Poems about years


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For two years.

For two years hands were held and lips were pressed together.
For two years we held hands and held eachothers hearts.
For two years I was there for you every hour of the day and night.
For two years we were best friends, boyfriends, inseparable.
For two years all I gave you was love.
For two years all you did was play me and sleep with others behind my back.
For two years I wasted my time loving someone who was incapable of loving me.


Author: Charlie
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209751

Five Years

I guess
What more is there to say
See you later
Live long and prosper.
I think I'll miss this actually
I'll miss some of you quite terribly
And I will miss each and every one of you at least a little bit.
Because thats what you do
When people you've known
For five whole years of your life,
Suddenly just
Aren't there anymore
You miss them
And you know what... that is alright.
Because I know we're too old or too cool to really like school
And I don't know about you
But I'm sorry for me it has just lost the magic.
Maybe it has something to do with the amount of
Homework we're set.
Or maybe its just because unlike primary school
You don't have a sand pit.
But, I am only sixteen
So what do I know.
But we should still say goodbye
Because what this place has taught us,
Goes far beyond just finding X
In mathematical equations
And yes I might still not know how to calculate titration
But far more friendships have been made here
Than chemistry sets broken
And we've formed bonds,
Not just covalently
We don't share atoms
But we all share similarities
And I've learnt right from wrong
As well as metaphor from simile
I know definition of friendship
But I will still forget how to spell necessity
I've learnt the truth about equality
Not just from R-E or P-C-E
But from how I treat Y-O-U and how you treat me
Out there on the playground
There have been fought more battles
Than every single one we're taught about in history
But I've learnt how to read the signs
Admittedly not always effectively
About when its time to shut up
Because its often mapped out
On peoples faces like geography
And I've learnt that the suns gravitational pull
Is not the only thing that causes us to revolve
Because we spin around each other
Not always touching,
Not always interacting
But for five long years
We've spun together
And that means something.


Author: Izzy Stoner
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209003

Four years in a state of surreality

My shy, hesitant frame was first taken to obligatory ballet lessons when it was only 5 years old
The pale pink clinging leotards and scuffed leather slippers decorated with neat string bows would always outweigh the strain of my mothers scraping nails against my scalp in order to achieve the perfect ballerina bun seconds before each and every lesson in the vastly daunting and vacant room
Where our innocent and wide-eyed little selves were our sole company in the face of the towering glass pane staring straight back at us
The sheen of the never-ending polished pole stretched right across the middle
And we strained to try and make ourselves grow taller than each other
To look like real dancers practising their plios for hours upon hours
And I made my small body bear the unbearable
The strung out aching the myriad of assorted stretches lit in my weak limbs as I tried to train my fingers to kiss my tippy toes
Like a desperate attempt at mimicking the distance between fingertips in The Creation of Adam
Always almost within reach
But never meeting
Soon enough the pink and the pretty and the pleasing image this form of dance appeared to me to be was no longer enough
And the sparkles and sequins and garish glitter costumes began to fade along with reflecting rainbow coloured stage lights and 4 years worth of overpriced Academy Lessons and Exams

I guess I gave up on touching my toes

state,  years.

Author: martha
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208771

Missing You On New Years Eve

Oh my God I miss you!
I guess it's a bit strange,
To miss some one you
Never really had in your life.
A phantom, a wisp of smoke,
From a fire burning miles away,
On which you have never
Warmed your hands or heart.
At least not in 50 long years.

But this is my dilemma,
My emotional burden to carry,
My moment to moment distraction,
The quandary of my boundless joy,
And the struggle of my internal frustration.

And yet I do, in every sense miss you.

eve,  missing,  years.

Author: Stephen E Yocum
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208479

19 Years

I'm 19 and have never loved
Have been loved? I can't be too sure
Sometimes, I like to look around
Watch closely the people around me
And just really wonder if I have met
Someone who can go the opposite way as I
Someone I will forget at one point
But whose end of the cords will still be up
For rekindling, for reliving
Because there is still much to kindle and live on
Even after a long while of thinking
(Probably amounting to 30 years)
"There's not much in here for the both of us anymore"


Author: Mariel Rodriguez
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207491


Oh! mother where are the snow falls of yester years?
Where are the great king Ashoka and the world master Sankaracharya?
Where is the ujjayani that was immersed in the literary effluence of
The great dramatist Kalidasa?

Where is the light that shone from the piercing eyes of the warrior
Queen Rudrama Devi and the Goddess Durga?
Where are the snow falls of yester years?

Where is the buzzing sound of the bees that came from the corridors
Of the great king Shajahan? Where are the echoing sounds of the war monger
The sword Thikkana? Where is the gallooping white horse climbed by the unconquerable warrior queen of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai?
Where are the snow falls of yester years?

Where is the fire that emanated from the broad shoulders of
The inimitable king and connoisseur of art, Sree Krishna devaraya?

What happened to the living breaths of Balachandra, the young warrior
And brahmanaya, The great warrior and social reformer?
Where are the snow falls of yester years?

Where are the kings, the great poets, the warriors, the chaste queens?
Where have they gone?

Where are the foot prints of the golden wings of time that fanned and fled?
Oh! Mother, Where are the snow falls of yester years? Where are the snow falls of yester years?

falls,  snow,  years,  yester.

Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206221

10 Years

I don't know who or where I'll be in 10 years
But hopefully I'll be somewhere for you
To come home to


Author: Matthew Hundley
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205004

200 Years

We live in the past presnt and the future
This is how I know:
200 years ago this was the future.
200 years from now, this was the past.
And the present part, we live with the present life.
So the only way we don't live in the present is if we live in the past or the future
Which I guess I a problem
Because we already do


Author: Annabel Lee
Date: 02/04/2020