Poems about window


№ 1205345

Out the car window

That feeling
When you're driving down the interstate
At a hundred miles per hour
And you're staring out the car window
Trying to focus on one object
Flying by your vision
But you can't
Because it's all going to fast
And your eyes only glitch
Unable to grasp stability
And everything is blurred
Through speed and tears
While your heart rate escalates
With the cars momentum

That feeling
Is the state my mind is in
Grasping at everything
Yet unable to hold on to anything
Frantic and in shambles

S. s

car,  window.

Author: skyler
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1205098

The Scene Outside My Window

A canopy of gray covers all that lies below,
The trees are leafless and barren,
I can hear the bitter cold raindrops
As they crash into the leaves,
That lie dead upon the muddy ground,
I see colors of only dark gray and brown and black,
As I look into the woods beyond my window,
It is a peaceful scene,
Yet, mysterious and ancient,
For some unknown reason,
I am taken back to another time,
A much harder time in mankinds life,
But a much simpler time for his soul,
A time when it was more quiet,
Man was more thoughtful,
The world more serene,
Man more connected to nature,
Nature in all her forms,
Reveals to us such beauty,
Such overpowering serenity,
If we will acknowledge it,
This scene that at this moment my eyes behold,
May be cold and gray and portray despair,
But it is as beautiful as a sunny mountain meadow in the spring,
For just as the meadow is,
This scene is a picture painted,
By the master of all nature,
In the beginning God...
Genesis1: 1


scene,  window.

Author: Robert Blankenship
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204144

3:06 am, looking out the window, smoking a cigarette, drinking a strong rye whisky and thinking.

Where are you?

Author: JRBarclay
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203420

Out The Window

Isn't it funny
How the day can be so sunny
The clouds just seem to run away
Wispy fingers of condensation
Receding into vapor, invisible
Coming and going like spring showers
As subtle as silence
Reforming themselves on their blue tapestry
To an orchestra of grasshoppers


Author: Patrick Kennon
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202499

Wednesday Morning Window

This morning was so new...
The sun it shown so brightly.
Everything said in truth,
Was all dishonesty.

Wednesday morning window, looks so dull.
You cut down the tree, Oh, you cut down the tree.
My hands don't know where to go,
And my voice has been off key.

Is there nothing I can do to fulfill ya?

The morning was so blue,
There's too much on a mind.
After just two dates with you,
The pretty things start to feel unkind.

Thursday morning window,
Should do great things to me.
But still you cut it down,
And sent it's driftwood off to sea.

Is there nothing can do to sustain ya?

This morning was me and you.
Later, you said no.
I said it just to scare you.
Didn't think that you'd really go.

Sunday morning window, Stained Glass.
The Bible's punishment has been cast.
Here I sit on the stub,
Of a tree that I so once loved.

morning,  wednesday,  window.

Author: Ariel Morgan Thornton
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202031

The candle in the window

There's a candle burning nightly
In the window, on the right
The house has long been empty
But, the candle's there each night
The house in old and ancient
I'm sure it has tales it needs to tell
Like, why the candle's burning
And why the house won't sell

The candle shows up daily
As soon as dusk begins to fall
The drapes are drawn so closely
In each room along the hall
But, in that lonely window
Burns a candle all can see
It's been burning there each evening
Since nineteen forty three

They say the house is haunted
After all, the candle is a clue
Someone lights it nightly
The question asked is who?
The house has been abandoned
No one lives there any more
They say the last survivor
Left in nineteen forty four

The story is as follows
If I get my rumours straight
The house was built around
The year eighteen eighty eight
The family that did own it
When the candle came to light
Were wealthy, and reclusive
And they all kept out of sight

The story goes, their oldest son
Signed up and went to war
He was a pilot in the air force
He shot down 15 planes or more
He was shot down on a mission
But his plane was never found
They never found the wreckage
Where it crashed into the ground

The candle started burning
The day the message came
It's always burning in the window
It's always lit, it's all the same
The candle shows when it is dusk
It goes out just past three
No one knows who lights it
There's no one there to see

Is the candle lit by spirits
Waiting for a missing son
Is it lit to help pass over
To make his journey done
No one knows the exact story
If the plane crashed and he died
But, even in the daylight
People don't pass by on this side

The house is an enigma
Is a ghost there waiting for
A son to come home to them
Marching through the old front door
All I know is that the candle
Has been lit for 60 years
And there's a ghost up there just waiting
Crying quiet, ghostly tears

candle,  window.

Author: Roger Turner - Poet
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201939

A Window is My Mirror

Hypocrisy to what you preach
Expecting standards of another
You, yourself can never reach

Guised as a victim in your speech
Painting yourself the saint
The all knowing prophet
When pointing fingers is all you teach

Your mirror is no more than a rose pane
In it your lacks shine as another man's toll
Pleas for reason fall in vane
All collapsing at your need of control

Perched upon your pedestal
Passing judgement all the stay
At all costs emotionally vigil
For it's always “Your Way”

Hypocrisy in what you teach
Learn to practice what you preach

mirror,  window.

Author: Thomas
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201606

When i looked out my window this new day.

The world hit me in the eyes
As i saw the broken branches
That had fallen to the floor
Winter suns warm glow
Burned my eyes
I have loved
Will I ever again
Who will ever know.

day,  looked,  window.

Author: Paul Hardwick
Date: 30/03/2020