Poems about winter


№ 1210479

Winter Darkness

In the winter darknesss,
Whatever can you see?
I hear that you have turned
Your face away from me

Our time it was not easy
I didn't know what to do
All your love had turned to ice
And the old lies couldn't pull us through

But it seems so cold and cruel
For you to shut me out this way
Surely there were other words
We both had left to say

So forget that you have known me
While this cold wind blows
And snow begins to cover
Those dreams of long ago

In the winter darkness
Whatever can you see?
I hear that you have turned
Your face away from me

darkness,  winter.

Author: Gary Gibbens
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210361


No birds fly about the sky;
All the flowers start to die.
The frost grows upon the ground;
Snowflakes fall upon my crown.
Take the power in my hand;
Peer my eyes upon great land.
Covered in a white blanket;
Wondering if our love can make it.
This winter grows on me;
Telling me to become the cold.
I fall for the trick;
I grew like ice;
So damn thick...


Author: In need of a Friend
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208547

The Marks Left By Winter

In the end you will not remember summer coming.
Still she will appear in a May breeze
As if you asked her to, as if she could save you.
Though you know all too well how this story ends.

She asked about the scars winter left,
Wanting to place together a story to makes sense
Of the coldness that still has not been warmed by her winds.
Yet some secrets aren't meant to escape the hearth.

You will not know how to love them both,
So you will choose winter again, at least the cold doesn't leave.
And summer will not understand, she will hate you for this,
And because you are a fool you will let her.

left,  marks,  winter.

Author: Darren
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207920

Winter's Bare Trees

Another winter's come, the trees lay bare,
Mere skeletons, stiff standing, 'pon the ground,
Like you, protruding from the mind, no sound,
A quiet remnant, gone, but always there,

The trees wait patiently for that one day,
When life returns to every waiting thing,
I, too, await the Day of mankind's Spring,
When you'll return from where you've gone away.

(C)2009, Christos Rigakos

bare,  trees,  winter.

Author: Christos Rigakos
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207562

Winter's Bitterness (Etheree Poem)

Is cold
We can feel
Her winter breath
She chills our napes
With her gelid icy hand
We take to our warming hearths
To shelter from her frostiness
She has no charity nor any compassion
How baleful her season of bitterness

bitterness,  poem,  winter.

Author: Elizabeth Squires
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207510

Winter's grasp

The expressions of a blanket half-buried in the snow
Mountain ranges and glacial valleys
As poly-blend fibers wrinkle under the weight
Fibrous and wind blown
Like the mossy lichen
On a high isolated peak
Cold to the touch and sticking to wet fingers
The ice sheet forms without fanfare
Giving rise to reddened digits
And the first invitation to a black and lifeless
Frost bite victim.
Subzero temperatures
Send swirling crystals high into the air
Giving the image of flying diamonds
Gently falling and twirling in a gentle winter's breeze
Rainbow prisms dance across faded wool
Frayed edges play in the wind
Twisting and knotting themselves
As if the weather
Were attempting to darn or mend
The ancient coverer of bodies and equipment.
Sad howl travels the length of the valley
Carrying the sorrow of no spring on the horizon
Branches brake under the weight of water, reshaped as an ice shield
Mournful cattle huddle beneath a lone elm
Leaf-less and barren
Shivering leather stands in solitude
Waiting for the growl of an old truck
To drag yet another bale of hay
Out into the tundra. –

grasp,  winter.

Author: Sam Temple
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207449

Beautiful Winter

Winter to me is such a delight
In bed listening to rain at night
Snuggled up in front of an open fire
With someone special, hearts desire

Everything seems so fresh and clean
Forget summer and drought that's been
Snow covered mountains, joy to be seeing
Down the steep slopes, such fun to be skiing

Of course in December, we are filled with glee
Santa leaves us little presents under the tree
Night is quiet, everyone tries to keep still
A beautiful time full of peace and goodwill

No need to be upset whilst spring you are waiting
Enjoy the cold and simply do some ice skating
Home fires are burning, food there to cook
Or simply go to bed and read a good book

Outside it is raining, inside it's much drier
Time to make sweet love in front of a fire
Stuck inside together gives you the chance
For wine, dine, dance and plenty of romance

The power may go off but still a goodnight
Laughing and joking by fire or candle light
When winter is here I am glad I'm not dead
Cuddle up with my darling in a nice warm bed

If you hate winter, what a sad and sorry plight
Must have a screw loose, somethings not right
Play some nice music, keep warm, dance and sing
Enjoy winter while you can, soon will be Spring

beautiful,  winter.

Author: Poeta de Cabra
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206507

Winter pale

J'ai envie de trouver une Гўme lumineuse remplide tonГЁbres
Vous ГЄtes l'Гўme parfait pour moi
My tissue your Гўme
Come together as one brittle tree
Withstanding every winter of hearts
Cherished under the living day
When castles filled with garments
Of rubies and diamonds fill our hands
No we do not need them
No we do not need those things
I would be satisfied blowing
In the bone chilling air with you in the snow
Us together, contently alone.

pale,  winter.

Author: midnight prague
Date: 03/04/2020