Poems about friends


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Just friends

I sometimes think that my bones might break trying to support you
Trying to hold on to something that you and I both know will never work
Trying to convince you to not do the things I do
Trying to dig my way through the abyss of neglect and unrecognized feelings
I often wish my hands were tied to balloons so they would be too far away to touch you
But that still wouldn't stop me
Somehow your sharp words would send me back to you
Nothing in this world has made me feel this way
I want to know what you mean when you tell me you love me
And why you want me to say it back
You stop yourself from feeling
So you tell me we're just friends
My hands are shaking and I can't breathe
Everyday I feel less like a buddy and more like a fuck


Author: Effy Royle
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205469

Can We Possibly Be Friends Again, Or Conflicted Codependent Fantasy Involving Woman I Just Met And Hardly Know - 2013 M.R.R.

Being male, I wander
Mom dares not wonder
What kind of monsters she birthed
She brought her own equipment
I was aggressive but shy

Her womb is the most magnificent
Temple I've ever visited
There is nowhere else I want to be
Sister insisted
I stiffened then gave in

Children tease, squeal, scamper
Adults know unspeakable reality
Dizziness of first love
Mayhem, murder
Solemn whisper of infinity

After an uncertain age,
No one wants you anymore
Old women bond
Confer their anger
Old men tread alone

She knew from moment he laid eyes on her, she had him. She wore no make-up, anemic complexion, chin and jawline slightly broken out with red spots, cobalt blue irises, aquiline nose, hair dyed dark, fuzz-balled scarf, light blue fluffy sweater, big buttons, canvas shoulder bag, skinny jeans, leather boots, little boney black dog with ashen appointments. Instantly he fell in love. He confessed, “Your Chinese Crested pup stole my heart. ”

In doggie-style position, neither lover sees other's face. The top sees backside. The bottom sees what? He didn't know.

She unlocks the door. He enters room. She tells him what to do, making demands. He follows her orders. She questions, “Why do we dance to these tunes? ” He answers, “I want to smell your smells, suck, drink your darkest juices. ” She articulates, “Stay, ” then kisses him goodbye. She wakes wearing his ring, around her neck. They are each other's slaves. Ceiling leaks, floor creaks, light beams through window as they waltz arm in arm.

She demands, “I want roast rack of lamb, or thinly sliced Serrano ham on buttered toast for dinner. And then I want to go home alone. I need some down time, away from you. I don't belong to you, god-damn-it! ” Deep in financial debt, he hands the waiter his debit card.

conflicted,  fantasy,  friends,  involving,  met,  woman.

Author: michael reid rubenstein
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204851

We're Just (Facebook) Friends

All the nights I've spent huddled
In the dark,
In this room,
Talking to you ceaselessly
About dreams and nightmares
And The Killers
Are the best nights I've had
"with" you so far,
So much better than
That night I lit my cigarette with yours
So much better than
Not remembering holding your arm
Because we were wasted.
I love your brain
More than anything else.
Word vomit, you and I.
I wish we could be like this
When mornings come.

facebook,  friends.

Author: Doy A
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204549



Friends stop and stare,
I wonder if they even care.
Ones you thought were friends,
End up being just trends.
Moving on to better things,
Lets see what tomorrow brings.
Some friends you think are the best,
All their drama just leave you stressed.
Most friends just pass you by,
Even on the show they all said goodbye.
No one likes friends that are fake,
Their more slippery than a snake.
Friends may come and friends may go,
Its always money that they owe.
A once best friend is now an enemy,
Its usually because of some kind of jealousy.
Some friends sleep with someone you love,
Shoot them twice, then carefully dispose of.
Some friends from school you never see again,
They moved away to their new domain.
Some friends will last forever,
Will stand behind you on every endeavor.
Most friends you can not trust,
Even knowing you think you must.
No matter how big the fight,
True friends will make it alright.
Your best friend is usually your lover,
Some friends you may never discover.
A real friend will stand by your side,
Not run off and pretend to hide.
I've had so many friends, I can't even a count,
It doesn't matter the number or the amount.
Friends you have today, could be a foe tomorrow,
They leave you swimming in a sea of sorrow.
I'm very thankful for my friends, now and from the past,
With each other, I've had a blast.
Even the ones that did me wrong,
One way or another, you once did belong.
I've learned something from each one,
Some friendships have not yet begun.


Author: Allen Wilbert
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204392

An Oath To All Of My Friends

I can't give you a million dollars
But I can support you in your decisions
I can't buy you a car
But I can walk with you for miles
I can't stop you from bleeding
But I can hold your hand through the pain
I'll be happy to give you advice
But I admit I don't know everything
I can't heal your broken heart
But I can hold you while you cry
I can't stop the bad that happens in your life
But I can stand by your side
I can't succeed for you
But I can cheer you on every step of the way
I'm also there to talk on the phone
If I can't see you everyday
I can't go back with you to your past
But I can move forward with you to your future
I can't control the mean things others say to you
But I can tell you that they don't matter
I can't make you love yourself
But I can remind you of all the greatness I see
I can't always make you feel better
But I can try if you let me
I can't make things easier
On days when life is hard
But I can love you to my fullest
Because I'm your best friend and that's my job.

friends,  oath.

Author: Mandie Michelle Sanders
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202170

Big friends

Finger shimmer green hues,
Arms extend directionless,
Brown cloaks rough,
Stomach drinks in poison giving life,
Toes unseen hold forever true,
Eons have passed since their birth,
Pain and suffering withstood,
Peaceful and sentient they are,
In their midst we are lesser,
Till the day we bring them down,
Using their life to shield ours,
In debt we are to them,
Our big 'ole friends.

big,  friends.

Author: Mark Donnelly
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1200759

Friends for the second time

We have moved on already,
But why am I not ready.
Things have change,
But somethings just can't change.
I knew every inch of you,
But now you're now hiding in the shadow.

I once asked you to be more then friends before,
Now I'm asking you to be my friend once again.
I know things did not work out for us,
But you should know that I did every thing I could.
We trusted each other,
But trust is what we need now.

It's there a second chance in life?
Or will it hurt twice as much?
Can we ever be friends again?
And maybe this time will be different from the last time.
Because when you fall in love with someone,
There is no going back to "just friends"
~ jhonpritse tacaisan

friends,  second,  time.

Author: jhonpritse tacaisan
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200565


I can't tell anyone
No one can ever know
You can never find out
I'll never let it show
Oh the way that would break me
I would fall straight through the cracks
This is why when I push you away
I always beg you back
You're everything that I need
You're everything I want
But I look forward to when I leave
Just know you'll never be forgot
Because you have the biggest
Piece of my broken heart
Just hold on to it tightly
Every minute we're apart
I need to be away
Just for a little while
But I know that I will
Keep dreaming of, and looking for your smile
Oh that smile
I love that smile
I love you

forever,  friends.

Author: Mary Kate P
Date: 29/03/2020