may not have money,
But i am rich in love, and happiness, and soul
And i will share everything i have with you
Each second i am by your side.

I may not have been whole,
But that was only because
I did not have my souls twin to complete me,
I had not yet found myself in you.

broken,  poor,  small,  weak.

Author: Laney Mejias
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1193792

The Weak Person

He hits her.
Another woman stood there.
Not trying to stop it.
Having others trying to intervene wondering if she supports it.

He slapped her.
She stood there.
Blaming the victim.

A weak person isn't the lady getting hit.
But those sitting by not trying to do...

This is the weak person.
Those, who let this continue on?
Afraid to call the law enforcers by the phone.

They video it to share.
Get rude when questioned what's wrong with them?

The weak person is?

person,  weak.

Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193655


My brain says move
My body disobeys
I sleep
I don't eat
My smile is gone
My green eyes have faded
My skin has paled
My body has thinned
I am weak


Author: Mystery Girl
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193271

Apologizing is for the weak

My apologies are overused
For someone like you
No longer can I
That I'm sorry
Without me feeling bad
And you feeling worse
I am so scared
To talk to you
Offending you
Or being embarrassing
That my signature
Seems to be
That I'm sorry
Be it said
Or left silent
But you still hear it
And when you do
Hear me apologize
You go ballistic
There's nothing to
Be sorry for
Stop it
You are forgiven
And I really wish
You would stop that
Have some confidence
I really can't
When I see that
You chose
Someone else
And I probably
Have no chance
With you
Can I be confident
When honestly
Your smile
Is the reason why
I smile
And seeing your
Makes me feel
I'm sorry
I'll just
Shut up
Is for the weak
Like me.

apologizing,  weak.

Author: Emma Chatonoir
Date: 22/03/2020