Poems about baby


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My baby sister Vanessa

Has a
Great since
Of humor
Has a lot of laughter
Very very very very very very cute

baby,  sister.

Author: Grace Echols
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203154

To my daughter's Unborn baby.

I will not know you little child
Or see your shining eyes
Look up at me.
Never trace that tiny face
And hold you upon my knee.

It is a sadness I must bear
But bear it tenderly
With a love that knows
No infinity or finality.

To Victoria and Pieter for their baby
Love Mum xxx

baby,  daughter,  unborn.

Author: Mary Gay Kearns
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202976

Baby talk

) (
O o
< >
| |
(x) (x)


We ain't a goin- sure


We hear

We hear ya plain

But we ain't goin and that's for sure


We ain't afraid


We just not goin
We ain't


I'm already 7!
Almost 8


So I hear clearly

All the lies you tell

baby,  talk.

Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202953

Baby Girl

I can't wait to lay my eyes on you,
For my hands to hold you.

For your tight grip on my one finger,
For your barely opened eyes to be filled with wonder.

For my breath to catch with yours,
For your heart to beat steady in my arms, you're already adored.

I'm going to protect you and be your savior,
*You're my baby girl.

baby,  girl.

Author: DГЎnГЇ
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202912

Stay Forever Flowing Baby

Almost a year ago
Here we are
Different state of minds
I feel so behind...
I could almost cry
Is it too late?
It's strange
How could I have
My mind was in a
Big mess
I guess I lost my way...

When I think about you
A song comes to mind
A song of first loves
A love at first sight
A love that will protect me
And never leave.
My dream
My passion
My happiness
You give me a long awaited hug,
And you only say
"Just come my way"
While you take my hand
So safe
No need to hide

From now on
No one will get in my way
Aim and there you go
No opinions will change my mind
Mark my words
That expression
Is what I have been aiming for.
If you have enough self love
Trust yourself
For once,
This time,
Stay focused.

Allow nothing
To slow
Your pace
Or affect
Your energy
Stay forever
Flowing baby,
You are air
And they just tear

baby,  flowing,  forever,  stay.

Author: TheTreeCloseToHeaven
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202596

Baby no

Awe baby no
We broke up
I thought you'd find another girl
Right away
No no no no
You want me back
"Beautiful" is what you say
Don't get hooked
I'm not worth it
You ask again and again
For me to be your's once again
We arn't right for eachother
Your a skater boy
Baby your not right


Author: HannaMaria
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201592

Baby, I'm Afraid

What did you dream
Because as far as I can tell
Its not what it seems
My fair and dear rebel
And as long as I can cry
But as long as you still sing
I will still remember
The day you lost my ring
While I am still a sleeper
And you may only lie
Pretend that you're the big shit
As I fall for other guys
So baby I'm afraid
For you, but not for me
As I am now awake
In here, and in my dreams
For all those doubled lovers
For all those heartfelt sighs
I am not a person,
That gives a farewell kiss goodbye
And by the by we sing
Those songs I learned from you
Observing for the moment
How much I truly grew

afraid,  baby.

Author: Alysia Victoria Gonzales
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200477

I love you Baby

I love your hair and how it's always kinda messy in the morning and the way it still seems to fall so perfectly and your mustache and your scruff that's sometimes like a legit beard. Facial hair is sexy. You're the only reason I think this; ) you're my only definition of sexy, baby. I always think guys look funny when they wear hats backwards but I just think you always look lovely and handsome and cool no matter what, you work it all. I love how you're always so nice and I love how you always hug me as soon as you see me. I love how you hold my hand. I love your sense of humor and your smile and your unique taste in music and I think all of your hobbies are really cool and I think that it's really cool that you play drums and I love that you are really smart and you're really rational. I like that you like to have fun but you're also responsible. I like that you just are so easygoing and carefree and always in a good mood like no matter what. I love those little silly faces you make at me and how you walk by me and you poke me and stuff. I love how you are honest and real all the time and I love how you're a really genuine perfect guy and when you told my brother that you always have my back and I love that you are my one and onlllly, I love that you love me. I love you more than anything and you're the bestest guy and my favoritest guy in the whole world. I'm just giddy all the time when i'm around you and it never matters what we do and I think that is the best thing ever, I know this is like the cheesiest sappiest poem that's not even really a poem but I'll happily write cheesy sappy things about you forever and ever. You're my exception < 3

baby,  love.

Author: Autumn
Date: 29/03/2020