Poems about wind


№ 1209699

The Wind of Spirit

The wind of Spirit
Is a wraith
We're just leaves
On Tree of Faith

When Spirit moves
Pure Joy it brings
It makes the leaves
All sigh and sing!

When Spirit moves
The flowers shifteth
But the wind bloweth
Where it listeth

Where it goes
No one can tell
It can move through
Our private hell
To make the soul
Praise! Rejoice!
The Spirit moves
We have no choice!

And when we're severed
From the tree
The wind will take us
And we're

When we fall
Should we grow old
We touch the sky
As solid

You can't see
But you can hear it
The Hand of God

The Wind of Spirit


spirit,  wind.

Author: SГёuЕ‚SurvivГёr
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209178

All the Patterns in the Wind

Imagine he were a tree
See the leaves, the beautiful leaves?
See the beautiful patterns as they dance in the wind
Now imagine time is the wind

Imagine I am the child
See her so happy, see she loves the leaves?
Imagine the tree is her's and she is the tree's
And imagine time is the wind

Imagine she plays on the tree
See how she hugs it? See how she loves it?
Imagine her sorrow if the wind blew her leaves away
Now remember, time is the wind

Imagine the wind is mild
Can you see all the patterns in the wind?
Creating dances soft and mild
And yes, time is the wind

Imagine the dances
See all of nature join in
Hear the song that nature gives us
The susurrus of the leaves in the wind

Imagine the leaves a-blowing
Imagine all the patterns in the wind
The leaves; they're leaving, they're going!
Recall, what was the wind?

Imagine the tears of the child
As she tries to catch her leaves again
She can not bear to see then going
Oh, time, you wind!

Imagine the sorrow in her heart
Running, running; never stopping again
But she can't stop them, but only gaze
Upon the patterns in the wind

Imagine her running, oh, the child
See her stumble, and fall to the earth?
See her dirt stained tears as she watches her love, her life,
Vanish in patterns in the wind

Imagine, as she lies in the dirt
As she lets the tears of sorrow run down her face
See, the wind brings back a leaf; just one leaf
Oh time, you wind

Imagine her joy, when she sees the leaf at her hand
See she hugs it, she loves it, and plants the seed within
She wants to see her tree, but growth is in time
And time is in the wind

Imagine her joy, imagine her peace
When she sees her tree again
See the leaves, the beautiful leaves
See how they dance in the wind

Imagine the child is happy
Because she now has he, the tree
Dancing with leaves and the wind
As she watches all the patterns in the wind


patterns,  wind.

Author: Elise E
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208323

Song for the Icelandic Wind

On a New Year's Day in Reykjavik
I stood at the very top of that old city,
Intending to visit the Cathedral there.

All at once, there it was. And it was in charge.

A gust of wind so strong that it grabbed and
Slid me, speeding across several metres of ice,
Only to slam, face first, into the broad chest
Of a resident British Embassy staffer.

Genially, he smiled down and introduced
Himself with gentlemanly aplomb.
No wonder they had an empire. At least for a while.

Oh, that wind! Ever seen snow moving horizontally?
Or felt a hole being drilled, in one ear, almost out the other?

Deep in the ancient countryside, on the way to the sea,
Is a lonely valley, held captive by the power of a brutal
Gigantic troll. There, this wind has its greatest rival.

Even if you can't see them, just tell me you don't feel them...

In Reykholt now, that bullying wind buffets a cozy house,
But to no avail, for angels watch over a newborn baby girl.

Her mother, just a girl when we first met,
Now sings tenderly to her own new daughter.
Both are princesses of this beautiful island country.

Finding kindness, that tough old wind has sent
Halldora's lullaby across the open ocean,
Over wide blue skies, and onto this snowy prairie
Where I hear it and cradle it softly, and so gently, to my heart.

song,  wind.

Author: Elisa Maria Argiro
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206889

Our Wind

The wind is blowing so hard.
The trees sway, standing strong.
The leaves get blown away,
As they are just minions in this large world.
The sun is still shining,
Leading the way.
The sun shines,
Showing the path to the great light.
The wind blows,
Knocking on my window.
The wind is trying to get to me,
To talk to me.
The wind is pushing the leaves,
Taking them through the light.
The wind is a part of nature,
A part of this world.
However violent this world is,
We all need a boost.
We all need a wind to carry us.
To carry us to a place we belong.


Author: Dennis Meeker
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206835

Let the Wind Control the Waves

The music in my mind, is not the song they like.
They want to change the tune, just for their delight.

Crazy is what they'd call me, but I would not deny,
I love the way I am, no that is not a lie.

The ones dressed in white, and the others dressed in blue,
They tell you that they'll help, but what can they do?

Slip a pill down your throat, put a smile on your face,
Make sure to always accept a warm, loving embrace.

They can't make the shadows go away, because you need the sun in your life,
Just like how you can't rid of kitchen appliances; a steak needs a sharp knife.

So instead they'll numb your senses, so you'll never feel the pain,
I've never heard of something quite this inhumane.

Keep me away from there, they'll never let me out.
I will fight against my will, don't even try to doubt.

Just let me be, I'll find a way, to live another day,
Because I will refuse to eat hospital food on a little dusty tray.

Let me sing my song, you can listen if you please,
But do not stop the track, unless I start to sound like Lise.

control,  waves,  wind.

Author: night child
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206466

And the wind replied...


Quoth the raven...
And the wind replied...
Restore... restore.

A waterbird
On a lonely lake
Cried... whip-poor-will...
And the wind said... take.

A snowy owl
In a gnarled tree
Cried... who? who?
And the wind replied... THEE.

(C) 12/13/2015

replied,  wind.

Author: SГёuЕ‚SurvivГёr
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205722


I lay in the field of flowers while the wind blows all around me.
Eyes closed to feel the breeze on my porcelain skin.
Drifting into a light sleep just enough to dream a little and hear the sounds of nature all around me.
It's days like this I need more.
Just me and the wind.
If only I can go where the wind goes.


Author: Gypsy soul
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205282

Like wind

(... she plays with words)

~like wind she plays with words,
Shaped sand upon the beach;
Building castles to the sky,
Where tide her walls can't breach.

The combinations countless,
She untangles any stumbling lines;
In tapestry-flowing fountains,
Her words to us, our sip of wine.

With nary but her hands she crafts,
Poetry 'neath the noonday sun;
Ceasing not except to watch,
A seabird as it tends its song.

In subtleties she stirs,
Her adjectives like riffs;
Nuanced dance in every verb,
A song that rises 'cross the drifts.

Words that rivet every reader.
Lines that wile a way with rhymes;
Stanzas frame a photograph,
Her free verse plays along in time.

Combers rendered speechless,
Marvel her poetic ways;
High as terns can fly she reaches,
As with every term she plays.

Her muse in song delights
In ev'ry crashing wave she's heard;
Her phrasing light takes winged flight,
Like wind she plays with words.

On sands that ripple 'long the shore,
Like conductor's arms at final score;
Crescendo builds... she stands erect,
Then fades to black when sun has set.

~post script.

Today she was my morning muse... a delightfully brilliant poet who knows how to play with words in a most riveting way! i only just found her beautiful. work. please allow me to introduce you to Chelsea Rae in these lines: http: //hellopoetry. com/poem/1861530/shine-your-love/


Author: SE Reimer
Date: 02/04/2020