Poems about wide


№ 1207002

Eyes are open, wide awake!

I can see more clearly often in the blackest of nights. The hush of nightfall has a silence that speaks to me and shows me sights that others may only believe to exist in dreams or haunted nightmares.

awake,  eyes,  open,  wide.

Author: Kate Rebecca Hopwood
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1200798

Where the (wide-eyed) wild things are!

It's not odd at all, actually, it's quiet
People don't make investments
In terms of poetry...
Not an investment worth quantifying
The progress of the art...
As odd as it might seem...
Poetry always wants for people
To not invest in it...
Esp. within the framework
Of investment being ordained
The golden standard of time -
I can, and will call it:
Ars tempus - or art of the time -
No one goes to bed and attempts
To read a book to fall asleep to...
Of all the writing expression -
Philosophy prose is the evolving
Fictional literature
Is the domesticated
Bonsai tiger...
Oddly enough? poetry is still a fox...
Poetry is still a rascal...
Poetry is still the wolf...
It's too conscious...
For my best part in describing it:
Poetry is transcendental insomnia:
Poetry is "too" awake,
Or should i say: mindful of
A blank page?
Like some
Incessant masturbator
Who does it 20 times a day
And teaches the climax
Of not ejaculating any fluid -
Then goes to the kitchen,
Drinks a pint of milk...
And just keeps on going...
As if he's shuffling cards
In a las vegas casino...
Later confessing:
I think i've the parkinson's
Handshake and a fetish for
Spandex clad type
Spanking motivation...
Hmm, wa'tcha t'ink?

eyed,  things,  wide,  wild.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1196154

Eyes Wide Open

Roaming this earth with eyes wide open
Each step leading to an inevitable conclusion
Praying, wishing, hoping
To be vanquished from delusion

Apologetically inclined to greet the masses
With whom there could be no substitution
Allowing me my penance
For a most obscure intrusion

Announcing my presence the only solution
No witchcraft involved or magical potion
Just plain and simple
A raise and promotion

Bewildering faces at the thought or the notion
No dry eye in sight
Nay a gentle touch
Nor equivalent motion

An overlooked confession
An unwanted devotion
That inevitably always leads
To a misguided explosion

Thunderstruck and moved by emotion
Brisk and alive we set aside our aggression
And conduct without hesitation
The mathematical quotient

A perfect infusion of time and of space
Taught only at the most expensive institutions
Or figured out in Layman's terms
By just listening to our intuition

Praying, waiting, wishing, hoping.

eyes,  open,  wide.

Author: Jason Paul Klenetsky
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1195356

Eyes Wide Closed

With one eye open
And one eye closed
That's how i go through life
Seeing what i want to see
And when i don't
I close both eyes

closed,  eyes,  wide.

Author: Mike Hauser
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1192966

The Wide Open Door

I think the demons would knock down the door
If it weren't already open that is
I think they would hunt me down
That is if I was hiding
I think that their thinking for me
That is if they knew how to think

door,  open,  wide.

Author: Annabel Lee
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1191808

Fling wide

Fling wide, my Emily, the doors of the High Ones
And fill with garlands the temples of clouds
And the breathing entrails of beasts. Let not
This sad soul, in isolation, surround your altars;
Let fellow hearts over land beloved
Of gentle green and hilly region, dear to my heavenly god,
Raise them to your benignant bosom. Let black
Envy get her fill, turning her malicious breast elsewhere.
Do we not all live under one sky?
It happened as I wandered idly at sunset
In spacious enclosure, for my lyre lay limp
With strings slack. No melody, no bird of song
Came comfortably to my bed; lay aside my lyre.
Small to the eye but huge to the sense,
Marvellous in measure, my vision fain to cry.
So mighty the deception that makes
The small figure large! Rejoicing from the heart,
With you at my gaze, I happily drink nectar!
Hurt without knowing and refrain I beg.
My wings fly, and loss for all time will be my wound.

fling,  wide.

Author: Lee Janes
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1190641

Getting wide

The world is ripe here.
As if it is
Sap, wine,
Water from eyes.

Bunched between tentative teeth;
Wriggling when observed.

Often I find,
That it mimics a spine-
Latches onto neck notches,
Uncovers the spot where
Mother used to curl. Hurls
Itself at me, unexpectedly,
In moments I believe

I am just dreaming.
Only sleeping.

Surreal is her only way to say
*a truth I can't explain.


Author: Erin Finn
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1186817

The Whole Wide World

The whole wide world is pumped with meds.
Through our water and into our heads.
When we're not looking and when we don't care.
And we wonder why it seems unfair.
Our heads stand strong while our bodies lie still,
Nobody cares and nobody will.
We're all so sad and we don't know why,
Always looking for a way to die.
People come and places pass,
It's hard to see when all is moving so fast.
Money is the trophy but is it worth the price?
Why should we care about looking so nice?
Behind closed doors is where it all goes down
While all they do is look on and frown.
And pump the meds until we're numb.
How could we be this dumb?


Author: Mary K
Date: 16/03/2020