Poems about helium


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It's true what they say.
A gift is a curse.
A curse is a gift.
That curse is hers.
And her? That's me.
I'm her. 'That' She.
That girl, who's gifted.
Whose curse, has lifted,
Her higher and higher
To the point I'm at now.
You look up and you say 'wow'
I'm flying here, upside down.
I don't think I'll ever ground.
What feels so wrong,
It feels so right.
I'll never leave this cloudy sight.
Not any day.
Not any night.
Try all you want.
Use all your might.
I'll stay right here.
I'm meant for this.
My heart is home.
My head's in bliss.
I've got a voice.
I'll yell it out.
You'll recognize it, in a crowd.
I'm all alone.
But I've got you all.
More than half of you hate me,
But I can't fall.
I'm here for the duration.
I'm a fixture, now.
Get used to me.
I'm never coming down


Author: Syn
Date: 07/06/2018

№ 449980

Read, Write, and Blues (Helium Halos)

Helium halos fade,
So often I'm awake in my coffin,
Coughing out a blackened soul,
A stop sign nailed on chest,
This is the crossroads,
To an unknown wasteland,
Where the angels are hung from cactuses,
A fire struck the marker holder in the chalkboard sky,
And there lit a billion, brilliant stellar matches,
Now where do I go,
Away from this desperation,
Away from the smiles,
Of fertilized desecration,

blues,  halos,  helium,  read,  write.

Author: Dallas Phoenix
Date: 18/05/2018

№ 418009

Yellow helium balloon

There are two floors
In my house
An upstairs
And a downstairs

Separated by a
Gray and green
Concrete stairwell
Where the footsteps
Echo and voices bounce
Against the fluorescence

I like the stairwell
It's transient and
I spend a lot of
Time just running
Up and down it
Down and up it

There are two floors
In my house

The upstairs doesn't have
A roof. it has a white
Background and blue
Skies. the carpet is the fluffy
Enough to sink your toes into
The wood floors are
Pale. there are parachutes
Hot air balloons. birds.
Paper planes. kites. all things
Aerial swirling around my head

The downstairs has black
Ceilings and a cold concrete
Floor. it stains your feet black
And sends chills up your legs and
Up your spine when the chains
And cages rattle. chains. cages
Are mostly what's down there
And they rattle. they rattle a lot

The upstairs has a piano and
Polariod pictures. soft blankets
Sweaters and a coffee fountain
Right in the middle. there are
Puppies and yarn and the puppies
Play in the yarn. but the yarn
Never gets tangled or linty and
There's always a sunset or sunrise
A fresh start or a peaceful end
Depending. hot tea twinkly lights
Candles and old movies or shows
Oh and a lake. my very own lake
And the colors! there is every
Color imaginable upstairs

But the downstairs is very quiet
Very dark. no windows or sun
And the only creatures playing
Are the ones in the cages
Knitting shadows into gray
Monochrome striped ski masks

There are more things upstairs
Things even more pleasant than i
Even just described. like fish tanks
And umbrellas. bicycles and
Brightly painted cows. but i often
Forget the lovely tableaus up there

When the groaning and clanking
From the basement echoes up
The stairs and i creep down
To see what's happening

And the black
Begins to seep
I get trapped
Down there sometimes
Down in the musty damp
With the ghosts and fear

And i wish i had
A yellow helium balloon
Tied to my wrist
To pull me back upwards
Back to my safe world
Of fresh paint and denim

There are two floors
In my house
An upstairs
And a downstairs

Where shall
I sleep tonight?

balloon,  helium,  yellow.

Author: b e mccomb
Date: 19/04/2018

№ 374023


In the sovereign of your sleep,
You jerk. tousle. scream out of bed

Like fish
Out of water,
The current of immediacy.

I will write you
A boy in his
Fetal nature:

Bright-boned, holding a crimson balloon
In his small hand (a reminder of
Teeth white as endless snow
The flat-footed lotus
Wading in
The waters of senescence

You will take it
As a holster cradles gunmetal
As parking lots fill
Parks with senile men
Waving canes into the Sun
Yellow-teeth and brittle-boned

You will wake
And smile your way half-painted,
Half-illuminated like a dagguerreotype
In my mind's chamber
Your half-nose, breasts,
You snoring beast in the jungle
Of my frailty

I too falling in sleep
The red balloon let go
Into the cirrus.


Author: Windsor I Guadalupe Jr
Date: 10/03/2018

№ 292523

Helium to the Head.

I once had an affinity
For apple butter and
Slices of roast beef.
Everything in the
World has always
Mattered to me,
So yeah, I have
Been stressed
Since birth.

head,  helium.

Author: brooke
Date: 26/12/2017

№ 289457

Helium Dreams

Safety. Comfort. Stability.
These things, like my life, are all up in the air.
They are a shiny red balloon,
Floating way up high.
I am the child,
Jumping higher and higher,
Trying to grasp it while it floats away.

Higher and higher,
Helium dreams,
Drifting into the clouds,
Showing no signs of stopping.

The child in me is stubborn,
Refusing to let go,
Refusing to give up,
Throwing a tantrum.
The child in me wants her balloon.
My helium dreams.

dreams,  helium.

Author: Ashlei Cottom
Date: 24/12/2017

№ 273566

Helium smile

Bugs and little blue stars
Crawl from my eye sockets-
They hiss and pop in the light
And burn my transparent flesh.

Glow like phosphorous.
Grow like weeds.
Bend like my spine.

You are not
You will float off
On shiny orbs of soulless
Plastic. helium smile,
Chrysanthemum hands.

helium,  smile.

Author: Cali
Date: 09/12/2017

№ 251924


My head is full of helium
I am floating away from this earth
Into the frightening darkness of infinite space
Drawn to the twinkling stars
And their promise of an everlasting light

But then i met you
And for a while it was nice to feel
The weight of your arm around my shoulders
Your hand wrapped gently around my side
Your knees knocking softly against mine
The weight of you holding me on the ground

For a while, we are happy
You are a warmth
You are a shelter
You are perfect
But i can't help that i am always floating up
Our embrace is just the force of you
Holding me down

For every moment that we are together
I have never been happier
So why can't i fight the unconquerable urge to set you free?


Author: Allison Rose
Date: 20/11/2017