Poems about division


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Alive and Death in a Division.

Hear the world chant for change
As the other half fight the tears
Close the chapter of the old
And watch the tales truthfully unfold...

We have found history spinning
And with each spiral of confusion
Will we ever survive this?

alive,  death,  division.

Author: Gregory Dun Aer
Date: 19/11/2018

№ 614333

Joy Division ( reprise )

The sun burns cold,
As the light of day is heavy.
Air, suffocates as we stride,
Filled rooms are empty,
To the soul set free.
Celebrate this living,
Wake into death,
Revel in the joy division
Of petrified choice.
Taste the one flavours
Of lime and water
As you tread on others
With feet waiting to crush.
Hear the birdsong. . .
Not for you but the sun.

Lie amazed in the mobile,
Narcotic of the always
New, device and gizmo.
Break from same in a drug,
Especially designed,
Just for anyone, unneeded.
Tear down your dreams
As they slip into unwanted
Fingers never holding.
Take breaths, only after
They are thrust away,
In the stuns of the mediocre
Spectacles that blind.
Love the bodies who leave
Only their flesh to see.

division,  joy,  reprise.

Author: Ormond
Date: 14/10/2018

№ 605319


All I want is help but I resist those who reach
All I need is love but I run from that beast
All I ask is knowledge but hate when you teach
I pretend I'm the best but think I'm the least


Author: Amelia Jo Anne
Date: 06/10/2018

№ 578148


The snowflakes fell
Like talcum, softly, from a rusted tube.
Pure and silently, the
Pine trees shrugged
Against the blanket they were forced to hug-
Evergreen arms
Cut the blue sky and
The white clouds became gray,
And they cried.

As a mirror thrown against
A brick wall in the dark,
The wind blew harshly,
Like tiny knives, tiny shards
Of broken glass, fast and hard.

Drops of dew looked up to the sky-
And now it is springtime;
Spring is the temple,
Love is a new day
To open your eyes and
Count the
And blooms,
And beginnings
And things.

The raindrops fell in a gentle mist,
Fat and slow,
Onto blades of dark green grass
And when they landed,
They kissed.

Tangos on the tops of heads,
Perches in the hair like
Crown jewels,
Liquid like gold
Above faces of lovers-
Lovely, bright, and bold.
And blooms,
And beginnings,
And things.
And now it is springtime,
Stuck inside a blissful moment,
Snapping vintage photographs in
Hues of yellow and green,
Chartreuse, something in between-
Light falls down though eyelashes,
Dancing upon toes of shoes,
Hoping this moment doesn't
End too soon.


Author: Jordan JoAnne Manser
Date: 12/09/2018

№ 559132

Joy Division and Hope

There's still that appeal
I don't think that could vanish
Yet fear does take hold
And I worry, I panic

I always do.
There's something to speak
Of the way that I'm feeling
You've been my best friend
And I hope I've provided
De-stressing times.

And I'm not being blind.

Is it just too much
That I hope to continue?
Minus future and plans
We could short-term manage

But I've made mistakes

And there's never telling,
How you feel, what you do.
How will you act on
A Wednesday sleepover?
How would you act
With a hand placed below yours

Can we just be us?
Brilliant us?
Can I reassume your feelings
As both needed?

And I do have hopes
For us, for you

And I'd hope you still need us too
Because I know,
(For the time being)
I truly do.

division,  hope,  joy.

Author: Crumble
Date: 25/08/2018

№ 543310

Division by zero

I wanted you to know,
How much you love me
You told me that
Division by zero,
And that I have never done
@Musfiq us shaleheen


Author: Musfiq us shaleheen
Date: 11/08/2018

№ 505534

Division of spirit

It's hard not to be able to share my fondest memory.
Lying in bed and just holding each other.
It was something beautiful. You were something beautiful.
Your beautiful dark eyes and strong hands and kind smile
Gave me chills.
It didn't even take anything. You didn't have to do anything
Special. It didn't matter.
Laughing, talking, smiling, nothing. Anything. Everything.
I loved you. I loved you so hard.
I loved when you brushed your lips across my cheek
And teased
Oh, how you teased.
Because I wanted every inch of you.
And I loved when you drifted in and out of sleep
And breathed deeper, and laughed slower
And that you didn't mind
When I did the same.
And when I told you something from the hardness of my heart
Where hard brick walls protect my (persistent, ugly) demons
You just held me tighter.
I've never felt so safe.
I loved that.
And when it was over, when the sun was rising quickly
And dim light was creeping in to greet us
"Good morning, secret lovers, you've made it! "
There was an electricity in our knowledge of each other.
No one knew how we knew each other that night.
No one knows
What beauty, terror, intimacy
Looked like, between the two of us.
It's hard to put that memory away
When all I want to do is scream.
It's hard to wake up and say
"I am going to be happy today"
When my happy is tucked in with us.
It's just so hard.

division,  spirit.

Author: Gabrielle Sabrino
Date: 08/07/2018

№ 498178

Cancer is so much more than just cell division

Scientifically speaking,
Cancer occurs when the DNA of a cell is mutated, and the cell divides and divides
Without control.
In order for it to be an issue, it has to metastasize - spread into the bloodstream.
Some time after you were diagnosed,
I sat in my science class
And listened as my teacher explained the insidious disease to us.
He was as still as the ocean on a sunny day, so calm,
And I guess I was the storm,
Because I felt gale winds blasting through my stomach walls
And torrential rain beating down on my heart.

It's ironic, really,
That a mutation in something as small as a cell can mutate ones whole life;
It takes it from them and twists it into something unrecognizable,
Twists them into someone unrecognizable.
By the time cancer is done with you,
You will resemble a soda can that has been through a trash compressor.
You started to crumple a long time ago,
And the aluminum of your skin is scarred with nasty gashes, ones that will never heal.
I know that it's only going to get worse from here,
And I know that the final product will always be a flattened can.
You are being flattened,
And there is no way to stop the compressor,
No way to stop time from running out.

Some days,
It's painful to even look at my science textbook,
And some days,
Just passing the science lab makes me want to burst into tears.
Even though my science teacher's stomach didn't ache while explaining to me
Why you are crumpling,
Yours does all the time.

Speaking totally unscientifically,
Cancer is so much more than just cell division.

cancer,  cell,  division.

Author: Chelsea Jean
Date: 01/07/2018