Poems about helium


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Like this balloon, I'm filled with helium, as the things I love keep floating away


Author: Bjarke
Date: 05/11/2017

№ 204432

Needles and Helium

The needle scratches as I thump the arm
Vinyl on wooden casket
Illuminates in the eerie half light
Unseen voices echo
As dusty sleeves reveal their inner thoughts
They station themselves between
The speakers
Spouting yesterday's memories
As once more the needle
Relaxes me
And 33 going on 45
Leaves me in hysterics
Laughing for my own amusement
As Sinatra on helium

I did it my way.

helium,  needles.

Author: DieingEmbers
Date: 08/10/2017

№ 147285

The Balloon (No Helium) Falling, part II

Apple falling to the ground,
Look what you've set in to motion now.
The gravity that loves to pull me down,
The defiance that loves to get me high.

Just the bright balloon you forgot to hold.
Acidic clouds framing my distant goal.
I can't look back, I see the gold.
Let go and fall in to the sky.

To a patchwork space of stars and time,
Holes brimming with unknown, an endless mine.
To the string that ties me, your authoritative bind,
You can't say goodbye, so you just lie.

I am only filled with air, no helium.
This knot my balance, sweet equilibrium,
Delicately pressed between your forefinger and thumb,
I am leading your way, just like I should.

You've considered the scissors and a brighter place,
Sending me on with a last glance at your face.
You go off to your addictions, their calls you can taste,
You'd entwine me in a thousand pound weight if you could.

This suspenseful sinking is all that I know,
Bought as a souvenir of that cheap city show.
Just a light globe of laughter, an unwanted load,
Get out while it's still good.

Those scissors slip and cut me free,
You took all you wanted to from me.
Lift me as high as helium could,
This lie was meant for Hollywood.

balloon,  falling,  helium,  ii.

Author: Samantha Elizabeth
Date: 17/08/2017

№ 115476

In my helium tinted voice

My chest feels like a balloon and
It's bound to pop
I'm just waiting for the needle
Much like balloons,
Are usually looking for a
Reason to

helium,  tinted,  voice.

Author: alex
Date: 19/07/2017

№ 78659


You hold my hand,
Like the string of a balloon,
My head is somewhere in those clouds,
But still you understand.

You give me the helium to ascend,
To wander aimlessly through
Universes of collected memories,
But keep me tethered
So I don't transcend.

And when I struggle to escalate,
Carry on walking with me,
So I can see the World
In all of its glory,
Until I can peacefully deflate.


Author: LJ Chaplin
Date: 16/06/2017

№ 74359

Helium headed

He bought and sold things, much like the man
Who sold balloons in the park, fashioning them into strange animals
Mostly fastened to wooden sticks, except for the helium headed ones
They remind me of you, floating high and lofty
Out of reach, wanting escape from ties and pulling strings
Drifting from the city moving countrywards
Many are mesmerized by the migration
The fantastical triumph of levitation
They wait for days, years under trees
But not I, I am no longer drunk by
Hot air and helium dreams

headed,  helium.

Author: CA Guilfoyle
Date: 12/06/2017

№ 18075

From Hydrogen, To Helium, To a Vegetable Human

The sand hides the sun.
Through a fog of particulate silica.
For the first time in my life,
I may look upon that glowing
Bearing, for minutes straight.

Innards swallow,
That rock it flings,
Paints on the light.
Now the water vapor hangs,
Amongst its spiny rays,
Creating a mist of cloudy haze.
My eyes must seek to,
Alas they lose this skirmish fray.
The sun cannot hide its specter.
The doppelganger image always,
Dapper and prim.
Amongst the thoughts in rift entrails of brain,
I think i am my brain. I don't think that when, head cut from body,
Shall my soul reside where my heart was;
Instead I may see, conscious, from where the two parted.
Creating a scar from which to view this hazed sun.
Ever notice,
How the eyes,
Are the only,
You can,
See from...

I can be an Ammonite with many chambers calcified.
Ghost fossil human head.
A ghost in a shell.
My eyes will carve shapes from the clouds.

helium,  human,  hydrogen,  vegetable.

Author: Lendon Partain
Date: 22/04/2017