Poems about wreath


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Wreath for your head

I bought
White lilies
Your favourite
And I spent
Two hours
To make a
Wreath for
Your head
Smiling at
The thought
Of you in a
Wedding dress
I made this
Wreath for
Your head
But I lay
It on your
Chest instead
I'm sorry, honey
I've been
Quite insane
Since your

head,  wreath.

Author: Disha Verma
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 924176

Sonnet of the Wreath of Roses

The wreath, quick, I am dying!
Weave it quick now! Sing, and moan, sing!
Now the shadow is darkening my throat,
And January's light returns, a thousand and one times.

Between what needs me, and my needing you,
Starry air, and a trembling tree.
A thickness of windflowers lifts
A whole year, with hidden groaning.

Take joy from the fresh landscape of my wound,
Break out the reeds, and the delicate streams,
And taste the blood, split, on my thighs of sweetness.

But quick! So that joined together, and one,
Time will find us ruined,
With bitten souls, and mouths bruised with love.

roses,  sonnet,  wreath.

Author: Federico GarcГ­a Lorca
Date: 22/07/2019

№ 913808

I'd hang a dead wreath on the decaying door of my mind

You don't have to live
You can die if you want to
With nothing left to give
You can die if you want to
When you always wonder if...
You can die if you really wanted to

Things seemed so bright
As a child in the warm sun
My parents would fight
But that didn't stop me having fun
Things got so bad
That i no longer cared
I used to be so mad
But now they're out of my hair

I'm okay now
Walking this strange line
But i still think of how
They thought everything was fine
As i crumbled beneath
The covers each & every night
I'd hang a dead wreath
On the decaying door of my mind

dead,  decaying,  door,  hang,  mind,  wreath.

Author: John
Date: 13/07/2019

№ 771326

. holly wreath .

Comes out every year,

Stored in one of the


This is neither poetic nor

Important, yet

We walked down the lane

Together, slowly.

To place the holly wreath.


holly,  wreath.

Author: Sonja Benskin Mesher
Date: 06/03/2019

№ 512761

{the book of boy / boy in darkness / reader / wreath / nostalgia while we wait}

[the book of boy]

/ be the buzzard a shadow stuck in a trash bag

/ be the knees full of milk

~[boy in darkness]

Blood is a movie and none of it



Of everything
His writing



The last
To go



Is so

~[nostalgia while we wait]

No god. no wind.

Sick son's kite.

The pea


Author: Barton D Smock
Date: 14/07/2018

№ 391578

Bone Wreath

Silt-carriers creeping
Enigmatic tidings
Whiskey translucence
And vodka tonics

Age brought, silent sorrows
I wept them-slowly

I could be-
A demon cleansing wreaths
Of teeth and all
You see are leaves.

Petals grow on my skin
Talking venoms and frog-like sin
Yet people are hearing hymns,

Though my wrists are just over
Burdened bludgeonings
Theres blankness and hollows.

bone,  wreath.

Author: L T Winter
Date: 26/03/2018

№ 384178


You're a wreath
That has a whole through it
Hanging off of it a mistletoe
Sometimes I want to place you on a
Window so then you are broadcasted
But never taken away from me
To prove your my gift


Author: Vanessa Gatley
Date: 20/03/2018

№ 343152

. the holly wreath .

So i got home, and the wind yesterday has blown some of the leaves away....

Taken the holly wreath down there and surprised to find I was crying.
( ah when you are under the weather things get to you......)
It will be nice to see you. the early days are hard especially this time of year.
Your hat has turned into quite a project. i took it to mill to get darning wool, and it was pointed out that lots of the holes are indeed eyelets, and what a splendid hat it is.
Also spoke of leaf bags and she said that if one have had the bags a while they will start to degrade......
How much needs mending?

holly,  wreath.

Author: Sonja Benskin Mesher
Date: 10/02/2018