Poems about wild


№ 1210080


I love my story
You don't even no,
There are some hard parts, there are some I enjoy
Please don't in anyway make me cry.

I'm not naked wrapped in thorns just to bleed.


I Want you to feel me, and feel this wild side with me.
I want you to taste me, lay your body on my skin.


Author: AmyKatrinaSmith
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209581

Wild Cat

Proud Abyssinian lies still on my lap
Stroking his soft grey fur time starts to slow
To the beat of a Bach adagio
Tamed and relaxed we both drift to a nap.

Beloved, well fed pet, nurtured in his home
Yet wild creature, whose needs must satisfy
To watch prey, to leap, pounce and terrify
Free in garden realm to wander and roam

How can I kindly look upon this beast
That snapped and tore life from a tiny bird?
The mother shrieking horror at her loss
Father trying to scare Cat from his feast
Their doleful lament the saddest I've heard
Careless cat gives the corpse another toss.

cat,  wild.

Author: Maggie Emmett
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209290

Wild Horses

Black and shiny
Sleek and gray
Pure white
Gorgeous Bay
Flaring nostrils
Wild eyes
Thundering hooves
The spirit never dies
Free to roam wherever's chosen
Free of hatreds awful poison
A soul of freedom, a heart so pure and true
Beautiful beasts galloping silently in the dew.

©Crystal Erickson

horses,  wild.

Author: Crystal Erickson
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208837

Wild May

Aleta mentions in her tender letters,
Among a chain of quaint and touching things,
That you are feeble, weighted down with fetters,
And given to strange deeds and mutterings.
No longer without trace or thought of fear,
Do you leap to and ride the rebel roan;
But have become the victim of grim care,
With three brown beauties to support alone.
But none the less will you be in my mind,
Wild May that cantered by the risky ways,
With showy head-cloth flirting in the wind,
From market in the glad December days;
Wild May of whom even other girls could rave
Before sex tamed your spirit, made you slave.


Author: Claude McKay
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207501

Wild Javelina

The pit in the ground was dug
Then they came
A troop of wild javelina
Boasting their wares
The circle was drawn
From deep within the soil
As they danced in revelry
And the salts were cast
Into the air
Each granule dancing
With jubilation
From its blessing
Before reaching its
Final destination
Locking in the wild javelina
Paving way for the work
Before all Gods
They took their wares
Consecrated goblets
From the netherworlds
And held them to the skies
As they were filled
With rain of fine wines
The javelina crafted Cabala
Well into the night
Filling the pit
With the exalted wines
Moments before sunrise
The javelina dove
Into the pool of wines
To the center of all things


Author: Dawn King
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205102


When I was still young and fresh
A million years ago
I walked on edges
Always on the edge of something
Something wild

Bright lights and long nights
Lots of laughter and music
Always music
Singing with the band
Dodging the flying glass
When fights broke out
Howling to the moon
Oh, wild indeed were we

All shadows now, alas
Visions from an addled brain
Pubs, clubs and smoky dumps
Leave no turn unstoned was the cry
More fun than fundamental
And fundamentally flawed, it was
A couple of hours sleep 'fore the day job
With eye-lids stuck together
And walking into walls
But still I wouldn't have swapped it
For all the strait laced straight faced
Wealth in the world

By Phil Roberts


Author: phil roberts
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204199

Wild wood

Photograph the trees. notice the wild wood

Early while walking, imagine it may

Be mine. to care for, to let be. it could.

It is for sale. new sign on the gate, today

The charcoal burner. he is a woods man

Smoke rises grey. price is mentioned. plenty.

I think on his words, the idea, owning land,

Crashing back into the wild wood. empty

Headed. it is good to be quiet, alone

Away from their thickening throng, the dread.

Soft voices. smoke rises slow, ashes. old bone.

Dust and dust, by dust we bury the dead.

He will split the wood. they may come and buy,

Yet in my head the wild wood will be mine.


wild,  wood.

Author: Sonja Benskin Mesher
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202990


Nothing. There is nothing within me, I
Don't feel anything except the overwhelming
Burn of tears in my eyes. I am
Cynical and bitter, sad and destroyed,
And apathetic towards everything.

Except you.

You have brought a lighter colour to these
Rotting walls - you are a vivid, emotive
Shade of life. You brought me back to this fervent,
Dizzying wildness that never stops tossing
And turning within me, even in the
Motionless depths of darkness. Apathy
Has been turned into an eager chaos,
The weather dissolving into northern green
Around me as my tireless eyes gleam,
Reflected in yours.


Author: Scarlet Keiller
Date: 31/03/2020