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The death of our world

Everyday I see the fighting and hate
When did the world reach this awful state
Where people fight just cause of race or religion
We are becoming nothing but a world of unforgiven
Everyday more and more violence
And most of us just sitting in silence
We must stand up and spread the word
Or face the death of our world

Author: Michael Matthews
Date: 06/06/2021


Let Me Fly

I can't take a full breath in, it feels like there's a weight on my chest.
A cinder block, with our initials inside a heart, etched onto the side.

Author: Silver Lining
Date: 05/04/2017


Avant garde

Wine and
(the expensive,
Shelled ones)
At 6am.

One might say that
Baby is refined
But baby is really
Just an ugly drunk.

Author: Redshift
Date: 14/09/2018


Abstruse Lane

Melt me down, wash me away
Down, down abstruse lane
Into somber storm drains

Stream me through the sewer systems
Until I'm drowning in illumination
Submerging my soul in light
Will save me from damnation

Rinse away all but the elegance of my element
Serve it up on a silver platter
For my true lover
And no other

Author: cassie sky
Date: 13/08/2019



Fear is a funny thing
Curled up in my gut
Like it lives there
Like a knife
It traces its claws along my spin
Reaching up, up, up
Brushing past my lungs
To lock its long talons
Around my frantic, fluttering heart

Fear is a funny thing
Sneaking up on me
Without being provoked
Like a trap
Snaking its way between my ribs
Pulling tighter, tighter, tighter
Till i'm gasping for breath
On my knees in the dust
Eyes clouded by panic and darkness

Fear is a funny thing
Purposeless and naive
Throwing useless tantrums
Like a child
Beating against my shoulder blades
I feel it pulsing, pulsing, pulsing
Rhythmic and relentless
Picking my seams apart and
Unraveling me from the inside

H. f. m.

Author: Hannah Marriott
Date: 03/09/2019


Recycle the Nouns

Lose one,
Break one,
It's over due/expired.

Find a replacement
For all the things
That make you
Less tired.

Author: Peyton Leigh Stille
Date: 10/09/2019



Trying to hide it;

Author: Poetria
Date: 12/03/2020


We Are Learning to Make Fire

…where painfully and with wonder
At having survived even
This far…we are learning to make fire. ”*
- “Habitation, ” Margaret Atwood

Slowly, our failed attempts drift back to us
On breezes thick with unfurled smoke.

We gasp for the cold air that stings
Our throats, and lay our ears to the earth.

The heartbeat hums through the dirt –
Steady and slow, so we wrap our arms

Around each other and exhale.

But we are learning to make fire,
To lift embers with our fingertips

From damp leaves, to tickle them
In our palms, and wish them away.

We watch them dance along twigs;
We weave our fingers together;
We whistle to the flecks and the sparks.

And they kiss – with innocence,
Without hesitation.

The earth hums low

Author: Jennifer Marie
Date: 07/04/2020

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