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Burn the Witch

They come for me in the night
Torches burning, screaming their hate
Calling for the death of the witch.
Drug from my bed, I am flung to the earth,
Afraid of their anger, afraid to move
I do nothing to resist

For it is true what they say, I am a witch.
I worship my goddess the earth,
When the moon is high in the night.
Now the mob compels me to move;
Against strong hands and blind hate
I am helpless to resist

The judge, his eyes dark as night
And blazing with furious hate,
Gives the decree "Burn the witch! "
My body is frozen, I cannot move
I want to scream, but I resist
Unable to stand, I fall to the earth.

The pyre is built on hard-packed earth.
A malevolent presence on this unholy night,
The chosen tool to carry out their hate.
Towards this sinister form they force me to move
Kicking and taunting, for they cannot resist
Reveling in the victory of catching a witch.

My world narrows down to this darkest of nights.
Through a haze of pain and fear I move,
Wishing myself anywhere else on this earth.
Wishing that what they believe of a witch
Were true. I would fly away far from their hate,
Calling my magic, I would use it to resist.

But spells cannot save me from their hate,
And herbs would be useless should I resist.
As I am tied to the stake driven into the earth
The flame casts shadows that move
And dance against the backdrop of night
And fan the eerie chorus of "Burn the Witch! "

Silent as night, the spirit of the witch
Rises above the hate, and does not resist
As it quietly moves from the plane of the earth.

burn,  witch.

Author: Raven Cloud
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1207038


It's the final drag-down!
Through the very last;

I don't want,
Another one of them

No more.

Nasty-Negative Nancy's

What ever.

Keep your
To yourself.
Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Smack someone's face
In the


Listen for a flock of
Blood-red-black doves
To fly-high
Right up to Hell.
To sing their sorry-song's
To Satan.

Their recently discovered,
For breaking into
The garden
Decapitating all the dandy-lions.
O' how-Holocaust-ic.

When they have finished, lying.
Spread yours.

A look East.
& watch the sunrise
Cause she is standing
So, so far away
From you.

So she shine for you.

Heyyy Baby,
You're the 11
On a
6 scale.

She hates it.
He wants it.
You have it.
I flaunt it.

I'm Bandit.
In-case you didn't know.

es,  snitch,  witch.

Author: Haunter
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1202818


She's choking on her own elixirs,
Bury her in the earth
So there's more room up here.
She doesn't like taking up space,
She's a lady after all.
But the soil is rotten and
Already full of too many
Sad little things,
It can't stand to hold any more.
Perhaps she should be burned at the stake,
Like the ones before her.
Her broomstick is broken,
She can't fly into into the ravine.
I guess she'll just have to jump.


Author: ryan
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1197431

Kissing a witch

Kissing a which is a perilous business.
Everybody knows
It's ten times as dangerous
As letting her touch your hand,
Or cut your hair,
Or even steal your shoes.
What simpler way is there
Than a kiss
To give power
A way into your heart.

kissing,  witch.

Author: Nameless
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1191948

Which er Witch

Tick tock it is the witching hour,

I fear they're all around,

They creep and sneak and then appear,

Without the slightest sound.

er,  witch.

Author: Peter J Thomas
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1185651

The Black Hearted Witch (Part 7)

I scurried from my moss covered resting place
I was in a panic I needed to see the deamons face
So I would know what was giving chase

I looked deep within the dying fire, "show me goddess Theia the one that follows"
At first the vision was very shallow, so hollow
But then I seen it, and it filled me with sorrow

Because all I could see was the Cerberus
It had the scent of me, the sorcerers
Quickly trying to decide our best courses

It's blue-black body glimmering in the moonlight
Huge muscles gliding effortlessly, such a beautiful scary sight
It's three huge heads, teeth snapping, a true drooling fright

Leaving a trail like a scent, wafting in the air, was my spells
It was time to make haste this much I could tell
We will both be dead and torn savagely apart if I fail

With the snap of my fingers the leaves dew fell on the knight
Waking him with a sudden fright
"We must leave here you're to weak to fight"

Shaking the sleep from he's head
A quick look at me, he could see my dread
He silently stomped out the fire, no words from his lips said

He grabbed the reins of the evil ones steed
He gracefully lept on and pulling me on, off at top speed
But that devilish horse ran towards the evil one, He would not heed

I must think quick, this horse I must enchant
Into it's mind a seed I must plant
So I start a simple powerful chant

"Demon steed
Feel the need
To out run, succeed
From the hellish hound top speed"

With my constant chant, the demon spun horse turned around
And just in time, I seen the heads of the wicked hound
Along with the chant I whisper a prayer to Moirai to change our fate, we had been found

black,  hearted,  witch.

Author: Pauline Russell
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1183095

Burning the witch

Burnt at the stake
Innocent or guilty
All in the hand of God
They ask hypocritical questions
Are you abandoned by God
Guess you will burn
Did the God save you
Let's try once more

Those who are asking
Don't know what they are doing
For those who are asking
Will burn too while thinking
Innocent or guilty

burning,  witch.

Author: killjoy
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1178869

Umbra Witch

A woman stands strong and sensuous and proud
Her mind a fractured mirror cloaked in fog
Shard by shard
The bayonet finds her way, following the sweet scent of the bloody rose
Wielding her Scarborough Fair
The sass of Parsley
The wisdoms of Sage
The touch of Rosemary
The passage of Thyme

The woman
Born of the dark side of the moon
With powers untold
Able to twist and bend the spindles of shadows and time
Lips full and glazed with cardinal sin
Slick locks of ebony
A perfumed 500 year blur
With the night's lunar charm that twinkles in her eye
And butterflies that swoon for their Madama
The blood child born of the union of the sun and moon
The black sheep of the dark arts
Is one with the most beloved of Umbran treasures
Is the sweetest cherry with a long-forgotten radiant smile,
A harsh destiny
Who looks to the left side of the moon for the upcoming chaos.

umbra,  witch.

Author: Lyn-Purcell
Date: 09/03/2020