Poems about wipers

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1914 – We call It Wipers

Mud goes so stiff as it dries on the clothes
And it gets in the rifles and ammo
And men live in the mud for day after day
And they die there as the death tolls just grow.

The lads call it Wipers, but we know it's called Ypres
And we don't know the language but know mud
And the massive field guns that are firing this way
Causing lots of men to stay here for good.

In two months I've not heard the sound of a bird
With the fighting and dying you don't listen
But I saw a dead blackbird lying out in the mud
And memories of home made my eyes glisten.

I'd rather be back at my home on the farm
Tending cattle and working the land
But I'm lying here shooting at men I don't know
In a hard bloody war that I don't understand.

We'll soon be coming to the end of this year
We were told that it wouldn't last too long
I don't know how much longer the men can last out
The spirits willing but their bodies aren't strong.

We've been pounded for hours, we've been pounded for days
It seems like so long and it's so cold
There are men who've got frostbite and gangrene and sores
But it's the dysentery that makes some men fold.

When will it end and who will make peace
They're decisions that aren't made at the front
But by men back at home who think they know best
Not by poor dying men bearing the brunt.


call,  wipers.

Author: Joe Wilson
Date: 27/02/2020

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Windshield Wipers

And as the rain fell towards those deadly pieces of rubber,
I was reminded that
Sometimes something must die
In order to achieve peace.

windshield,  wipers.

Author: Clover
Date: 26/05/2019

№ 379088


Like wipers on windshield
We go left and right
Alone or together
But never touch
Even as rain pours
We just go
Swish, swish
None listening to the other.

Same windshield
Same car, yet
We are far away
From each other,
Speeding away
To a no where.


Author: Tulip Chowdhury
Date: 15/03/2018

№ 331700

Wavy window wipers

Car window wipers
Keep waving at me, and the
Rain is getting the hunp

wavy,  window,  wipers.

Author: Haiku Donna
Date: 31/01/2018

№ 280274

So I'll put love letters under your windshield wipers

I think about your stupid face
All the fucking time
I wish I knew how it felt
To have your lips on mine
But who would choose a clump of dirt
In a bowl of chocolate chips
I smell like cigarettes
Look like death
Fuck like an animal
I'm a complete degenerate loser
I don't have the confidence to tell you how I feel
So I guess I'll stick to putting love letters
Under your windshield wipers

letters,  love,  windshield,  wipers.

Author: Hadley
Date: 15/12/2017