Poems about wizards


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Wizards & Warlocks

I'm tracing pentagrams with chalk on to my floor
I'm lighting candles cookin' curses casting spells to bring a storm
That will cloud up over Phoenix, and make black
The southwest sky i'm pushing pins into the map to mark the points for lightning strikes
May the ashes of the university make their way out to the sea
And may the bones of the invaders mix with the bricks of burned buildings
We will make them in to mortar and we will build this town again
I'm calling on dark forces to take me back to phoenix
We'll dig some holes and plant some seeds and grow trees
Back in the park so the bums will have some shade to drink and a place to sleep when it gets dark
Nick will get his job back when we re-open the Vonlee
We'll watch movies and eat popcorn but this time we won't have to sneak
We'll make music in our basements we'll play 4-square in the streets
We'll carve hexes in our our highways to ward off the wicked beasts
And this time we'll keep our city safe we'll keep our city sweet
We'll keep our city free one by one and block by block we watched it slip away
The towers of our enemies grew taller everyday until at last i cast away
And tried to find some better place but it's wings are wide and cast it's shadow down on everything
So i'm praying to the lord and every other god i know to give me a flaming sword
And some extra lightning bolts and the power to destroy the ones who took our town away
And the strength we need to build it back into something great
And this time we'll keep our city safe... and sam will come back from california
And she will know just what we need to do and all the cool kids that i've met
In all the places that i've went will hear the booming of the battle
And come too and we'll make this place into the greatest place there's ever been
All we want is a place to live the kind of lives to want to live
So i'm rubbing every lantern that i find and i'm chasing every rainbow that i see
I'm searching the clovers trying to find one with four leaves
Anything that could grantone wish tome and portland will not save you
And olympia will fall too and gainesville will surrender someday
And i know phoenix will never be the same
Bloomington will never be the same

amp,  wizards.

Author: Dagoth I Am
Date: 04/01/2020

№ 907085

Do Wizards Hurt.

Like you and me
After spells
Do they hurt
Maybe thinking
I should not have done that
Turned to stone just like that
Maybe I was a bit hasty
It was just my pain
And my wand
And maybe man
Will think
You loved me
I loved you
Maybe it was just my wand
That made you turn to stone
Starlight so bright
Was here now gone
Your eyes are dead to me
No truth there to see
No futures to see
Or imaginations
Wizard have a lot to answer for.

hurt,  wizards.

Author: Paul Hardwick
Date: 07/07/2019

№ 879943

Wizards in my pen

The pen entranced
With hand
Words flow
The mind
The pen takes lead and scrolls the lines
To make the page it's own
Console from Higher Prime

pen,  wizards.

Author: Kate Rebecca Hopwood
Date: 12/06/2019

№ 802462

Don't curse Sky wizards

I used to long for death.
Now I'm pleading it to stop.
Never appreciated life.
Now I can't get enough.
No forever is never promised.
It can never be set in stone.
Lately my body has been deteriorating.
The only way to vent is here.
You see I have two lumps in my neck.
Nobody knows what it is yet.
Could be nothing could be something.
It varies from thyroid... lympth nodes swelling... all the way down to lymphoma, aka cancer.
They tell me not to worry.
It's best to prepare yourself for worse.
What if I am dying.
Atleast I'll be ready when my time comes.
After all we are all dying.
Life is inevitable.
Life is unovoidable.
But death is inevitable as well.
There is no going around it.
You and I.
One day we are both going to die.
Maybe tomorrow maybe 13 years from now.
Life is not promised.
I remember last night.
I told her I could potentially be dying.
I told her not to worry.
I told her it probably isn't anything bad.
She tried to fight the tears then the began to flow.
Steady like a stream.
She was breaking because of me.
I told her I need you to be strong.
She said if I died she wouldn't go on.
She said you are the one I wanted all along.
What if this sky wizard called god is out to ruin us.
I asked why he would do that.
She just replied don't go cursing Sky wizards.
If there's a god I couldn't imagine him doing a thing.
Killing a girl at 16.
Taking my life when I've only just begun.
I used to beg for my end.
Little did I know I had only just begun.

curse,  don,  sky,  t,  wizards.

Author: Ana S
Date: 03/04/2019

№ 710564


Cast a newt and one mute swan
Dance upon a blade of grass
Concoction in a half pint glass

Two toed sloth and in the broth
Tails of toad bode well
A cubit cubed of fresh marsh gas
Concoction in a half pint glass.

Dance a jig with a one eyed pig
And paint the moonlight black

Off to fly in a broomstick sky
Witches on the wing
With a wink and a drink
And a touch of gas
Concoction in a half pint glass.


Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 10/01/2019

№ 625611

The Glitter of the Red Wizards

Glitters and red meters
Givers and received perceivers
Usher the gift of illusionary display
Vision all the aspects of reality

Signal the surreal posts on trees
Yank and spotlight my dreams
Walk and split the glass panels
Wagon us from societal ice

Glitters and red masks
Course every vein of our being
Pour the red wine and misplace
Protrude every nautical sense

Read my palm, contact the wizard
Grab my sight, take me to the moon
Contactless, eventful and tasteful
Contactless, easy and resourceful

glitter,  red,  wizards.

Author: SassyJ
Date: 24/10/2018

№ 532097

Witches and Wizards

He used his wand
To turn a witch blond
His witches and wizards
Went through blizzards
She used her magic
For things that are tragic
Her witches and wizards
Who never used lizards

witches,  wizards.

Author: Hedwig Potter
Date: 01/08/2018

№ 509591

The Wizards of the Id

We live and die
Within a box
With data
At all angles
In an age
Where innocence
Is compacted
To rectangles

Here we see
The wizardry
Of Bill Gates in
His valley
The children with
Their pinwheel eyes
Texting Steve or Sally

Around the house
The computer mouse
Enthralls another tyke
Instantly their Facebook
Has another "like"

Blood and gore
Are commonplace
The victims have no names
What the heck
Do you expect?
It is all a

They will thus
You'll do as they bid
For your pleasure
I'll announce

The Wizards of the Id

(C) 6/5/2016


Author: SГёuЕ‚SurvivГёr
Date: 11/07/2018