Poems about wondering


№ 1201963

I Wandered in Wondering

Have you ever lost while wondering?
Ideas occurring
Imagination keeps flowing
And little did you know, you're losing.
Triggered anxiety
Wandered in mediocrity.

I wondered.
Am I the only one who see shadows in the darkness?
Am I the only one who see stars in daylight?
Am I the only one who smell lavenders in a trash?
Am I the only one who feel touches in a bunch of hands?
And am I the only one who see the lies behind the truth?

If so, It might be a nightmare
That no one else dare to wake in a room full of care
Because they were deceived
And makes them believed
By their minds full pests
Living in their brain like a bird's nest.
That they were neat
In a trash full of rotten meat.

Truth lies on you
You just have to be true
Because even reality
Can cause anxiety.

wandered,  wondering.

Author: Merida
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199668


I wonder
About that number
During the summer

The twenty first day
When the sky isn't grey
And the sun will be on display

To those who wish to look upon it
They all have to admit
That nobody really is a misfit

Because like the planets and stars
We all have been carved
And in our own way marked

Everyone is unique
So you should not feel the need
To rudely critique

Those who are different
Have their own talent
And are not transparent


Author: Katie Worden
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1199418


Was there ever any one true moment?
(like you'd tell me now)

Was it me on your mind when?
(you know when you said I'd have to earn it)

Did you skip school the day they talked about truth?
(oh, you were screwing your teacher)

Sometimes I just wonder, when I'll quit wondering about "us"
*(never, comes to mind)


Author: Maggie Olivia
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198341

Wondering Soul

As he stands strong and tall, with burden's heavy upon his mind. He searches for answers where there are none to be found.

He knows not of this passion lost... all while her desire surrounds him.

Her need to ease his pain. , her need to end his suffering, slips by his wondering soul...

He feels not of this desire that is within him.

He wants to know her touch... He wants to share her kisses... but this emptiness inside will not let him...

Open your eyes wondering soul and allow yourself to see her standing before you... dancing... ready to embrase your touch

soul,  wondering.

Author: Marissa Hines
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1192443

Stern Wondering

If this is a sad joke
Never a final answer
Drinking to forget
But forgetting why I even drink
Too much trouble over nothing
Too much stress over nothing
Just looking for a little something
Between hate and love
A short link
What it all means
Who has got your back
When you need it most
And not much is left
First world problems
Complaining and bitching
About how everything is wrong
Sitting and waiting
For whatever comes along
Patience is a virtue
When it doesn't take that long
Pain doesn't cut you slack
Experience makes you pay
No discount
Still taxed
Revenge may be sweet
No point in paying that shit back

stern,  wondering.

Author: Nathan Pival
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1186467

Wondering After Nothing

I ask and you say nothing
You only tell me when it's late.
And the same thing kept repeating
Until I stopped and said no more.

You'd pass by me like time
And easily see right through me
Guess that's what I deserve,
To be treated as nonexistent.

Was I the first to avoid? To ignore?
I was always there for you.
I was your blue curtain
Now I'm just your dusty shelf.

I changed because you told me to
Followed the tracks to who you are
Now that you see what I've become,
You left me longing and wondering.

Here I am now, silently watching
As you enjoy; grinning and laughing
While I'm hidden in a faded corner,
Covered in dust, insane and crying.


Author: Cyrille Octaviano
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1183062

Pain of Wondering

What's wrong with me?
That's the question I always ask myself
What's wrong with me?
What is it that I don't have?
Am I ugly?
Am I too tall?
Am I too skinny?
Or am I not your type?

Well if I am not your type, then why did you even bother?
Why did you bother yourself telling me that you love me?
Why did you?
You should have said it in the first place that I shouldn't raise my hopes because you are only there just to walk me half way
But because I was stupid, I was blinded by the idea of being in love
I let you build me with words
Words that took me up to the peak
Without realising that by the time I am going to fall I am going to fall hard

Every night and day I cry
I cry for you, I cry for us, I cry for my own happiness
I cry for the smile that I used to have
I cry for the smile that I didn't want to break

I cry for the fact that I have to let go of you
I have to let go of somebody I truly love
I have to say goodbye
They say goodbye is a painful way of saying I love you
But I don't want to show you that I love you through saying goodbye

My heart fought with my mind for what I wanted and now it has to fight to let you go
Every moment I talk to you I feel a stab within my heart as I come to realise that the tears that fall from my face are truly blood from my broken heart

I never thought I'll ever relate to Beyonco and Frank Oceans
When they said...
[singing]"I miss you like every day just want to be with you but your away
I miss you
I am missing you insane"
Every night and day I miss you
And that makes me wonder if it's too soon or late
Because it hasn't been too long since we broke up......

Every time I see your name whether in my phonebook, facebook or whatsapp, I start to relieve the best of our days
When we used to call each other at night and you be like [singing]“she got me up all night” relating to Cole and Miguel
Those days are gone

Sometimes I tell my friends that I am over you and I don't wanna go through that again
I tell them that I wanna see you happy and I am okay of letting you go
But sometimes I go on a milestone and think of the way to let you know that I still damn love you
So I start to click on your facebook even though you offline
Start to ask myself why I don't just ring you
And tell you how I feel
But I will just stare at your numbers and cry

Cry because...
The only person I've ever loved left me with a broken heart
A broken heart that is hurting, lonely and jealous
A broken heart that is confused
I don't know if i should be happy that we are “friends” or cry
Because that is all we will ever be

I never regret loving you only believing you loved me too
I loved you, I love you still and I will always love you

Love will come and go but you will remain in my heart forever

pain,  wondering.

Author: Kgolagano Tshela
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1182513

I'm wondering

If you looked at me as your life

Did it ever dawn on you

To treat me better than you treated yourself

Because had you really treated me such

I wouldn't be writing poems at 8 am

Wide awake with sadness


Author: Red
Date: 13/03/2020