Poems about mittens


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Not My Mittens

Stories of love,
Saying a partner fits like a- mitten,
A tight one at that,
You know how when you put something on that's too small, the only thing you can think about is getting it off?
Loving the wrong person might be like that, I'm not sure though,
Not my area of expertise.
But its something to think about if you will.


Author: Gabe Ouellette
Date: 04/03/2018

№ 290316

Mending Mittens

Mending my leather mittens
For the third time this winter,
I sew them with waxed string
Made to repair fishing nets,
Hoping they'll last
Until the splitting maul rests
Against the shrunken woodpile
And the hoe and spade come out of the shed.
I find myself praying.
Blessed be those who have laced together
The splits at the seams of this world,
Repair its threads of twisted waters.
Blessed be those who stitch together
The animals and the land,
Repair the rends in the fabric
Of wolf and forest,
Of whale and ocean,
Of condor and sky.
Blessed be those who are forever fixing
The tear between people and the rest of life.
May we all have enough thread,
May our needles be sharp,
May our fingers not throb or go numb.
May each of us find an apprentice,
Someone who will take the needle from our hands,
Continue all the mending that needs to be done.

mending,  mittens.

Author: Larry Schug
Date: 24/12/2017

№ 211762

Mittens and Kittens

The building shook with the sound of wild kittens,
And i grabbed my scarf and i pulled on my mittens,
Took my coat and i went down
To the useless lot on the outskirts of town.
The dogs were howling.
The wind was blowing.
The birds were singing.
And i saw you.

Your eyes as bright as burning coals,
But ask not for whom the bell tolls.
'cause it tolls for those who ask that question.
And it tolls for those who answer that question.
Dogs were howling.
The birds were singing.
The wind was blowing.
And i saw you.

kittens,  mittens.

Author: Dagoth I Am
Date: 14/10/2017

№ 178409


She talks like she knows a leprechaun
That blows bubbles
And cuts his toe nails in the cheese
Whenever you leave the
Refrigerator closed long enough.

He talks like he wants to know what she's thinking
But the sounds that come out are from a bad relationship
That she's over and he tries to paint it in the air
But the trails are more like explosions and
His hair is too clean for it to be his.

She looks like wet pictures on the roof
Held by at least four inches of melting snow
That she can't touch with her bare skin
Because she knows how easily things can change.

He looks like he wants to kiss her
But he knows it will ruin her lip stick.


Author: Pen Lux
Date: 14/09/2017

№ 26291

Dandelion Reconstruction With Mittens

Varicose Honey Farm in infrared 'elan
A siren's charm exuviates the rim
Of Karma
Where the Rift is harmless, If Harmless -
Is belladonna
Gets an expert Witness
With a Degree in Soft Spin
And your Lips.

Someone in my skin gets out of bed to spawn

An iron lung, to extricate the wind
Of Mantras -
Where the Risk is constant, If by Constant
You mean " Oxicodin "...
Drizzled over pixels of a Thought in Progress
~Half Forgotten.

My Net collects the alabaster Parasols
A Dandelion lost To a Dog's breath

I put them back.
I put them back.
I put them back.

dandelion,  mittens,  reconstruction.

Author: Third Eye Candy
Date: 29/04/2017