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I hear the whispers.
Whispers of the poets
Whose names I'll never remember
Because all I see are the whispers
Of their pens scratching the paper.
Sweetly caressing the lines
Of a page so fragile
That only in numbers
It can find strength

Crashing whispers
Upon your face leaving
A hand print of a slap
You had long forgotten
Only to be remembered by
The warmth of a throbbing cheek.

Surfacing whispers
From the depths
Of your dreams. Dreams
You lost in consciousness
Of forest with leaves
That glow and where all
Around the world the
Falling tree is cheered on endlessly.

Unspeakable whispers
That tell you to keep writing
Through the walls
In which your mind is sucked
Into an impasse that's impossible
Yet your pen still finds its page.

Piercing whispers
That go into the very depths
Of your lungs
Suffocating you from
Voicing but even that
Won't stop your pen
Because you use your hands
To speak in signs
Of concepts where getting
To the point faster is a game.

Tearing, shredding whispers that
Draw their swords and
Scream at you to write,
To make your pen
Flow like the waters
Of the machines that make
The single torn page you write on
Faint and stay flat.


Author: Joshua Mathew Ramirez
Date: 07/04/2020

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Whisper & Scream

Not вАШClassic'
Or вАШBeat'
But those naked
That come to
Me in my

Each color
The Rainbow
Refusing to

In the well dug
And well dug
Hides a
Once unforeseen

That blows
Through this
All time...
Words that whisper
Words that scream

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2017)

amp,  scream,  whisper.

Author: Kurt Philip Behm
Date: 02/04/2020

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Whisper Of Love

I give you my love like never before It's beauty of true love a token of love
Deep inside my special heart on my special day with my special girl my love becomes stronger never falling apart never fading away from love our hearts together as one a true token of utter love our love that can never be broken yet now that my love is alone love fades away I'm gone but my sweetheart our love still lives on with my name beating inside of your heart you here in the wind my voice whisper I Truly love my sweet love.

love,  whisper.

Author: David P Carroll
Date: 31/03/2020

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An stone whisper

Taught my emotions braille


stone,  whisper.

Author: branded glaciers GE
Date: 31/03/2020

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A Whisper

A brand new breeze is blowing it's way up north,
It only carries one word but I want to say more.
So many things that I need you to know,
But I thought of one word and leaned out of the window.
I whispered it so delicately to ease the load of travel,
In hopes that when it reached your ears, it'd slowly unravel.
So you could hear each consonant and vowel of the word,
And hopefully it'd erase all the pain and the hurt.
I'm hoping that you get it, the word I said was "forever"
I want you to have mine, no matter the weather.


Author: Rob Atkinson
Date: 30/03/2020

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I Whisper Goodbye

You found me out today,
Looked at me, staring blankly.
You told me nothing would change.
Everything would be the same.
Could it be you lied to me?
After what we've been through,
I trusted you.
I gave you my life,
In return you gave me disgust and hate.
I hope you don't sleep well tonight.
I hope you awake,
Regretting what you said.
Tomorrow will be a new day for you.
Tonight will be my last.
In the morning people will cry.
Someone will find my body and a note.
The note will read what I told you,
What I showed you.
It'll tell of how I was hurting,
How I was in pain.
My family will cry,
When they hear,
Friends will too.
My body will lie,
Stiff and cold on my bedroom floor.
The carpet will turn a scarlet,
Stained with blood.
My makeup down my face,
Hair a mess,
Clothes and room untidy.
Here I sit,
Upon the floor,
I make a cut.
First my right,
Then my left.
I think of how slowly this will happen.
I drown in my thoughts.
My hands flicker as I do it twice more.
I wont shed a single tear.
I'll drift away,
Into a carefree sleep,
My mind is almost blank,
The thought of you is all that is left.
You crushed my hopes,
Killed me inside,
And broke my heart.
Just as the sun begins to rise,
My heart will beat one last time,
I whisper goodbye

goodbye,  whisper.

Author: Emma Spalding
Date: 28/03/2020

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Before Sleep, I Whisper to Her

May you rest well & tango with the crimson leaves aglow with whimsical love living in their veins vivaciously while the effervescent vicarious vespers of air spirits lift and play oboe tones atop the glorious ruby mountain in the kiss of dusk.

Also i love you dear, sweet honey cinnamon habibi queen goddess being.

sleep,  whisper.

Author: Brycical
Date: 26/03/2020

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Beyond The Mountain's Whisper

Beyond the mountain's whisper
Is a land where dreams are grown
Where the seeds of hope are planted
And the wishes in life are sown

It's guarded by children's laughter
Where nightmares are cast aside
A place where darkness fades away
And the sun refuses to hide

Where way up high beyond the clouds
The garden of smiles is found
Where all of our happy endings
Are lying on top of the ground

A place that's neither here nor there
For it's simply in between
A land that only a few will find
A place that's seldom seen

Beyond the mountain's whisper
Is a place where tears are banished
A land where hopes and dreams are grown
When all your cares have vanished

mountain,  whisper.

Author: Whiskurz
Date: 26/03/2020